ava _X-AJAY: Jay kanhaya lal ki
ava ____THe.bosS: Hello smarty
ava deepak.rj: Janamasthmi 2019
its the fuckin QUARTERS'S!!!

I truly apologise 4 da delays,lemme shutup n let u guys carry on.rules the same..show the judges how u grill those vocabz!! Gudluck

*since pyro doesnt have any1 to battle,I choose raw as BEST LOOSER to take him on..another chce for him to cumback!
Start shooting moe fuggas !
(11:27) Tue, 13 Dec 11
Raw Winz!
(22:38) Tue, 20 Dec 11
Well the rulez made the game,my vote goes for RAW
(00:03) Tue, 20 Dec 11
Seems like pyro didn't put all on the 1st verse..but raw did.I choose raw
(10:16) Mon, 19 Dec 11
Woooow lots of excuses...i dnt take shxt,time was phuckin already up so am gona be judgin one verse only....
Raw had a smack in his first verse and i guess pyro was carryin his verse on his head along side his work...sorry dawg we all have our own personal jobs yet we are still punctual...phuck yr excuse..

Ma vote goes to RAW!!!
(08:40) Mon, 19 Dec 11
Judges pls judge!only both 1st verse counts!
(13:28) Sun, 18 Dec 11
Sorry I can't get good signal round my place anymore..I'll start judging!
(12:16) Fri, 16 Dec 11
Yo shaev. Th rules say 24hr response time. Which means th 1st cat must spit within 24hrs of th opening of th thread and th next cat within 24hrs of th last cats verse. I'm within 24hrs of raw's verse. U ddnt say 24hrs to finish th whole battle. I work bra. I jst got back 4rm a job nw. I aint gt tym 2stay online th whole day spittin raps.
(09:00) Fri, 16 Dec 11
Yal knw Ra th egyptian sun God. Sun heat pyro. U gt whr I'm goin
(08:46) Fri, 16 Dec 11
Ths verse a lil complicated so let me xplain.

1st up I devided th rap to highlight th different elements I use.

The 1st paragraph is only punches. The 1st 2lines are a build up to th punch-line "undermined" like dig or mine under and undermine..I thnk th 1st is clear

Th second is words with rhyming sylables.
"Trip on air u got no flow" when a pump is not sucking and delivering th liquid it sucks air or creats it so for safety it will cutt off(trip) on a no flow.
"U steamin my motive on ths track I'm goin loco" locomotive train. U shud get tht

3rd is jst compact flow

4th is nameplay... R a w a n d d I a b o l I c a l

In skill u *Raw* *and ya(dia)* smileyre *li*ri*cal*

*Ra w*ana *end ya(and dia)* *biotic(botic/bolic)* existance in th physical

5th one is jst word multies... F%*k tht was a lot of xplainin. Ovr 2u raw. Let's c if u can beat me in all elements
(08:44) Fri, 16 Dec 11
Wel guez no 2nd verse here cuz the time is up.

The both of you have only one verse to be evaluated, so Pyro your 2nd verse is not allowed! You know the rulez. RAW one PYRO one so JUDGEZ PLEASE PLEASE JUDGE THEIR 1ST VERSE ONLY.

(08:38) Fri, 16 Dec 11
"Yo I had picks and shovels goin under ths nigga feet/
Yeah I cut his toes off preparin his defeat"/
I rili "under~mined" you nigger u got guts I mst admit/
Bt how can you realise th ^stakes^ when u never had red ^meat^/
So u cnt bring no ^beef^ all u gt is ^chickin^ feet(runnin scared)/

I rili thot u'd b a no~sho/
Bt u came ^2trip^ on air u gt ^no~flow^/
U decided 2comit suicide and u knw~so/
U bn beggin me 2fuck u u lil ho~mo/
Bt I'll kick ur brain out ur skull it gon b a ho~bo(homeless)/
Yeah u ^steamin^ my ^motiv^ on th ^track^ I'm goin ^lo~co^/

Ayo shaev! Pyromaniac gon slit ths slut a new slit/
Grab her by her tit and slot hr thoat then poke a dot lyka poka dot short yeah u jst gt shot/
Let th blood jolt out u knw wht I'm about/

