ava krack: Copy Cat smiley Maryam
ava Maryam: Tong Ting smiley
ava krack: Ting Tong smiley
hope u like wht i written abt u n wud 2 c hw ur reply pins out bitches...
(17:50) Fri, 8 Jan 10
Ok here we go again prepare 2 meet ur end i hook u up on facebook guy u got zero frnd u can't even kiss a gurl u write her love letter i buy her ice nd pearl. hw u lyk me nw cos even ur bitch is at d phn nw sayin kute "wots up" y u a rapper nd ur dad is ur backup dancer i see ur uncle nd ur aunty in ma house role their so embarassed of u bro,ur nt a real rapper, u shud quit hiphop nd go get ur mop.
(20:23) Sun, 26 Aug 18
Is rap still alive in 2wap? I can't figure out what to do but listening to "bring it back to 90s" in Goons Bap... I miss my hommies, where y'all at?
(17:32) Wed, 30 Aug 17
Don't worry about it, .
(22:40) Fri, 14 Oct 16
Yo yo..
Everybody from the 2wapworld Leave ya theory & follow my principles..

Everybody from the 2wapworld Leave ya theory & follow my principles..

Yeaho,, Death wearing drawers I'm a boxer known, Punch ya mouth, bring ya teeth on the floor & leave ya Gums-alone! I'm the rapist in rap you can Rag+no+rake, I'mma make you fugitive Go pack your bags! I'mma finish you in spar-KO with a smash on ya ass, Black-listed in this site for saying facts on the face, So Go Fire-Four-Nicks I keep multi' fags on the check!! I'ma lock ya ass up and throw the Key-In-Fissure, My gun to your Temple Now leave a wish here! You're Jack-I am the Ace for a Win to diss-card you with here, I'm all-exclusive A man distinguished here!! I make monkeys like you to dash-mange on the go, You won't stand for the Case So call your friends on the Show! My dick clicks The-mouse So to Command Later-in your hoe! Now you gotta stretch and flex to get better on the (w)hole!!
(08:03) Thu, 16 Jan 14
Save every KG of your OXYZEN cos you ain't even CONFIDENT about what you're CAPABLE OF/ You think you can walk this wire easily but not when I cut your CABLES OFF/ I thought you'se a battler but a joker TACKLES NOT/ Your fable is hot but you can't remove the stain of the clown LABLE YOU GOT/ Weigh ya'self against me steadily cuz the fuck you know I'm STABLE, YOU NOT/ Go make the Lonely hearts laugh That's the only thing YOU CAN DO/ You can be a great 'night crawler' -you know what- that's a MUTANT CLUE/ Leave the claw-thing to me kid That's not ya job/ I'mma be wolverine for u call me whenever yungbitch robs you off
(07:36) Thu, 14 Nov 13
Oh Rebellinn, u must b erect cuz u acting kinda COCKY...
Even if u put dat glock 2 my head, u still cudn't STOP ME...
wit a SLOPPY Verse, whn sleekgirl punkd u dat makes it even WORSE...
Cuz i won't need a weapon on dis Fool...
I will drink rocket unleaded FUEL...
Aim jet propel n shoot myself at YOU...
So y dnt u make urself useful like a TOOL...
And do wht u gotta do without permission frm shaev cuz he's a stupid MULE...
He's such a joke at runnin da rapzone he reminds me of april FOOL...
I'll take u both on as if u r DUAL, without bein CRUEL...
I'll hit u wit a STOOL n drown y'all inside a baby POOL...
U two shud cum off da mic cuz u aint holding it Right...
U put da rapzone 2 sleep like a child at 12:30 on a school NIGHT...
(13:11) Wed, 13 Nov 13
And if somebody left out I beg pardon - You wanna show me flowers? I shag ya 2wap-garden/ And you k^gox^z - Stay where you stayed mocked at! Here, take My Straight-Glock*at ya-Head/ Rest in peace I let ya dead/ You should be locked in comedy zone, You won't be funny even if u were ur daddy's clone/ You clown, You can't make us laugh/ I wonder if any of ya joke could wake a staff/ You're boring as hell, And the last word I'm keeping/ don't fucking wake me again I'm again sleeping!
