ava KingFISHER: Black mole
ava THE_SPEAR_KING: Old user reunion smiley
ava THE_SPEAR_KING: smiley
2verses each!!!
24hours time limit!!!!
Failed to show up or u bite u lose,DQ!
200+ for the winner n xtra 50 for innovative verses.!

Click clack BANG!let's get it started..kill em boys..
(15:19) Fri, 25 Nov 11
(20:15) Tue, 29 Nov 11
Lol u got a strong humorous technic to finish the opposition unknowinly to him,smiley i like ur rap spirite nd the slow pace in which u do what u knw bestsmiley
(11:26) Tue, 29 Nov 11
Am in d dersert sands of Bethelehem/mtf am nt Gordy fuk u sissiez while I Molest The Lamb/Got damn! ds sh!t is goin 2far my dick Penetratez The Hen/my first batl afta I Resurrect The Dead/

Arrghhh... d sh!t has nt begun yet/cnt batl ds atom 2below my furkn rep/my wrds 2gravy 4ds unknown bitch/dat wont even show up cuz he's furkn hs own sis/juz 2say I wana drop sh!t/bt i kild ds kid/am spitin so low cuz i hate ds sh?t/ ahhhh!

genetic mutation my hrtz relocatd 2my head/dnt drink water no mur i spil frm homiez blood shed/wona hit pussies on teknical imortality/rhetorically ama chemical spirituality!

godamn! ds fakaz make me spit wack! no punchez man,cuz i knw he wont fuckn sho up! bt if u do, then wait 4me 2tak u 2 PURGATORY N BCK TO HEL.
(08:39) Tue, 29 Nov 11