ava Heena15: Lo aaj ka din bhi dhal gya,
Good evening 2wapers
ava krack: Up is sky :V i think smiley
ava Holwitch: Hello Everyone . What's Up?
My ex girlfriend called me last night and told me that she can't sleep so, I told her to read Isaiah 48:22 which says" there is no peace for the wicked" Please did I say something wrong to her?
(19:17) Sat, 10 Feb 18
In reply I would like to say her: "Don't say this next time. If you will say, I'll kill you" smiley
(09:52) Mon, 16 Jul 18
Much better U can Laugh now smiley
(11:35) Sun, 15 Jul 18
Quote: Milisha: R.I.P.....smiley

Modified : R.I.P Krack ...
(10:55) Sun, 15 Jul 18
(01:21) Mon, 12 Feb 18