ava Jane12: whats wrong with two of u why u insulting your self this place is not 4 those things
ava igo: daisy can u plz accept my request
ava Daisy55: Krack you mean all here are owlz, is this the way you greet all the people, it's not nice, it's just like insulting other
10 advantages of not having a "LOVER".
1. Save time.
2. Can sleep well.
3. Don't have to bother about missed calls.
4. Don't have to worry about how you look.
5. Can eat in any restaurant.
6. No boring SMS in the middle of night.
7. Can talk with all girls.
8. You won't hear `aaw.. You are dull today`.
9. Can go anywhere with any one.
10. Don't have to listen same old crap jokes..
BONUS:- You will live a long life... So be aware of LOVER!
(15:40) Wed, 16 Apr 14
Without lover? Gud i llke itsmiley
(04:48) Thu, 17 Apr 14
He he he gud one
(04:44) Thu, 17 Apr 14
When u fall in love all those r u feel lovly dr.
(17:56) Wed, 16 Apr 14
U are mad amit he hesmiley
(17:07) Wed, 16 Apr 14
oh wow great.. vry nice amit... smiley
(16:12) Wed, 16 Apr 14
thts so true smiley grt topic smiley
(16:00) Wed, 16 Apr 14
Isn't it ''the grapes are sour''. Lol!
(15:42) Wed, 16 Apr 14