ava Jane12: whats wrong with two of u why u insulting your self this place is not 4 those things
ava igo: daisy can u plz accept my request
ava Daisy55: Krack you mean all here are owlz, is this the way you greet all the people, it's not nice, it's just like insulting other
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(14:31) Mon, 7 Feb 11
Iam :mamy when i die why will u be sad ? Mamy :i'll find noone wash dishes 4 me. Iam :whaaaat.... smiley
(11:50) Wed, 4 Aug 21
(00:48) Sun, 13 Jun 21
Quote: Mayank: Friend1: Are yaar ye mobile to mujhe kangaal kar dega.
Friend2: Kyu?
Friend1: Baar baar dikhaata hai Battery Low ab tak 56 battery badal chuka hoon!

Comedy King Mayank 😅😂
(11:40) Thu, 11 Mar 21
Quote: Mayank: Ek chote bacche ne apani pregnant mummy se pucha : Isme kya hai?
Mummy : Issme pyara sa Baby hai.
Baccha : Itana pyara tha to khaya kyu ussko?

Bahut Zabardast Bhai 😆
(11:38) Thu, 11 Mar 21
Quote: Mayank: Ek Baar Girl-Friend Aur Boy-Friend Gumne Jate Hai.
Girl-Friend: Jaanu, Mujhe Icecreem Khani Hai
Boy-Friend Ne Icecreem Kharid Kar De Di.
Girl-Friend: Thank You, Jaanu You Are SoSweet
Boy-Friend: Sirf Thank You Se Kaam NahiChalega
Girl-Friend: Tum Kiss Karna Chahate Ho Na
Boy-Friend: Abe Saali Aadhi Icecream Idhar De, Jab Dekho Romance Ki Hi Padi Rehti Hai

Ha Haa Ha Ha Haa Ha 👍
(11:36) Thu, 11 Mar 21
Very Funny smiley
(11:34) Thu, 11 Mar 21
Wow,nyc joker
(19:01) Mon, 21 Dec 20
Ur really funny
(12:35) Sun, 4 Oct 20
(12:35) Sun, 4 Oct 20
hi? i am oluwatope i av funny quote it go like this(y travel to UK... y no they OK....y stal US...y useless sucess is all ABOVE.... y no go ABROND...which life u con they think
(09:04) Fri, 4 Sep 20
' life is like penis' woman makes it hard.'
(04:30) Fri, 19 Apr 19
universe like a circle that has no circumference and every point is a centre.
(09:50) Thu, 11 Apr 19
smiley FUNNY
(13:18) Tue, 11 Oct 16
My laziness is like the number 8 when I lay down it becomes infinity
(17:08) Sat, 24 Sep 16
Its funny even after 5 years 👍
(01:11) Sat, 11 Jun 16