ava NEVERGIVEUP: Hi,,,,,everyone.
ava ABHIRAJ: Love We Share Is Real.
Nothing Is More Precious To
Me In This World Than This
Wonderful Love You And I Share.
Good morning to all my friends
ava trycera: Goodevenin abhi and welcome
Rainy Day, Mother Went To Pick Up Her 4
Years Old Daughter From School.
She Was Worried Thinking That,
She'll Fear The Lightning.
On Her Way She Found Her Smiling At
Sky For Every Lighting.
She Asked Why Are You Smiling?
Baby: Mumma.
God Is Taking My Picture
And I Need To Look Good Naa.!
(11:26) Mon, 15 Mar 21
(13:29) Sat, 17 Apr 21
Very funny.
(16:58) Wed, 24 Mar 21