ava ABHIRAJ: We Never Pay Attention To
Any Part Of Our Body
Unless It Pains, So Dont
Let It Happen In Relationship,
Good morning my sweetheart my Trycera n friend
ava krack: Good Morning Owlz smiley
ava Tweetums: Hello everyone
2 girls were playing chess.. joke doesn't ends here... girls 1.. ok lets finish I m tired. girl 2.. yes as u hv only rook and I hv only bishop.. still joke doesn't ends here. soon there comes a boy. he said'' let we play chess, I alone and u both '' girls'' no , u ll beat us'' '' boy.'' I will play by using my left hand'' they started playing and the boy beat them and went fron there.. girl 1'' ita shameful that he beat us''girl 2 after some thought'' hmmmmm, he made us stupid, may be he was left hander.''
(13:23) Fri, 20 Sep 19