Ths princess aint ^devilish^(diabolical) he cudnt hurt a fly/
She more lyk an angel tht fell out o th sky/
She tried to b rude claimin he ^crude^(raw) bt tht ddnt go so good/
So she decided to let his grandma script wht he shud/
In skill u Raw and ya(dia) bore lirical/
Ra(sun God) wana end ya(and dia) biotic existance in th physical/

I cnt evn ~play~ ~with~ ~ur~ ~word~ without gvn u a hard~on/
I knw u lyk ta ~^blow^~ ~with~ ~th~ ~wind~ so ya hang~on/
Try it and I'll ~blow~ ~out~ ~ur~ ~head~ and have u hang~on/
A strand of ur hair off the bridge u gon die~on/

Ur script is too lng a real MC dnt need a bible/
U sayn a lot u usless shxt in ur fable/
U need to make sence with each and every syllable/
I jst script tht 2show u aint even on my level...
(08:15) Fri, 16 Dec 11
Ayt. Imma drop my 2nd in aminute.
(04:24) Fri, 16 Dec 11
I was juzt waitn 4ds PAIN bin on a wheel chair for 175yrz b4 i bcame LAME ds suckaz wan CHANGE my NAME u so stupid n INSAIN but nt ^cloun posse^ guez timez up so its GAME ova,ds nt 2nd verz so dnt cal it my GAME,am calin d judgement b4 ds DAY,u tink u gud dn jump on d STAGE,grab d mic n drop wrds of GAY,need 2 smoke some HAY,so am of dz zone nw n headin for HADES!

Ds nt 2nd verze,pls dnt count... juz calin on judgez!
(19:45) Thu, 15 Dec 11
You tink am afraid,no juz dnt wana b MURDROUZ/wil resrv my raw vocalbz n face u wt a SAWDUST/leme c,tot I wont drop bt leme try AT ONCE/juz 1 str8 flows turn ur brain OUT WARDS/evrytn u spit is CLONE/ur punk starin at me lyk am a PORN/u tink u play wt words u cnt ^un de feat^ me/cnt evn stnd liquid of my wrds besidz my sh.t/tireds of ds noun wana spray d Verbs/intoxicate ds cloun lyk roots Herbs/if u tink u in ur Home/no u on ur Own/reminiscen d hard phuk of my flows/dat makez u bleed n Moan/2wkz 24hr later ur death 2wap begnz 2 Mourn/b4 shaev i own ds Zone/hahaha Pyrotech/sh.t blood my Biro~shed/deases flow infectn u wt Haemophilia B/my letaz kilz ur wrdz lack Vitamin D/got ur neck hang by 'S' n crucify u on T/damagn ur cellz n Tissues/leavn u wt an unendin yellz n Issues/ds a game of WORD~FEAST/phukn ds wide n dip pusy wt 2inch SHORT~DICKS/so raw n scary dril YOUR^HEART/d red liquid i use 4my BLOOD^BATH/my closet filled wt skeletons of u n ur family Scalls/wt d tapz in my house flows of em Bloods/ds verze got no sht of d Carnibal/cnt even knw am neida raw or Diabolical/wt my pyrexic~flows leavn u wt Pyrexia/sick n ill amnesic~aly dropn u @d clinic wt Amnesia/meta4s dstroyn arsenic~aly cnt stnd my Arsenal/my brain is unconditional am Psychasthenia/ur flow cnt stnd mine cuz mine got Mic~starmina/u nid mur trainin perhapz Rap~seminal/b4 u cn batl wt ds Rap~criminal/wrds injectd wt Virus/uncurabl n damn Cyrus/u tink u cn hav ur plus na wt u 2wap mc is Minus/am a shark here n u a Titus/king of d jungle n elephant b d Rhinus/evn if 1vrz i may drop,its gona leav u a sadlost!y*
(13:17) Thu, 15 Dec 11
Can't spit a bestlooser! Give it to Pyro...
Hades needs my atention!
Pyro,will meet you Next wt Pyrex!

Hellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Knowsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss death is ME......................................................................... RAW DIEZ!
(12:34) Thu, 15 Dec 11