ava krack: Boyfriend smiley
ava LanaNathan: Looking for a boyfriend
ava ABHIRAJ: See hw beautiful God added one more day in ur life,not bcoz you need it,but bcoz someone else might need you,
Good morning Trycera my love n frndz
YoU think Only yOU can play yetti prankS on us well time in fOr our kills fellar. Come on guyS letS kill emsmiley time 2 make the galS knOw whOse da man
(07:44) Fri, 11 Aug 06
Did u hear about the guy who finally figured out woman? He died laughing before he could tell anybody
(14:03) Fri, 11 Aug 06
Whats the difference between a battery and a woman? A battery has a positive side
(14:01) Fri, 11 Aug 06
A woman was pulled over by a blond woman speedcop ! cop sais: can i see your drivers licence ? Woman takes out her litl make up mirror and gives it to the blond cop. Cop sais: oh,you can go,i see youre a cop 2 !
(11:47) Fri, 11 Aug 06