ava THE_SPEAR_KING: Old user reunion smiley
ava THE_SPEAR_KING: smiley
ava RezaMoody: Good morningsmiley
Ok everybody once u step in here, u r on the pledge to either Die or Survive... No brother in the Jungle kill anybdy be it friend foe, or lng time Rival... All the mtf that calld themselves rap guru put ur ass up n meet a friend by d name death,
Rememba no brotherhood here smiley
(13:34) Sun, 3 Mar 13
9ice info again. ,
(10:53) Sun, 23 Jun 13
I just Spit n giv u what is ESSENTIAL/tho i cnt b comforted thats y i saw ur lines as IN^CON^SEQ^UEN^CIAL/get a meanin to ur Impotent life, or hav me destroy!! Ur PO^TENT^IAL/ heck! If im to mark ur script u get F10 as Ur CREDENTIAL/make u sleep TODAY n b no mor TOMORROW/rap-fade u AWAY n u b on d nxt flite to SORROW!!/ur lines r BORROWD/Shxt! Aint in ur SPARROW/were is Whore n DIABETIC/knw ma line HECTIC! on ya ass ASTHMATIC/u fuckin! PREDASTRIAN u tot u BURIED-ME/i aint no doctor bt i lyrical got the PH-D/so fuck who mentiond ma na NAME~my lines ARMAGEDDON leave u in d state of OBLIVION tha logo is DTG that mean i'm Disturbin The GAME/ i manupulate ma line to CATASTROPHY/wana knw who i am? ask ur mama she gon tel u that i'm her pussy PHILANTHROPIST/use to respect sum niggaz bt nw im sweepin dia DUST/once u step in dizz bitch u neva gain a single TRUST/so i crush yall like BLAW! fuckin with me its like fuckin d Rap Battle LAW/so newbie learn ur LESSON/ u gon take my lines like tragedy took ma curse as hes BLESSIN/ im ontop of world tallest buildin shootin d Fourth World WAR/ preparin 4 d Not(fourth) comin Rap TOUR/ that means im gonna hav diz mtfkaz blood on ma CHAIN^SAW~cuz I'm RAW/n u pussy dnt wanna start no WAR/that beta cuz if u do u GONE n ama tel u d Did is DONE/ cross that line n get ready to b MOURND/...

(06:52) Thu, 20 Jun 13
Battle me or F%*k off
(06:48) Thu, 20 Jun 13
Put ur punk ass picture IN'DISS'PEN'DABLE
(06:19) Wed, 29 May 13
i can see that
(22:00) Sun, 26 May 13
Bitchez love callin ma name.smiley
(18:37) Sun, 24 Mar 13
TRAGEDY_STAY_DOWN i wan murder u
(07:28) Sun, 24 Mar 13

beat that,feel that
feel my heart hit like a *beat heart*
sori,rewind that
*am so hood *so really beta rewind that
am making *victory*,so dont back bite
*am out here grinding*,yeah i gt my nine
so dnt want no fighting coz i'll cock my nine..smiley...
(07:25) Sun, 24 Mar 13
Lets take this bloody bout out of the shout/ what ru talkin' about/ talk rap in loud/ Or just shut ya fuckin mouth/ m going kiddish now/ from the british english now/ my wish is just enriched the fish in the pond HOW?/ it's so simple like feedin a cow/ So/ Yes cuz it's allowed/ Not a crime in the crowd/ Im doing it for the kids/ cuz I cant find their hids/ smiley
(16:18) Fri, 22 Mar 13
Is that how you kiss ma shoe? rememba we still have to go on another ride bitch.
(19:43) Thu, 21 Mar 13
Diz bitch Tragedy hez fidgetin in battle that he got himself diss qua li fied
(15:12) Thu, 21 Mar 13
Quote: GhoSTRiDeR: Ok Tragedy,That Hoe Yungbitch is afraid ... So I'll battle/// Be ready with ur precious 500+sses//
He already accepted. I will battle u once am done wit him.
Watch out 4 our battle soon.
(21:42) Tue, 12 Mar 13
Ok Tragedy,That Hoe Yungbitch is afraid ... So I'll battle/// Be ready with ur precious 500+sses//
(14:19) Tue, 12 Mar 13
Quote: Yungboss: u wana knw? U cnt cuz u'z a Gay n Gayz suck dick so suck ur morning dick of a Yungbitch

Finally u accepted ur Yungbitch smiley
(14:17) Tue, 12 Mar 13
Haha great buddy's
(21:31) Sat, 9 Mar 13