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ava ABHIRAJ: We Never Pay Attention To
Any Part Of Our Body
Unless It Pains, So Dont
Let It Happen In Relationship,
Good morning my sweetheart my Trycera n friend
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our thoughts are from terrorism to hate. again these scums are killing ppl with cars. so I hope this nonsense stops forever.
(13:25) Fri, 18 Aug 17
It is very sad and unfortunate..this is the time to show unity and solidarity to the faces of extremism who use religion as a garb to carry out their nefarious activities.
(17:11) Sat, 19 Aug 17
It is very frightening.... Cowardly act by terrist.... ..... He must hang to death

It’s hard to understand how ISIS and other radical groups can turn ordinary people into brutal killers.
(15:15) Fri, 18 Aug 17