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This order is from the top Administrator, Ragnorak.
This to inform all the members of this zone that all topics/thread that were pinned shall now be hanged on one or two thread relating to the thread with the link just to have more space in the forum.
Should incase you are searching for the pinned thread,check this thread and get the link.
Note: the aim is to maximize space and make each forum in 2wapworld neat.
All Mods should take note.
(17:41) Sat, 5 Mar 11
Here is how it goes.
Some of our usual thread/topics that produce vital info,competion/league,registration etc the link shall be posted below and unpinn in the main page of the zone so as to space up the zone and make it neat.
Below ar the link;

* Rapzone Premier League & Fixtures

* RapbattleZ Premier League

* Rapbattlez Ideas/complain box


* Rapbattlez News Update

* ~sLaUghT3r HoUS3~~ SesSIoN1{tHroN3~oF~^D3atH^}


* ::contest

* Lets Come Together(A true definition)
(18:02) Sat, 5 Mar 11