ava krack: Boyfriend smiley
ava LanaNathan: Looking for a boyfriend
ava ABHIRAJ: See hw beautiful God added one more day in ur life,not bcoz you need it,but bcoz someone else might need you,
Good morning Trycera my love n frndz
Boyfriend: What is your favorite music group?

Girlfriend: I love U2!

Boyfriend: I love you too, but what is your favorite music group?
(23:08) Fri, 15 Jun 18
Alia reading newspaper.. 
News: “Indian athlete lost gold medal in long jump” 
Alia comments:Idiot !! Who told him to wear gold medal while jumping!!!

(23:11) Fri, 15 Jun 18
Reporter to Alia, Can U tell what is 3×4?? 
Alia : It’s easy, Answer is 12 And What is 4×3 ??? 
Alia : Very simple.. It’s 21! 

(23:11) Fri, 15 Jun 18