ava krack: Hola Peepz smiley
ava Stolen: India didnt lost but gave Respect to Pakistan cricket becoz they were been insulted abused by PPL of Pakistan always😀😁
ava ABHIRAJ: The Sun Rises Into The
Sky With The Warmest Smile,
He Wishes You A Good
Morning Hoping That You
Have The Perfect Day.
Good morning Trycera my love
You're not Schooling,
You're not Working,
You depend on guys fully and instead of you to be posting 'I'm jobless any vacancy'?
You are busy posting "ADD ME ON SNAPCHAT, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM LET'S HAVE FUN" Do you know that you are a useless human being?
(16:10) Thu, 13 Dec 18
yess, they are useles
(16:31) Mon, 22 Feb 21
u knw wat, u're ryt
(08:21) Sun, 14 Feb 21