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Good morning Trycera my love n frndz
LAUGH TILL U FORGET UR NAME.....IS HERE ON 2WAP....1st and foremost is a commedy battle between me SPY AND SAPHIRE_FLAMES...2 to 2 jokes....lets roll.....smiley

Heres mine:

There was ones a wealthy man who lived abroad
he was about coming home.
he bought a parrot that is trained to speak up to 15
languages and wanted to sell it costly in his country
Nigeria. The young man bought it for 800 dollars
and sent it down to his grand mother in Nigeria
without any notice on the cost of the bird. When the
young man arrived, grandma presented a pepper
soup with meats inside for him to refresh himself with. After siping the
soup, the young man asked for his parrot to
entertain him, his grandma said to him '' u just
finished eating it and there's no other remaining. Do u like
the soup''? The boy went mad.
smiley grandma prepaired the soup
with the parrot, The young man was just like being
poor again.

A sorrowful day in the airport a plane flight should
be by 9 am but the pillot in charge was no where to be found.
People that board the plane were just complaining for the plane to take off.
And there was an afganistian guy who sarved food in
that plane, he had compassion on the complaint given by the passengers and he decided to fly the plane. He have
been seeing the pillots controling the plane and
places they touch.
Immidiatly he entered the pillots room, he switched the
places where the pillots always switch to get the
plane moving. Then he warned the passengers to
put on there seat belt just as the pillots always do. everyone has just fastened their seat belts and was very
happy but astonished from where the pillot pass through to get into that room. Witheen a few minutes The plane took off and they flee over 1000 feets above the sky before the plane faced downwards and was about
crashing in a very big sea.
Here came another warning by the automatic pillot.
He said: [b]''i have pressed all i could press and nothing got right please if u
know what to press come and press now we are
going down down the sea''[/b] everone started rushing to press they did this one after another untile the plane crash...sad sad story.

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smiley smiley
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Ha ha ha ha ha gud one
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Good Jokes Guyz!!smiley
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Funny jokes
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smiley really funny
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Why commenting say urs
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smiley .
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I love it
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wel... sorry 2 say dis bt all those jokes were lame... especially spyrate's jokes, jst terrible n dat goes 4 u 2 flames
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Quote: Mr_sly: smiley was there a joke told here?
No a prank.
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Nice jocksmiley
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Flames jokes r sensible nd funny....keep it up bro !!!
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Quote: Elfuego: Spy hu?
SF z funnier
flames is the winner....smiley smiley just here to make us happy.
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Spy hu?
SF z funnier
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