ava KingFISHER: Honey i miss you alots @ Milisha
ava ABHIRAJ: Shout only in English please, thank you
ava Chhotu: ABHIRAJ bhai! please help me?
A Daughter Asked Her Dad "Dad There Is Something That My Boyfriend Said To Me, That I Didn't Understand. He Said That I Have A Beautiful Chassis, 2 Lovely Airbags And A Fantastic Bumper."

Dad Says "You Tell Your Boyfriend That If He Opens Your Bonnet And Pulls Out His Dipstick To Check The Oil, I Will Give Him Such A Service That His Motor Will Cease And His Exhaust Will Fall Off"smiley
(07:16) Fri, 20 Apr 18
Tnx dad
(05:24) Sun, 6 May 18

Whahaha.!! smiley good joke.
I'm glad I don't have exhaustsmiley
(11:11) Fri, 20 Apr 18