ava Jane12: whats wrong with two of u why u insulting your self this place is not 4 those things
ava igo: daisy can u plz accept my request
ava Daisy55: Krack you mean all here are owlz, is this the way you greet all the people, it's not nice, it's just like insulting other
this is the continuation of the part 1, enjoy and laugh out loud too
(14:20) Thu, 18 Jun 15
All men are brave, Horrors movies don't scare them... But..... 10 missed calls from wife-----surely does!
(14:24) Thu, 18 Jun 15
No matters, how good work, noble cause you do... people always remember those who dies after borrowing some dollars!! ----
(14:23) Thu, 18 Jun 15