ava ABHIRAJ: Most Useful Asset Of A Person,,Not A Head Full Of knowledge But A Heart Full
Of Love, With Ears Open To
Listen, And Hands Willing To Help.
Good Night
ava NEVERGIVEUP: Hi,,,,,everyone.
ava ABHIRAJ: Love We Share Is Real.
Nothing Is More Precious To
Me In This World Than This
Wonderful Love You And I Share.
Good morning to all my friends
There are five friends named *somebody *,*nobody,**mad,stupid and fool* *somebody and *nobody were fighting* *somebody killed nobody* *mad quickly called the police* *mad: hello sir* * police: can we help you* * mad: yes somebody just killed nobody* *police: are you stupid!!* *mad: no, stupid is in the bathroom bathing* *police: are you mad!!!* *mad: yes am mad* * police: you must be a fool!!!* * mad: no,fool is the one reading this message* 😜😜
(21:21) Fri, 22 Jan 21
Thunder fire u
(21:54) Sun, 19 Sep 21
I will kill you omg hahahaha.
(09:03) Mon, 26 Jul 21
Hahaha ohh mili 😂
(19:29) Wed, 17 Feb 21
Hahahaa, Fuunnnyyy!!!!!
(11:41) Sun, 24 Jan 21