ava _X-AJAY: Jay kanhaya lal ki
ava ____THe.bosS: Hello smarty
ava deepak.rj: Janamasthmi 2019
Don't delete dis THREAD/or u wilL b biting d finga dat is givin u BREAD/lets do dis 4 GOD or ALLAH/whateva name u call him just show respect n HOLLA/praise him all d time don't just focus on gettin DOLLAR/i thank God 4 dis New-DAY/no fightin as he brought us joy n happiness by not makin 2day a ^May-DAY^(war day)/wit d sun shining brightly but not a Sunny-DAY/2day is ~Monday~ Eas^ter^day but ^yes^ter^day was SUN^DAY/i c 2day as a cool DAY/so i have every reason 2 praise GOD/i showed my appreciation by acceptin Christ as my savoir n LORD/during diss time tragedy may bring death n OBSTACLES/but d things u believe ~impossible~ are d things God uses 2 do MIRACLES/so don't worry about d pain i bring cos wit God all things are POSSIBLE/n i thank him 4 creating n makin me so LYRICAL/please don't be ma enemy afta our BATTLE/yes my flow so poisonous cos lyk rattle-snake i RATTLE/datz y i bring weak ones up by battlin n guiding em as if they're CATTLE/no matter wat u face facin me lets keep-up wit one luv cos rap battle is all FUN/i try ma best 2c dat d lights don't go off by turnin d switch ON/so if u luv rap n u are a real nigga hit d karma datz an ACE/show appreciation 2 wat real niggaz are doin b4 u EMBRACE/stay dumb about alienation but talk about human-RACE/cos seeing all these beautiful pple in 2wap n d world entire u will under^stand y am givin God all d PRAISE/i was once seen as an orphan wit nobody 2 RAISE/pls stop seekin hell bro n stop being DAFFY/grow-up cos i don't use fake i.d i've explained 2u n JACKI/i appreciate d gud work y'all are doin it's not ~easy~ datz wat i told ALEBI/
(18:28) Mon, 1 Apr 13
let me try
(20:15) Mon, 30 Nov 15
(19:34) Mon, 10 Nov 14
Yes God, am here LORD/my wrong Long, here's my SONG/these streetz bn puttin me on a long RUN/if not for u i'd be long GONE/i die but my eyes in^sights;am still SEEING/am buried but my mouth's out;am still SCREAMING/i wasn't loved i was roughed, now i love so ROUGH/wasn't my fault i had enough, open the vault lets load the GOLF/these are words that trends my MIND/call me tragedy but am KIND/am GENEROUS in murders of mothers, i don't think am MURDEROUS/5 star GENERAL, i drill your blood like MINERAL/my lines may take you decades to UPGRADE/my alliance may take u years to RENEGADE/lets get back to the subject, lord am not a suspect/my hands are clean, i sin within/haha jesus laughed before he called Mary mama so i guess u know the papa/Angels are heavenly, do you think Satan is earthly?/"woe to the inhabiters of the earth for the devil is come down unto you." What are you SAYING?/"having great wrath, bcos he knoweth that he hath but a short time." Still we're not PRAYING?/gangsta! gangsta!! devil is a GANGSTA/when you're planing to outsmart ur master devil is the ANSWER/i know a lot that turned my black hair GREY/bitch niggaz that claim predators in here are about to become a prey so pray you're not my PREY/i can't even count bitch niggaz i've laid but after this i'll be returning back to L.A/i piSS on peace and i cease to EXIST/y'all are bad for my system, i flush the cistern and show y'all shxts the EXIT.

(01:39) Sun, 28 Sep 14

God the 1st murder i committed was Omitted/i got many of ur priest evicted afta being Selected to be Anointed/here i am wit money n murder on my Mind/u created me perfectly am not blind am Inclined/i might die 2day but it's hard to Say/my hairs turning grey but i never Pray/am 4uckd wit alcohol,propane,cocain datz why am Insane/what good is it if i lose my soul again and hell is my Gain/i am a loss for the cross u carried b4 u were Buried/i make pussy my breakfast now am about to die Fast/if i die 2day my page is closed n i can't be Roused/am posed to expose my prosed dirty life for the world to sing as prose while i stupidly dine with Foes/u understand me so pls don't put me under^sand(grave)/i intend to pretend while i avenge my Revenge/am on my knees please don't seize to exist in my life but seize the seats that peace on my Needs/i believe you received my prayer like songs of David bcos only you can help me achieve my relieve afta being deceived and make me a chief not a Thief/i'll be no more a Tan^ker^thief so thank you lord for drying my tears wit your heavenly Hand^ker^chief/A.M.E.N!!!

(12:31) Wed, 24 Jul 13
Thank you babba God u too Much
wetin u do for me it's too much
your goodness in my life is so much
(12:11) Sat, 25 May 13
smiley LORD/i was made 2 understand dat there is only but 1 true GOD/am a sinner but ur SON/pls wash away ma sin n give me joy b4 d SUN/sin is sweet especially pussy but it BURNS/there is no bullet in d hole but it GUNS/my guardian angel already left ME/devil wit his arms wide open wanna embrace ME/...damn!

i was made 2 konka n up^root lyk THUNDER/but bcos of sin d wicked one is putting me UNDER/d bible said dat my body is ur temple but now i made it full of PIMPLE/i need a cure which is ur heavenly TOUCH/it's dark here lord pls show me d way wit ur TORCH/don't watch me ur son get lost while u are GONE/stay wit me lyk a doting father n bring me back afta my RUN/4give d words of my mouth i know am LUST/find me lord i know am LOST/i never 4get ur luv by sending ur only son to die for me n take away my sins on d CROSS/thank u father Lord i now accept Jesus as my Lord n Savior n 4eva He will be my BROS.smiley

