ava NEVERGIVEUP: Hi,,,,,everyone.
ava ABHIRAJ: Love We Share Is Real.
Nothing Is More Precious To
Me In This World Than This
Wonderful Love You And I Share.
Good morning to all my friends
ava trycera: Goodevenin abhi and welcome
1 In united states
prestend to be criminal,the criminal will feel free then u arrest
2 In arab emirates
kidnap the criminals wife he will surrender
3 india
dance and sing,the criminal will come close and u arrest
(16:09) Wed, 10 Mar 21
Too many in my country. It's vice versa. Criminals deal with us instead
(19:54) Fri, 23 Jul 21
Indias own is powerful!
(20:00) Sat, 17 Jul 21
In My Country,If We Want To Force Him Or Her Out To Confess Nothing But The Honest Truth,First Thing We Do Is,Get The Person Well Trashed And Alert The Cops For An Arrest Warrant,Thereby Letting Justice Serve Its Cause Or Two,Set Him Or Her Ablaze With A Tyre Over The Neck,Pour Fuel And That Does The Deed!!Because For Us,Once A Criminal,Always A Criminal!!!
(13:23) Sat, 12 Jun 21
(05:10) Sat, 17 Apr 21
india's way is powerful
(20:02) Sun, 28 Mar 21
(18:09) Wed, 10 Mar 21