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ava ABHIRAJ: I wanted to thank you for turning my life into this heavenly dream, Good Evening sweetheart my love Trycera Paul 🧜‍♀️🧜🧜‍♀️🧜🧜‍♀️🧜🧜‍♀️🧜🧜‍♀️
ava ABHIRAJ: In a sea of people, my eyes always search for you my sweetheart Trycera Paul my love,Good Morning sweetie ❤💚❤💚❤💚❤
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(14:31) Mon, 7 Feb 11
the vast majority of this nation still continue to vastilitate the exhorbitant ethutiasm and irrational irritability....
(07:57) Tue, 3 Jan 12
Quote: DareDevil: Dear Math, go buy a calculator and solve your own problems.
I'm a teenager, not a therapist.

Why didn't I know this when I was still in school?!
(16:25) Fri, 30 Dec 11
wel som wer funny
(19:56) Wed, 21 Dec 11
Quote: prince1011: Thumbs up DareDevil. U really made my day. Funny quotes. Well i sent d bed letter stuff 2 my gurl and she didnt understand d last line...well i just broke d new sim i used. Nw i think am gona regret it. Thanks again

smiley u got to b kidding . . .
(15:51) Tue, 20 Dec 11
Q. What 3 things are common
between the sun and a
woman's underwear?
A. Both are hot, both look
better while going down
and both disappear at night.
(04:29) Tue, 20 Dec 11
Wheather produces a very solid & hot rain,why the hurry to remove your dried cloths?
(22:28) Wed, 9 Nov 11
I went 2 a church one sunday nd at d end of d sermon, d prist asked us d new convert 2 SOW A SEED into our future,but instead of me bringing MONEY, i ran back home nd went 2 bring d head of d yam i had eaten d previous day...
(19:29) Thu, 6 Oct 11
CHEMISTRY AND D LORDS PRAYER! Oh God of chemistry,who art in ATOM,ELETRON,PROTON & NEURON...May thy FORMULEA & SUBJECT be know 2 ya humbled followers in LAB praticals & class rooms...help us these day 2 become CHEMISTRICIANS which is our only wish 4rm d BLENDING,STROKINGS & MOCKRIES 4rm ART students... And lead us not into ACCIDENT, but deliver us 4rm all ACID CONCETRATED BURNS...4 dis is our wish...and we pray through our MOLECULAR MASS NUMBER of our BRAINS...AMEN!
(19:22) Thu, 6 Oct 11
Out of my way u bastard son of a thousand fathers by Obj
(21:08) Fri, 23 Sep 11
haha s0me are v. funy
(09:30) Tue, 23 Aug 11
There was a boy in my town is name gbajue. He told is father dat they tell them 2 bought geography textbook. He tell is father dat is uncle tell them 2 by geo-gra-phy. Geo is 1,500, gra is 2000, phy is 5000
(05:22) Sat, 20 Aug 11
A friend of mine planted yam, tinking she would go havest rice bt unfortunately she saw beans on her farm......lol
(10:50) Sat, 23 Jul 11
it pretty funny nd ok 2
(05:49) Tue, 19 Jul 11
Its nt so funny bt its ok!
(09:19) Thu, 23 Jun 11
DareDevil has mad mai brain.. Am just laufin al seconds.
(23:31) Fri, 27 May 11