ava Smarty: What was the hunchback of Notre Dame`s name? (9 chars)
ava parth247: Range
ava Smarty: What type of a creature is a Bonnethead ? (5 chars)
yeah yeah yoh!!! Shaev7 and El-jay lets nail all 'em diss bitches upside down to da Cross wit bones.
Sippin 'em bloods with Straws! You got Brawl? Settle it Here.
Pin and Submit.
(10:30) Wed, 25 Jan 12
Studies show that 99%25 of people spell Hmm with 2 M's. Studies show that 99%25 of people spell Hmm with 2 M's. If you could have any kind of robot what would it be? Knight said he crashed his car into a wall and missed the most important exam in his life.
(11:36) Sat, 13 Aug 16
Hmm. Hmm. Ahem. Can you tell me any gossip?
(17:57) Tue, 28 Jun 16
yes yes yes sir
here i come like a monster.
(21:59) Sun, 26 May 13
Bitches bn ~TALKIN~/but a G is doin d ~MOCKIN~/y'all wanna learn how i fly datz y y'all bn ~STALKIN~/have i bn beatin b4? No i've ~NOT~/yungbitch can tell dat if not 4 d rules he scored ~NOUGHT~/pussies dyin here 2 fight wat i've ~FOUGHT~/yes shaev,yung n otherz can ~rap~ but pls who gat d ~WRAP~/let a battle decide cos y'all bn dropin ~CRAP~/i c 2 bitchez rattlin here but don't worry they gon die lyk rats in a ~TRAP~/foolz bn seekin hell wen i've already brought hell 2 their ~DOOR~/bitch sayin he's a butcher dat eats only bread n butter pls ask ur mama 2 give u gud food cos she's a ~WHORE~/or maybe her pussy is no more ~HUSTLIN~?/don't cry kid datz bcos i bring a lot of ~BUSTLIN~/y'all gat no brain cos i left no milk in y'all mama's breast 4 y'all 2 ~SUCK~/i suckd it off wit straw n left y'all 2 ~SULK~/i can be asleep n ma hands wil b dropin explosive post 2 burn ~Y'ALL~/bring y'all 2geda 2 die in ^melan^cho^lick^ mood in ^diss^ 2wap ~HALL~/...Haha, don't b scared pussies cos u haven't yet bn ^ENTER^TRAINED^(entertained).smiley

(18:31) Sun, 24 Mar 13
m da rap butcher* i make u eat ur bread without butter* i give to u a dougnut and take from u a bugar* ur gf said u were in comma* so i toasted and took her to her momma* and i f**ked her without a robber* amlyrically crazy and makin ur day hazzy* dats why d ghetto praize me* hey u need a rap map* to help u cover ur lost gap* so am urgin u to listen to ma full track*
(07:57) Sun, 24 Mar 13
bitch wat is this?
(23:22) Sat, 23 Mar 13
I sought the hell in me FOR^U/ I'd be the one man to decide what'd be ya FORTUNE/ M the most famous personality in the world I'v been featured in THE^TRIBUNE/ M standing still in the ring and you're jumpin' like A BABOON/ Take ya time Prepare urself motherfuckin well Dnt be satisfied SO^SOON/ M gonna punch u like Mike tyson & that wud be ma moment you wont RUIN/ I rap with ease and play in 6'9 position like we're havin' HONEYMOON/ M the holiest person on earth Certified by every historian & I drink blood with APOSTLE^SPOON/ Ma bloodiest movie coming soon...
(15:56) Sat, 23 Mar 13
It's lol
(03:15) Wed, 12 Sep 12
Hey.yo yo yo.it ok.i know i own u a ciggerate not even a job.u rape lyk a dog.forget a bout rape u speak lyk a rag...no 1. Will challange dam..just a freesytle.haha
(08:37) Sat, 28 Jul 12
here's a link to eat my cum...
i diss any1 who pokes his head outta da wrong hole/
killed a bitch while fucking, damn i hit da wrong hole!/
el-jay street killa each day i get iller/
jay now on a world tour now ain't it great?/
getting money no plans of escape/
if ur bitch pass my estate, i got a hard dick for her to skate/
haha, still sick in da head the hood be ma clinic/
dumping body bags in ma clit-pit... damn dats a mean one
shout out to shaev7 da illest butch in dis bitch/
we still teach y'all how ta rap and u dont gettit!/
words so hard,stand a mile away and u still get it/
stand ashore or bay, da water still flowing/
da river in ma yard...still da drown spot/
ma victims die b4 they see me... just another jay rhyme for y'all to think about/
fucking faggots in diz zone, got a dick in they mouth/
i hate fags and amma keep dissing till they all die/
haha, damn! sleezy shxt, eat clit, load clips and BOOM in yar face niggazzz!!
(05:48) Sat, 30 Jun 12
Here's a link to a free beat http://kasimp3.co.za/1z6 letz see which cat can kill it better!
(04:50) Fri, 22 Jun 12
u were back slid3rs in d syfer days/having chicks like u never gaged
(06:13) Mon, 7 May 12
Quote: GhoSTRiDeR:
Bring it straight if you really wanna fight me/Ya little pinches doesnt bother me you think you can bite me/You motha I make it all clear/Just leave the damn floor if you have any fear/If you wanna hide just close ya door-slider/You are gonna scream cos here comes GhoSTRiDeR/wHEn i give little respect dont think it's cowardy/just bring it on straight & dont show off ur poverty/My level is up and standards are high/my flows tell everything & you rhyme just lie/You dont even stand anywhere infront of me/Its next to impossible to get & hunt off me/Im humiliaiting reality of ur endangered species/I'll make you face truth and come out of ur fantacies/Dont make me angry ever cos it wont be nice/M gonna make ur azz sing like Akon Ft. Obie trice/think about 100 times before you mess with me/You black piece of shxt wanna play chess with me/Just quit begging like bitch cos you've got no game/mess with me once & you gonna remember my name/You are like a baby playing with her toys/Dont enter the place it's hell of hardcore boys/Go back to change your diaper till you lick ya lollypop/Dont wander around me cos i know the hIpHoP/You are sleek or multinick I dont care cos ur weak/M gonna fuck you in a minute and throw you at the peak/Get ur ass steady cos it's jumping like spider/Quit the challenge before I challenge cos it's the challenge of GhoSTRiDeR!

