ava ABHIRAJ: Most Useful Asset Of A Person,,Not A Head Full Of knowledge But A Heart Full
Of Love, With Ears Open To
Listen, And Hands Willing To Help.
Good Night
ava NEVERGIVEUP: Hi,,,,,everyone.
ava ABHIRAJ: Love We Share Is Real.
Nothing Is More Precious To
Me In This World Than This
Wonderful Love You And I Share.
Good morning to all my friends
One afternoon ateacher was in a certain class
the day was ahot one.
TEACHER: Good afternoon class
STUDENT: Good afternoon sir
TEACHER: How are u young men?
STUDENT: Iam on heat
TEACHER: Wha...a...a......t
STUDENT: I am going to punish you
STUDENT: No sir i said iam on heat
TEACHER: Where is fire
STUDENT: No,sir i mean it is hot
(16:32) Wed, 10 Mar 21
(09:07) Mon, 26 Jul 21
Nice Adhira 😊
(18:14) Wed, 10 Mar 21
Thats a good one
(16:43) Wed, 10 Mar 21