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Ok since i been long gone,i'v surfed around and nothing much goin on,so yeah this thread is up for bars only,and im hoping to see whoz who here toosmileyi guess i'll set da mood,and dont be shy lol just jokin!
(10:16) Mon, 9 Jul 12
I'm a *legend* I ain't talking bout da ICON ON A MAP/Tha MEGATRON OF RAP knock em out like I'm TYSON WITA JAB!/a VETERAN WITH FLAIR watch as I'm TAKING DOWN THESE PIGEONS
/cause only time they *drop bars* is when they BREAKIN DOWN A PRISON!//

I'm SICK AND NEEDY but no medicine can HEAL ME STILL/I'm QUICK BELIEVE ME like *adrenaline* you FEEL MY THRILL!/I'm FILLED WITH SKILL nobody else can SEALTHIS DEAL/its like I'm *playing C.O.D * da way I always STEAL DA KILLS!//(COD=Call of Duty)

You step against me your DEMISE IS SENTENCED plus you get no LIFE INSURANCE/so only time you *seekin Jesus* is for LIFE REPENTANCE!/I'm NICE LIKE REVERENDS but I really hate to DINE WITH PENGUINS/Girls tell me *you lack heart* i told em i traded MINE WITH ALIENS!//

You'll need *thermometers* to measure da DEGREE OF MY RHYMES/Ask Gumslone,I was one of da best EMCEES OF MY TIME!/i BEES ON MY GRIND,Aftermath i never DUCK TO A TEST/a VET AND DA BEST,like Flava-Flav you getting CLOCKED ON DA CHEST!//
(19:10) Mon, 16 Jun 14
u ain't got d attitude NIGGA!
(09:15) Fri, 28 Dec 12
I layd low like snoop Doggcuz d world iz getin Boredam curious cuz ive bin answerin questns with ma 4,4/step up to da ground had diz bitches like OhNo!/here he cumz on dia kneez like Oh^lordbt since i got no heart ama cut off dia mojoadvertise dia 4ukin asses like its on Promo/diz Yung on da beat with ma handz on da Trigga/stil atack like a lion bt im humble like a Dooka/walk around like i stil kill nigga/well.i.am/i spill blood to knw exactly who.i.am/wea i cum 4rm, n to lets wanna-beez knw hw dangerous.i.am/i 4uk ma sef til i disvirgin maself/i smoke forest,ur dick stick like cigratte/wanna knw the ingredient to ma Pef/ur blood on fire den add ur flesh/
(22:46) Sat, 22 Dec 12
Calculato Ya toal sum up When Ghostrider Enterz the warm up....
This is It fucking Shxt I'm a Bit Torturous Monstorous Little Famous but more Curious about being Furious & criminous Man Im Dangerous You goota be Focus Before I spit ma Anhydrous & Acidic Rhymes at You Ifront of which LIVES only a Few So do the Dew in the New year Eve while Im gonna Deceive You with the rhymes that Leave You with no choice but to Accept that the Quote Is Correct about the Man In Action Who has no Affection To the Ppl N Place Riding with His Pace In any Case M gonna be The King Either Do DANCE or Sing And forget the Rap cos it's my Sake of living in the meaning that I kick the asses of the lasses & their retarded lovers having safety covers still they don't get the lucky crossovers Cos I'm hea for their cremation in a single session with a passion of Hiphop and a caption of rap between the gap I fill by which you get ill MY STLYE which is unique & sick Never leave a dick unharmes & safe Im having carafe Of the wine in the Meantime of the first half While I need no rest but for that calf who's going to be chopped by my acute sword OH LORD! he'll pray like it & will finally admit that he is a looser of the cooser city Living in a sovereignty of my dudes & bros Wandering like pros Thats cos his nose is a bit longer than normal & he is trying to be formal while he was abnormal & it's conformal that Whoever raised that shxt would be crying to his death cos the wrath which has arose after the incrementation of his nose & I'll end all this bullshxt & shall shoot that bandit who tried to steal my fame & talent with the support of those niggaz ..... smiley who never tasted ciggazsmiley
(14:42) Fri, 21 Dec 12
mcvee's stil around,word!wherez he thou,and ya cool,il see how yaal work it owt n shxt.
(18:16) Tue, 24 Jul 12
I feel so sublime am here to spit a rhyme
I don't give a fuck i jus do shxt at da time
When things are right and I might jus feel a night
Da great rap emperor in diz bitch bout to slice down any dick
Dat feels too big to fit in dis bitch. Haaa ur mom,holla for a dollar
Add an inch to ma tree branch and we talk about a grave including your flesh
Am a professor in rap, I read dis bitch and study pussy
That's wat I feed on too dats why am great, Ieat snakes and spit venom
Bite women and dey suck my melon...
I feel high off my brain cos a nigga really in da sky
El-jay is tha HP...yet I dunno what dat be
Jus bring your sister to fuck me or forget it i'l come for her
Cum on her den slit ha gullet, while she reproduces from ma bullet
Am jus sick, dats the story and a maafaka jus got his glory
Swimming in illness... and shock like an eel
-Lest u speak bout me u shall die, ma name ain't sumtn u can buy
I follow d rap rules, I dont sin....But I still need my medicine
I need brain surgery,am hiding but already seen.
(14:40) Mon, 23 Jul 12
ayt ese. So how we gonna prep for that? Cus if you scroll to our prev battles, we did lots of tours. so who do you wanna battle first? I like to pick on you bro. Wanna test my skill now on an old time heavy. how about Mcvee?
(13:57) Mon, 23 Jul 12
hahaha yea i do remember you,whats gud?im quite xcited to be back here,wana know if ani1 stil blazin around here,i really bored so i wana be battlin sum heads here,naw mean.
(22:14) Sun, 22 Jul 12
lyrical law... check check 1,2,1,2.