(19:06) Fri, 8 Nov 13
Calling out names here is OK So ''*fuck you staff, you all gays*''/ You're useless as an Old gate, an old lady on a cold date/ Now eat my shxt before you brush your mouth with that bone-mixed colgate/ Where are you hiding that bi alebi? - Inside Tragedy's ass May be/ Because if that hoe tryna fuck with me The only outcome would be a baby/ If Yungbitch is who Imma deal with, then even kgoxy gonna feel it/ Cuz When my anger spreads around a site as small as 2wap, each n every coding gotta be revealed/ And shaev boy What are you doing? Why did they made you mod/ Are you gon' play safe & pray to god?/ You've been invisible now More than Mr.India & the hollow-man/ And I think everybody ran away & I'm only a solo-man,do u want me to follow them?/ F%*k it, you all suck but your chicks don't/ You all should be thrown in a sick john
(18:43) Fri, 8 Nov 13
Im back, im black like da tragedy Im seein' in da Rapzone...
I shud hav never left da THRONE ALONE 4 u CLONES 2 OWN...
Nw i came 2 murder y'all wit a cheap PHONE while breakin ur BONE...
n bending ur BACKBONE till its u-shaped like a TROMBONE...
"Tragedy" will get BLOWN so he cn "stay fly" n float 2 da UNKNOWN...
A place whr he is well KNOWN bt 4got whr he put his steppin STONE...
So is shaev still sitting on my THRONE?
Cuz im a CYCLONE spittin vernomous rhymes dat leave ur head spinning like rocks n da FLINSTONES...
Im homegrown 2 2wap dat u DISOWN like ur hometown in Sierra LEONE...
U need 2 b pulled straight like an afro being brush wit a COMB...
Ur rap tournament never happend, ever or did it get POSTPONED???
Bt u might wana show up l8r cuz u dnt wana miss da DAMAGE...
My ADVANTAGE is dissing, so i guess i'll b at a diss-ADVANTAGE...
I cnt MANAGE my RAGE, so it spills ova 2 Yungboy who's jst GARBAGE...
Add sleepgurl n spektral n i'll slap 'em all 2getha n make em my SANDWICH...
Rebellion shud watch hw i eat dis CARNAGE cuz he dnt wana end up rapped in BANDAGE...
Cuz on a scale of 1 to 10 for me a 9 cums Through...
Add Tragedy n Spektral's skill wit mine, dat'll gives us a 9.2...
U wantd a re-match, come n i will FUCK YOU...
And i murder female rappers wit a single Paragraph...
Whn im done wit sleekgurl, menstol cycle is da only flow u GONNA HAV!!!
(11:11) Fri, 8 Nov 13
Boy shut up there agbo. Everything is wack to you still u no fit rap. Mumu.
(21:37) Sun, 26 May 13
Whack sht, YUNG, whack shxt u need practise/
ur verse are butchy, watchem get fuckd like a porn actress/
U don't know me, don't get it confused like Cabbage and Letice/
Me I drop bars that leave with writers block, no tetris/
U can't fuck with these metaphors or these similies/
if u try, u get split in two, no symmetry/
Ur a young boss, that's it, don't act grown/
Or I'll treat u like a cricket ball, u'll get throw.../
off this forum like u spamming/
Whatever u do, I'll kill u n not remember like I was cramming/
Like before exam, u as volatile as ram/
So u get lost wen I go off... Haha damn/
U try too hard bro, ease up a little, actually stand/
Like an ovation, I'm iller than cancer that causes failing glands/
Don't get on my dick, but u know wht?ur lady can/
...And this was just to show ur verse didn't hurt like a smack from a baby's hand/...
Get at me..
(20:52) Sat, 18 May 13
Whats ur name SON/ Nick~or D**k'lil'JON/wateva d case may b, we knw u as a Bitch~ass~SON/im the alzheimer that attackd ur MOTHER~evbdy tot it was a MURDA/thats y i kill dreams i dnt dream im nt martin LUTHA/AM~BIG~U~OUS>sucka here aint a place u will try to b AM~BI~TIOUS/Am^STRONG> smokin on sumtin DANGEROUS/sit ur ass like ma fuckin A~MAN~U~EN~SIS>ma flow 5star bitch A~POTH~E~O~SIS/i do surgery with ma flows cuz ma lines Amputate u like sum 4ukin Lab RAT>listen BRAT>we've seen diz CRAP/b4 ur mama was BORN>dnt BRAGG>or u get MOURN>n i'ma wave ur body in d air like a maaafaaakin RAG/i knw u forcin urself to rap like a fuckin CORINTHIAN/ma advice is go no furtha or get buried like sum fuckin INDIAN/bt i knw u wil chose to get SMASHD/brutal 4all 4rm dizz n CRASH>no BACKLASH!!/ i WON>cuz 1 snap u GONE>i giv death bitch dnt get me SWORNd>i'm lyricaly BORN>if u want sum cum get SUM> ima correct ur life so WRONG>n u gon knw the BOSS is still YUNG/...

