ava krack: Copy Cat smiley Maryam
ava Maryam: Tong Ting smiley
ava krack: Ting Tong smiley

My World Is Black & White/M Up For A Challenge If Ya Wanna Fight
Ready To Destroy Set To Demolish/There Are No Structure Which I Cant Abolish
Keep Ya Heart Hard & Mind In Place/It Is Not A Game That You Are Gonna Face
Yeah I Am The Man & You Gonna See/I Shall Show You The Reality Just Set Me Free
Say One Man Army Or Whatever You Want/God Wanna Clean World & I Have The Grant
Of Power Of Bless And The Ability To Mess/Everything You Could'Ve Only Dreamt Which I Don't Have The Less
This Fight I've Never Wished/But The Truth Is Im Pissed
With The Way Ppl Behave/Like We Are Their Slave
Devil Never Wanted To Come Out/You Live & Let Me Live Was Always My Shout
But The World Has Changed And So Is Me/The Worst Of A Man You Could Ever Ever See
Peace Was My Cry But This Was Not The Fashion/Give Tit For Tat Yeah I Got The Lesson
Light Became Dark But What Was The Cause/Yes You Are The Ppl Needa Hand Applause
M Fed Up With This World & So With Friends/Cut Loose The Honesty Its Not In The Trends
Just Keep Up The Spirit If Ya Wanna Win This Game/And Go For The Kill Everyone Else Gotta Be Lame
This Material Is By VT Copyrighted under act
Watch Your Third Button & No Eye Contact. smiley
(19:13) Mon, 6 Feb 12
(16:20) Sun, 2 Apr 17
yeah..BEEFZ...lets see blood SPILL!!!!
(18:06) Tue, 7 Feb 12
Hahahahahaha I love those jokes smiley
(19:50) Mon, 6 Feb 12
ooooooooohhhhhhhh here anoda 1
(19:25) Mon, 6 Feb 12
Sorry for the grammatical errors..if any smiley
(19:14) Mon, 6 Feb 12