like bed, i lay my head on it/ain got a bitch, so ain knw if her pussy got hairs on it/reloadin this gloc, ready to kill like 2pac/this ain krs on, return of boomba/biggest shxt ever wrote hear was when i schooled with rap/realest hommies hit me with em best shot/but stil ain relent, kept comin like lion/can't break my walls, am stronger than zion/brain damage, no head so insane/you think i ain shaev no more, then ask for tha villain/my stat remains same,tha greatest MC here/say my glocs ain clipped, niggest come Test me then/

Back with thugs, old days when VEE CHECKED ME/had myself booed by tha Ese's like TFP/got school SEVERAL TIMES/lil hommies got skrewed up by my LETHAL RYMES/got bitten by words, tot was some VIPERS/relatin my game to 'Underground' who made 2wap play the joint with CYPHERS/everybody spittin metaphores/while i grab the betaplus/
packed my game with Illnes/battle me and get infected with an uncurable Sickness/how can you git me? COUNTER-PATH/like Dre who got tha Last laugh? I welcome you back AFTERMATH(badintentions)!

guess you remember me? you welcome bro!
(11:02) Tue, 17 Jul 12
lol thanx nigga,but where da hell's all the spitterz at,feel free 2post ya shxt please,lets beat some life in here.
(23:38) Sat, 14 Jul 12
Ch0pped and screwed. . . .TYT
(15:22) Fri, 13 Jul 12
Listen..the talkin can't stop and its STARTIN TO BORE/im a "tight lipped" man,never STRETCHIN MA JAW!/Same peoples same place,never CHANGING AT ALL/still on ma case?i guess we gota CALL IN A JUDGE!//