(12:50) Fri, 17 May 13
Well seems like shxt is hot around here, like sumbody ate indian SPICE/
Maybe it was HellSeeker but his idian rhyming isn't NICE/
He just got butt-fucked by Youngboss, but must hav LIKED IT/
Homo, but fuck dat I'll go for Boss's head like its PRICELESS/
No-homo... Don't get excited, I meant I'll chop ur HEAD OFF/
Take ur energy, make you lose 'jews'(joules) like I'm ADOLF/
Haha get like me or get at me, EITHER WAY/
You'll end up like jay'z... That road leads to Ether's Way/
NEED 'ta STAY... And teach u crackers how to RAP/
Coz it seems like this forum I'd taking a NAP/
...ClAP a rapper on his head, can't be sleepin in my CLASS/
Leav niggas behind, homos will try love u in the ASS/
But I turn around an burn em all in ASH/
No pokemon, but I'll poke-a-mon in the NECK (Jamaican accent)/

(13:31) Thu, 16 May 13
Your shameless simple lines ain't enuff here bitch/ I heard u beg on the streets of Nigeria & u claim 2 b rich/ Bi-sucker There's no long wait befo that hoe ditch/ And yor black^ass won't find any1 else other than that Bi who claims to be MISS/ May be by chance u get a pic (frm password_) of her ass & a KISS/ Cuz u cant do nothin' than maturbation on ya Mobile^screen which motherfuckin' PISS/ Even mirror gets wrecked when u see in it/ On the smallest site on earth ur happy to win it/ You are getting votes from just that tranny & ur own Brothers Even ur making Fake-ids to vote further/ While Im gettin' votes from all over the world(Even frm ur fellow-country-livers)/ So feel some shame & go out of this tiny site/ Stop copying others' music & lyrix and start producing ur own Shxt/ Yor throat gettin choked like an old-sewage-line & ur going nuts over loosing credit/ Nobody understands a single word coming outta ur slummed mouth/ And I dont even understand ur motherfuckin english What the F%*k ur talkin about/ Ur gettin sex-addicted So much that ur going behind a Shemale/ Not getting the satsfaction in real & masturbating over the replys of Hoes' email/ Others are wandering around her like Chip'N'Dale/ Tragedy-gay-fly is imitating Shxtnnur & u may be imitating the cocksucker of that she-male/ I'm on everything motherfucka,I'm everywhere, u r stucked in ya slum & thinkin ur a species kind of a rare/ Match a pair then eat my shxt, Dont sell cocain in india & then get arrested/ Hah! niggas studying Music making & techniques in india & getting on high/ Read it on MUSIC@LOUD if u think it's ur only place to pass-by/ Stop being a whack & start sucking cocks/ cuz what ur learning India taught ur teachers That's why it Rocks!
(17:34) Fri, 5 Apr 13
Damn diz Gay always open ass like a Car BONNET/hav diz niggaz plugin dick in his Ass like a Wall SOCKET/heard diz indians are Sex FREAK/big pussies with Small DICK/nw evtin change ya cute bunny'mother no longer gets ma CREAM/wheneva she feels like it i gave her a goat URINE/BORN`LOSER/who cnt acept its lost bt blamed it on STUNNER/bitch u cnt win ANY/evn a battle with ALEBI/cuz u'll got no vote xcept 4rm ur fellow gayz(indian) that fucks U/learn a lesson u 3 timin BUFOON/stand like a man n stop wallopin in 3 NICK/ur hunger 4 sex got u wishin u hav Long DICK/bitch ur lines r always weak u aint got the STRATEGY/ evn alebi tot u r nw into COMEDY/cuz no mater d 3 shxt(ghostrida,hellseeker,Terminator Salvation)u ass still wnt b TRAGEDY/ That nigga wil always fuck bt u 2 kids r nt match 4 ME/i drop simple lines that r always deadly to C/
(17:08) Fri, 5 Apr 13