ava krack: Copy Cat smiley Maryam
ava Maryam: Tong Ting smiley
ava krack: Ting Tong smiley
Battle n rythme tite.
(23:48) Mon, 15 Nov 10
new shits loading....!!!
(10:12) Sat, 18 Mar 17
I miss this shit
(18:05) Thu, 16 Mar 17
That is interesting: said burn with flamez that is why am call xva.
(07:35) Tue, 28 Feb 17
I burn with flamez thats why am call[xva]
(09:11) Wed, 4 May 11
Amma b~HACKING~n~GRINDING~ur~BRAIN~form~LACE~with ur vein,make u undergo surgical~PAINS~amma burn u in ur own~FLAMEZ~pt u in a state of~INSANITY~,tear apart ur veins wit~KONC SALINITY~pt u in a state of~INSANITY~am back for ur~SKULL~design ur body wit~SPOCKET~take u to d climax wit a~ROCKET~dispense ur body n land in da~CEMENTARY~amma make u hurge for~MENSTRAL BLOOD~swim endlessly in ur own~POOL OF BLOOD~remove ur skeleton frm ur body wit my bear~HANDS~(scorpion)~i knw its been lng u did biology~bt amma~KILL~DRILL~ ur blood witout~PITY~amma lyrically analize ur~BIOGRAPHY^ELIMINATING~ur life~SPAM~SUBSTITUTING~ur~IRRITABILITY~wit~DEATH~am high wit~ACIDIC~BLOOD~killing u wit my sublimation, feel d impact of my~FURRY~as i drive my 250mm~SWORD~in ur body~SLOWLY~as i~SPOKE~ur~EYE~SOCKET~ wit a~SPOCKET~/dis is a strng~BEEF~n amma dish ur rotten body as~BEEF~to my dogs...
lets spill blood homiez
(09:09) Wed, 4 May 11
Killing nigaz n bitches~PHYSICALLY~n~SPIRITUALLY~found myself in da~GRAVEYARD~thru trance//bonez wit nice~AROMA~blood freshly~SERVED~who wanna dine wit da~IMMORTAL~i gav birth to~MORTALITY~brain been feasted by~DEMOMIC ANGEL~nice barz B.L~coming fast @ you wit a~SISsY~CHISEL~to ripoff ur fucking~FLESHES~i gat my blood sucked by~LEACHES~aint ready to fuck~BITCHES~coz i gat magot~n~hookworm in my~PENIS~hav sign a death warrant wit my~BLOOD~my wraist is~BROKEN~my body is~DITORATING~my head off my~NECK~my blood is numerous in da~GRAVEYARD~my heart stabbed by~LUCIFER'S~GO~TO~HELL.
(07:33) Mon, 4 Apr 11
dnt give me a bitch coz amma fuck her~brainz~giv me a niga an amma chew is~dick~roll out wit da biggest boyz in da~cementary~HCL+NH4 are my drinkz come tex n get urself~melted~crake ribs~n~bottle wit my~teeth~steping on dangerouz serpent wit my~feet~my system is immune wit~disease~n~viruse changn my blood~green~i got shot n my bitch~scream~ahhhhh~am an~immortal~fuckn shadows~given lucifer a~grandson~am immortal killing~mortal~giv me dis fuckn being let em be change coz am da~portal~gat no luv 4 dy~brother~coz amma kill him shrinkn~drinkn~his~bloody~blood~removn his~bladder~brainz 4~graftn~buddn it wit~B_L~viruse attacked~brain~u a loosa so dnt think of fightn~back~askari got ur~back~underground/got murdered by~sheav7~n~raw~now u want 2 sip blood wit~xtr3m3_4_3va~my palms beam~red~an amma giv u da mark[666]~fuck u an ur~mentor~u are afraid of failn da 2nd tym//so u went n~backup[disciple] for~sheav7[shepard]~bt amma spit~endless~freestyles lyk eminen n dre until u cal 4 a doctor.//
(14:39) Sun, 3 Apr 11
spill 2 kill
(02:40) Sun, 3 Apr 11
Lets watch as u will beaten black~blue living u~lifeless~niga u unfit coz ur ~endpoint~ is stil in procedure//titrating n sheav blood used as an~indicator~am putting u in a state of~jeopardy~amma make ur disciple deny u wit jst~200 pluses~dnt mess wit me coz amma electricute u wit massive flowz[current]~amma take u back to da~revolution~da contains da~chronicle of ya life~u gat beaten by~mackvee n aftermath~taking ya wit one~barz~over ur~6barz~serve u ma blood as~communion~holy mary came down sucking my~dick~rejoicing over ur~fragments~niga no~comments~sentiments~are piled up in ur~vocal cord~ur ~rap technology~is an~under technology~niga i fly witout~wing~speak witout a~vocal cord~gat blinded bt seen clearly in da~dark~as da time~ticks~ur cell get infected wit~sickle~i gat u killed by gun~misle~no~argument~u call it~flaccid~bt mine flowz are~distructive~replace ur~intestine~wit spiral linez~i cant shout coz my ~mic is corrosive~
(05:16) Fri, 1 Apr 11
Force acidic^CAPSULES^in ur mouth to consume ur^INTESTINE^lubricate ur body wit^OIL^pt u in a ^milling_machine^ n get ur body grinded to^BLOOD_MEAL^form shapez wit ur intestine using a^FRET_SAW^gat myself masturbated bt ur sperm spill out frm ur^DICK^got stab in da head n u got^MENTALLY_DISTURBED^
Eminem ask 4 a doctor/dre helped him crake a^BOTTLE^/bt niga am gonna stab ur eyez wit^BOTTLE^/bear da pain of da^CROXX^am stinging u lyk^BEE^disfiguring urbody as an^ACID_RAIN^ur blood is under check lyk a^BLOOD_PRESSURE^evaporate ur blood lyk^LEECH^stretch ur body to da^PITCH^
mic~faulty~brain~restarting~brain~turn off~
i will be back
(12:24) Thu, 31 Mar 11
so rude
(04:26) Thu, 31 Mar 11
Quote: Xtr3m3_4_3va: He is comin[thompson]