(06:56) Mon, 29 Apr 13
Very gud post-post-
may i god bless u for every one
(22:36) Tue, 23 Apr 13
We d bizness
(07:15) Tue, 23 Apr 13
Yeah 4 real...2wapworld Tour coming soon #Organization in progess ..waatchaa!!
(22:56) Mon, 22 Apr 13
I think this niggas ain't playing. Man I love this all. We gonna be touring soon.
(20:22) Mon, 22 Apr 13
Liars been lying * Putting own two hands together they been HI-FIing * Honesty is DYING * It's not new for 2wap but for RAP BATTLEZ it's a shame though they're not SHYING * They are lying on thea lies with thea b*ches who lies around the different GUYS everyday * bt they're gonna get what devil BUYS everyday * May lord krishna bless them & give them some wisdom so as to become HONEST * Haters keep abusing the god but it does'nt change the truth which is rightest * I won't abuse the God u pray cuz im not a hater like u * Keep coming in fake id wud diminish ur own self-esteem cuz u know what is true * You lied in the God's thread & it gonna rust ur own-self only * Keeping things complicated & living life in falsehood IN THE END will leave u lonely * m still hoping for ur confession in the GOD N MAN thread * cuz kid,Accepting ya evil deeds isn't that bad * MAY GOD BLESS U
(13:26) Fri, 5 Apr 13
Guess who is here? STUNNER/been away 4 long but am not a RUNNER/tragedy i feel U/they may say am u but we know who is WHO/am a christian so lets open d BIBLE/i worship a true livin God not IDOL/am havin problem loggin into 2wap but God wil provide me a PHONE/i dont know when or how but its gonna b SOON/thank God 4 my LIFE/my greatest enemy is now hell seeker but in this thread its 1 luv dawg so lets have FIVE/thank God 4 a bright future i c no bee or HIVE/dats a gud SIGN/cos wit God i wont suffer i wil always b FINE/...AM OUT!!!
(09:43) Thu, 4 Apr 13
Uh! saintp,yung n alebi i 4ukin feel YA/i couldn't have stayed fly witout God leadin me in HERE/i swear i won't live a day if there is no God or if i live WITHOUT/am on top now still breathin cos He's d only person dat knows my in n OUT/yeah i Stay_FLY/of course alebi is not SHY/wit God by our side we've kissed pain n sorrow BYE-BYE/wit God we still live afta death which means we don't DIE/am tellin u d truth no LIE/2wap is lyk mic 4rm ~heaven~ 4 the ~best~ 2 TEST/where is ma nigga ~shaev7~,spektral n the REST/lets fly lyk ~ravens~ in d sky n make ~heaven~ our NEST/Wit God we are makin history here 4 others 2 embrace if they wanna b NEXT/we stay happy all time lyk new born babies we don't VEX/blessed b His son Christ dat died 4 my SIN/if not d devil must have thrown me inside waste-BIN/praise God my homies cos his son made him known wen pple complain dat he's UNSEEN/Koran or Bible will lead u 2 him,u can't c him wit ur naked eyes cos He's not a human-BIENG/wat am i sayin?

U are a mare-mortal not Lamborghini ~gallardo~/so homie don't run faster than ur ~shadow~/make God 1st cos He's great n MIGHTIER/relax till God bless u don't rush cos life is not olympic race so stop THERE/we are ~2wappaz~ d world best ~rappaz~ and evn afta end-time our history will still remain HERE/... smiley

(23:22) Wed, 3 Apr 13
Uh ma Lord, ma all,what wil i do witout d homies in dis WORLD/ like ur son died on da cross to show us LOVE/u lift me up wheneva im feelin BORED/so in u i ROLL/bless the persn that reads n SCROLL/when ma haters talk am like LOL/i use to luk at the top like O ma GOD/nw am on it like its just ma BEGINING/upon all d bullshxt wit spit u kip on FORGIVIN/even decree that me n ma homies will kip on LIVIN/so who r dem haterz when u TALK/Yung da Godson haterz take a WALK/cuz when i get angry i change into HULK/ i told ma girl (Alebi)that wit God evtin is POSSIBLE/dnt worry alota Tragedies buh in d en we STAY-FLY/cuz d Lord is MERCIFUL/so we b ALL^RIGHT/got peace nw cuz im Crown like a crown PRINCE/God is d king then im crownd SINCE/diz haterz r hungry so i feed dm with BEANS/throw ma love to evbdy here includin 2wap rap Queens n KINGS/
(16:53) Wed, 3 Apr 13
Yo yo! Tragedy u build this tread 4 a God sake then I must to say tht u r GOOD here and also at the neighborhood// I have to say thx to the LORD to create me in the WORLD//He made me a mom and Im so BLESS even if sometimes is STRESS and could became in a MESS Im always SUCCESS// If JAH is by my SIDE I will always be PRIDE CUZ 4 HIM is why Im BRIM// DIOS(God) allowed me to knw the KINGS here : Ressy-Yung-Elfuego-Shaev7-Tragedy and Im nt telling u COMEDY cuz the BIG GUY (Lord)didnt created me SHY// Thanks AGAIN and I dnt REFRAIN also I wont ABSTAIN since he made me like EINSTEIN to see all his CREATION with all OBSERVATION and I can do is an EVALUATION when he take me in ELEVATION thx 4 didnt leave me in STARVATION thts why U always be my SALVATION//
(14:41) Wed, 3 Apr 13