ava tanmoy1953: Black
ava Smarty: Well done, 5 pluses to tanmoy1953 for the correct answer.
ava Smarty: Which of the following colours does not appear on the flag of Bolivia? Green, Yellow or Black? (5 chars)
"motherfucker"cuz it
(04:43) Wed, 2 Jun 10
you are a motherfucker.
(22:24) Fri, 30 Jun 17
nice to know
(16:24) Thu, 6 Apr 17
kidz dnt knw wen to stop... u are already dead... u rank have byn reduced to .... d worst mic rocker
(17:33) Fri, 4 Jun 10
Quote: smokey_Mc_pod...: Eg: like Underground
Yeah! Am one crazy motherfucker. Thats why I drive whack nitwits like smokey-mc-asswipe crazy.
(18:03) Thu, 3 Jun 10
Eg: like Underground
(21:46) Wed, 2 Jun 10
This is an insulting term of address for people who are stupid, irritating, annoying or ridiculous. Mostly used to show lack of respect to the person.
(11:25) Wed, 2 Jun 10