ava Nish: smiley
ava zugzwang: stolen
ava Nish: smiley
This must b forbiddin...
(19:47) Mon, 3 Dec 07
hiphop only raping hiphop coms wit 5elements djin mcieng beatboxin bboyin grafifi so meny peps ar usin da 5 basic elemen
(23:48) Fri, 1 Feb 13
Hiphop is not dead
What makes u tell that
Nigga It's time I introduce you
To the reality
Your activity is makin me sick like sick man
My atrocity tells me I'm a wicked man
Look around and say whom you see
Don't fuckin tryna question where were we
Hiphop is not dead man You are
Actual rapper whom we can call here
People come N go Man
But i am still here INSANE
I won't let the Rap die here
Watch the ground I'm sky here
They are tyna call their fuckin poems a rap^^ Im tryna tell them It's not like that^^ I'm stting in the chair And thinkin in the mind^^ I can put the Damn wh0re on rap Every word I can find^^ Stop sayin bullshxt And get ready to edit the bloody list of the faggits & maggits And Give ME the royal credit! for givin this place a life it exhibit DAMMIT if you dont tell it Well im no Brit but the lord of them Shxt Gonna control the cockpit So sit in ya seats And dance on ma beats Grab the things you can eat and shut the fuckin mouth Cos Im about to tell you THE SECRET behind the power I hold I'm bold N strong I can sing any song From hiphop to Rap Along & among the bong Like I Do it in hongkong And when u try to mix poker with Mahjong Then its wrong Cos I make the deals here And place is to seal here I've to take the meal now cos Im the one who takes zeal here So This is the place Feel here Dont tryna steal here Sayonara from the rear smiley
(11:01) Fri, 25 Jan 13
fuck! this place is dead also.
(01:12) Wed, 24 Oct 12
Tragedy d baddest rapper is here now...who wants to try..die so dat i can bury..
if u know u can rap then here is d contest..challenge me if u dare n b d king dat rules this 2wapworld if u wins.
but if u lose! there is no problem cos u are always a loser.
...check out (tragedy vs youngboss) n see how am whoppin his ass b4 u dare me..one luv y'all.
...am waiting 4 d bravest out of y'all!!!
(22:44) Tue, 23 Oct 12
HIP HOP IS A CULTURE DATS TRUE,BUT NW HOW IS IT COMPARED 2 DA ONE IN DA 80s ? its wack nw dats why i dnt believe in da rap artists dat poped up 4rm 200 up till nw i mean I asume its only 30% dats dope da rest is all bling bling.right nw im listening dj honda's tape and im enjoying it.I TAKE 5 STEPS FORTH AND 10 STEPS BACK
(12:25) Mon, 23 Feb 09
See da Bling Bling era has arrived and most of da REAL MCees passed on and some have retired 4 some reason and there is no one 2 revive da classic or da real hiphop.so nw dats why it seems as if it is dead.
(12:09) Mon, 23 Feb 09
Yea nd im d embamin fluid
(23:22) Fri, 20 Feb 09
(21:31) Mon, 16 Feb 09
Wat ya bitchers talkin abot alka halik tings coz ya PIMP ain't a nigga.
(12:43) Mon, 16 Feb 09
Hw cn hip-hop die while alive?no it aint dead bitches
(18:59) Wed, 4 Feb 09
Hip hop lives from generation 2 generation
(06:52) Fri, 10 Oct 08
Don't even think of it hip pop dead,that can't ever happen,hip pop lives 4eva.
(17:48) Thu, 9 Oct 08
ON 2WAP yal ar crap!cj,romew n apoc!fuk it if it ain uz!d sht legendary wud ve bin shutdown!
(22:39) Wed, 8 Oct 08
WTF ar yal w8n 4..-rip- hip-hop! no1 cn raiz da sh!t,b romew,f cj,blind apoc!yal ar bunch of prankz
(22:08) Wed, 8 Oct 08
Hiphop ain dead,i juz gt a couple shutz,i brng it bck2lyf gv it a couple shut.the game gt dat cutz
(13:01) Fri, 29 Aug 08