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Any Part Of Our Body
Unless It Pains, So Dont
Let It Happen In Relationship,
Good morning my sweetheart my Trycera n friend

... A police officer stops a driver driving at a speeding speed, and instructs him to go into the car with him. "but
Officer ... "the driver tries to explain.
"I do not want to hear!" The policeman chides. "You drove dangerously and you come with me to jail!"
"But I can explain ...", trying to speak.
"Do not answer me!" The policeman yells. "Explain what you want to the station commander!"
"But I just wanted to say that ..." the driver tries.
"Shut up!" The policeman orders, and takes the driver to the cell.
A few hours later, the driver is waiting in the cell. The policeman comes to visit him and says with a smile: "There
You're lucky to catch the station commander on a good day. He is now at his daughter's wedding, and surely
Will return in an excellent mood. "
"Do not be so sure," replies the driver, "I am the groom" ........
(05:27) Tue, 9 Jan 18
He is lucky to be inside smiley
(18:54) Tue, 9 Jan 18
Lesson : always listen b4 taking any action.
(08:52) Tue, 9 Jan 18
And the policeman was relieved of his job... THE END....LOOOL
(08:44) Tue, 9 Jan 18
Lucky man, he will be freed after few hours, but if was married, it would be like, life time imprisonment.
(08:24) Tue, 9 Jan 18
Haha that's a good one, poor groom he had a proper reason for speeding smiley
(08:19) Tue, 9 Jan 18