ava Trycera_Paul: Goodevenin to u to my love abhiraj
ava ABHIRAJ: Good Evening Trycera Paul my sweetheart my lovesmiley
ava ABHIRAJ: Good morning my love my sweetheart Trycera Paul 🫂
First three Correct answ get 10,000+s

Where is the C in the pic
(20:19) Sun, 30 Jul 17
There is only one and that is share if u find c in 1 minut
(14:13) Wed, 2 Aug 17
From top 15th and from left 19th.
(09:00) Wed, 2 Aug 17
15th line 19 no
(03:21) Wed, 2 Aug 17
Quote: PRINCESS SUNl: i even use glasses can only see 1 C

Yes, there is only one. Two are stolen by xyz smiley
(12:36) Mon, 31 Jul 17
15th from top
and 19th from left.
(01:06) Mon, 31 Jul 17
Yes I find that is only one where is the c
(00:17) Mon, 31 Jul 17