ava krack: Tweetums 🙏
ava Tweetums: Good Morning
ava ABHIRAJ: We Never Pay Attention To
Any Part Of Our Body
Unless It Pains, So Dont
Let It Happen In Relationship,
Good morning my sweetheart my Trycera n friend
No one ken to ken to sivmen,
nor yon clees toju maliveh.
When i gez aju zavateh na nalechoo more,
new yonooz tonigh molinigh,
Yon sorra shooo,
yes ee shooo, ooo.
-Ken leee
tulibu dibu douchoo
Ken Lee,
Ken lee meju more.
(14:56) Sat, 30 Dec 17
I do not know this language
(02:46) Tue, 2 Jan 18
I really cant get over Ken Lee smiley please watch ken lee in you tube to understand. I dont know how to attach you tube videos smiley
(14:59) Sat, 30 Dec 17