Dont confuse me with dudes who can't do it like i did/i never say i cant,i "just do it" like Nike!/ya talk about ya failures so im SCHOOLIN YA OUT/cause only diploma u got? is for RUNNIN YA MOUTH!//

lets face it,i aint braggin but ma FLOW'S A JET/'don' u aint 'precious' yet,so u don't POSE A THREAT!smiley/im not Doctor but like "to-do lists" il HAVE YOU CHECKED/and if ya chest is filled with hate?Math'll HAVE IT STRETCHED!//

i'll HAVE HEAT PACKED,from head to ya body and feet/im a vegan basically sayin im allergic to beef!/but you talked too much,reason why i ROSE FROM DEATH/i'll "put your heart in your hand" teach you how to HOLD YOUR BREATH!//lmao

i guess yaal get da point but still i feel ma JOB AINT DONE/don't even call me out to battles cause you FROGS AINT NONE!/Math im a wolf,i'll eat you sheep till da land is dry/just show you round here only the strong survive!//

im a sick minded dude,cant COMPARE ME TO YAAL/a fact? you aint on ma level,please SPARE ME DA BRAWL!/i beefed alota dope cats,so to me you chips/i'll swallow you look,i aint even gotta chew you bitch!//lmao

im da reason you "Jasons cant sleep",call me KRUGER TONIGHT/da LOSER THIS TIME?will not be like in da MOVIE,YOU PSYCHE!lol/im determined,choose ya table lets have you SMILIN SO WIDE/il be your waiter, 'fuck a tip',look how im SERVIN WITH PRIDE!//lmao

lets cut a 'long story short' like da MOVIES YOU WATCH/im MOVIN YOU NOT,have yaal "hangin" like an ELDERLY'S CLUTCH!lmao/you judge when you wack,so we bouta see who's who and who's not/set me on time?but looks like im beatin you and ya clock!//lmao

as for the allegations,you can clear em up through ya skull/your breath's like a gas,nigas'll "pass out" when ya talk!/i think iv punched enough,hands hurt as if i handjobbed me/i shouldn't av hit you back,i guess you wasn't necessary!//lolhahaha..oh Eljay i see u,keep it real
(13:27) Fri, 13 Jul 12
look at me in da future am still on tha throne/
no jokes, jus real words coming from a dead clown/
am ahead of my time and tha present is my crown/
i was able to write " lemme see you smile don't you frown"
damn, wordz get wasted sometimes when its timeless/
erry one in diz bitch flows but am da finest/
am sorry,was dat an objection??fuck your highness/
we kickstarting thiz bitch like a dead space carrier/
am so cosmic right now i cud blow myspace with so much power/
coming with intergalactic rhymes from neptune, doomsday from maya/
hayaa... so armageddon,hold up lemme spit some more i aint done/
so chronic and sublime like the back of a popcorn/
feared across space and time dey dunno wer i come from/
am da jay in this zone and before me comes i/
eat rat poison and get high/
a danger to my health i approach me with stealth/
my mind is a battle zone unsettled.. i slaughter u and still torture in my head/
one of ma methods is hot lead the other is hearing screams after u dead/
going back to ma cave to get ill... am sick to da bone ma dick iz da biggest in diz zone! damn!! shyeeeeet. biatch! learn from that niggguzz..
(21:44) Wed, 11 Jul 12
hmmm...nice flows though aint a raper
(16:09) Tue, 10 Jul 12
look..alota speculations been RUNNING THA SITE/and its funny cause i feel like this is NOTHING BUT HYPE!/im back to "clean your mess up" likea MAID ON A JOB/you wana roll a dice? but rap is not a GAME ON A BOARD!(monopoly)//

you could lose respect talking like a FEW RATS HERE/its Tom and Jerry so i'm nothing but a TRUE CAT HERE!/i heard they simply narrow minded so i TOOK EM' ABROAD/show em how i does,see Math i'm likea BOOK AND A LAW!smiley//

Either you learn and abide or you get THROW'N OUTA SITE/cause like ugly fat chicks,i think you HURTIN MA SIGHT!/gotta move a step further cause im OVER YA LEAGUE/its "rock bottom" i aint tawkin bout what's UNDER YA JEANS!//

Big ups to the other guys who kept this TURF ALIVE/i left when it died,so im back to PURGE DA VIBE!/many question who i am cause ma PRESENCE IS FELT/u never can tell, like da difference between HEAVEN AND HELL!//...Aftermath
(10:18) Mon, 9 Jul 12