ava NEVERGIVEUP: Hi,,,,,everyone.
ava ABHIRAJ: Love We Share Is Real.
Nothing Is More Precious To
Me In This World Than This
Wonderful Love You And I Share.
Good morning to all my friends
ava trycera: Goodevenin abhi and welcome
There was a man escorting his kid to school and they found a pregnant woman at the bus stop.
MAN; can u hurry and if you don't stop sucking your thumb,you will be like that woman.they moved near the lady and the lady asked.
LADY; young boy, why are u looking at me like that.
YOUNG BOY; because i know what you did to become like that.
(16:44) Wed, 10 Mar 21
Oh my god.....i,m fainted.....
(01:54) Mon, 26 Jul 21
Hahaha pregnant women & young boy 😆😆
(00:13) Thu, 11 Mar 21