ava ABHIRAJ: Morning honey, sunrise with you is like the best part of the day. I wish that soon my all days are so beautiful, love you my love Trycera Paul ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
ava ABHIRAJ: Good Evening my sweetheart Trycera Paul my love 🫂 💖💖💖
ava ABHIRAJ: My morning gets lightened up with you. Love you my sunshine,my sweetheartTryceraPaulmylove. Good morning...💚💙💚💙💚💙💚
I am a Queen
I am wearing a Pink dress
And I am surrounded by white soldiers.
What am I....??
(15:22) Fri, 24 Nov 17
And i am the princess surrounded by guards smiley
Is this a riddle or a game?
(15:55) Fri, 24 Nov 17
I need an answer to my riddl
(15:54) Fri, 24 Nov 17
Stranger.. u r stranger to me.. smiley
(15:48) Fri, 24 Nov 17
In My ♡...
(15:44) Fri, 24 Nov 17
Wow...Who's ur prince... Lol
(15:37) Fri, 24 Nov 17