Lets Go!
When I met your mom,she was just a cheap stripper.
I was like wow wow wow,get a diaper.
Hairy ass that needs to get a clipper.
Poisonous fluids,strong enough to kill a viper.

When I met your dad,he was a gay ass licker.
I was like hahahaha,get a filter.
Cos he drink gay cums in liter.
Like a malaria drug quack administer.

When I met your sister,he pussy was in stitch.
She fuck any long thing like a switch.
She loves dick like she's such a dick witch.

When I pounced on you,you&ur mom were making PORN.
My dogs were like wow wow wow wow SON.
Let me give you a translation.
Your brain is on hibernation.
I know you have fished but feed on worms.
And you had your mouth only washed once.
Sick son of a dildo fucking mother.
So many of your kind that I have to murder.
I don't take shxts not even from your father.
Cos thats where he will be,no room to go farther.

I run the hood like you dad's manhood hits the wood!smiley
(10:33) Mon, 20 Feb 12
Here I sit in my dissin outfit spittin shxt at this meat as we meet.
I slit without mercy as i'm been served ur meat bit by bit while I eat ur body down to the de^FEAT (the feet).
My flow was too deadly so I destroyed it but here I am again makin another one to destroy and bury yu in the bottomless pit.
I cast a death SPELL upon yu so that yu can die and live in HELL.
I spill blood everywhere I go.
I know yu'd be like is that so.
Don't be afraid and lets settle this in a battle where it is just we two.
I'm thinkin of how good it's gonna be slaying yu this wanna be.
With your foul flows I'll slay you like a fowl.
Making other weak rapper like you bow.
Dissing to the fullest in the contest i'm the best.
Jaylevel the slayer and no other rest.
(09:02) Sat, 18 Feb 12
Im dead, im out, blood in ma MIND/Grab ma A.K. n Dagger guess its Hunting TIME/ with the volcany eruptin in my eyez, i cnt c who is TALKIN/that dick is muda4kin small tink i need a MICRO^SCOPIC/i've been busy workin on ma CROP/(flowz),yea bitch nigga i KNOW/ya flowz r as lazy as dat ur SLUT/(mother), so pussy gay im on da GO/u tink ur flows fantastic, wel that means ur MENT^ALLY^DER^ANGE/Ha! Look at ur shxt boy ur goin IN^SA^NE/u so wack, punches r so LAME/I'll 4eva boss u punk LUNATIC/u so loony, so PATHE^TIC/im so GOON/u so WAD/ima eat u like a FOOD/but really u taste BAD/I descend on you like an acient GOBLIN/Eatin u family up like a wasted PUMPKIN/so much flows in ma blood yes boi im goin PHSYCO/im so retarded n wasted, n now im goin LOCO/i cn c why u talk about my MOTHER/cuz u r senseless, Brainless, gay u got nothin to OFFER/i'm on one n thats tearin n stitchin u up with a SICKLE/killin pricks like you makes me GIGGLE/Shootin these punches like a NEEDLE/Makin u hide unda ur mother's NIPPLE/shxt boi u so AFRAID/i havnt even started n u are DEAD*in ya BED/no dildo to play with so u wet on ya BED/u talk fairies NIGGA/and ima kill u n hang u in ma Door NIGGA/u 4eva gon stuck on da Low NIGGA/ima smoke u up n make d kush writing Doom NIGGA/
(20:49) Thu, 16 Feb 12