ava Kimber: If you don't give your man what he wants, another lady will do it for you. They may be lusters but very loyal.
ava Templemow: Can you prove it
ava Kimber: Not all men.....
A man was walking in a park
when he came across a penguin. He took him to a
policeman and said, "I've just
found this penguin. What
should i do?". The policeman replied, "take him to the zoo" The next day the policeman saw the same man in the same park and the man was still carrying the penguin with him. The policeman was rather
surprised and walked up to
the man and asked, "why are
you still carrying that
penguin? Didn't u take it to the zoo?". "I certainly did", replied the man, "and it was great idea he really enjoy it, so today i'm taking him to the movies!" smiley
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