whatz cumin? Ya dick or what?

Prepare 4da
28 stATION of tha CRozz
(16:22) Wed, 30 Mar 11
He is comin[thompson]
(15:10) Wed, 30 Mar 11
Flesh^3atin//damn Desk^b3atin//my eyes are blind_bt i cn stil c ds Pest^am 3atin//damn damn hell open lem CUM^IN/ds soulz i feed on ain got gud bloods 4 BLOOD^MEAL/aaah
my ass was whopd wit DEVIL'S^CANE/skull open up bt al i c der is SHAEV7'S^NAME/my dick~chewed up by da lil daughter of lucifer stil im cumin^2 FUCK^YUR^GAME/wtout eyes~blind walkn n cn stil SPOT^YUR^GAME/wtout mout i cn stil SPIT/my hands ar amputated how com i slit^yaWRIST?/d3mon tuk my ass away,went 2shaev krib 2do sum SHIT/my ~hearts~no mur n ripd out by LiSt3d,i surviv wt da rapzone's BEAT/nw ds totaly 3xtr3m3'S DEATH/neva u mention ma name no mur cuz imma BEst^tWIst^ya^N3CK/Jesus slittin ya dick whil my disciple MOSES SIEZED^ya^BREATH/u profesianalitz is 2suck BITCHEZ^DECK(DICK)/ ahhhh! D3mons takin me away smiley helpme!!! My shadow^s gon leavn me BEHIND/nw my spirit^s phukin so 3xtrem3,havin JAMO's DECLINE/damn! Ws permited 2suck Gods~dick or choose to hav resPHANTo's DICK^FRIED/servin em 'balls'in place of da egg^WHITE!

Ahhhh! Am juz gona die., am juz gona die...!!!

-siesmograph reception searchn...
Cardiovascular system stopped!...!

Raw DIEZ! -rip- RAW
(14:49) Wed, 30 Mar 11
d^monz^~yelling~shave[sheav]~sheverin~brawl[raw]~shouting~rollingdown~da~abiss~got his body~splitting~by sharp~object~got his head broken away frm his neck by a~gigantic~rock his~six eyez~bhind is~dick~fail to~blink~coz dey've been~blind~raw call on~lucifer~frm da~abiss~for help bt receive a~fire n brimstone~wat a deniall!!~shave[sheav]ur dick waz made to luk lyk a~kettle~by jamulous bt am calling a~blacksmith~to shape it in2 a~frenchcurve~...get doomed.
Shavesmileybonez lying~reckless~on d ground coz he's been~careless~can their b hope he ask,?ezekiel quotezd~word~waz spoken n his broken his~bonez~came together bt shave[sheav] nostril got fill wit~ashma~ressy gat ur whole body~involved~in an~involvement~pray da lucifer's~prayer~
sheav a.k.a
(15:45) Tue, 29 Mar 11