ava krack: Tweetums 🙏
ava Tweetums: Good Morning
ava ABHIRAJ: We Never Pay Attention To
Any Part Of Our Body
Unless It Pains, So Dont
Let It Happen In Relationship,
Good morning my sweetheart my Trycera n friend
you find me at fb under name satu sinikka kaipia. and my music www.Facebook.com/trakkert if you want talk with me. i speak English and Finnish . but my german and swedish sucks
(15:18) Wed, 22 Mar 17
Quote: PRINCESS SUNl: That is so cool.are you a musician?????
homemom. writer. experimental noise musician. i have no idea whats style. so im experimental
(09:43) Fri, 24 Mar 17
so what
(05:43) Thu, 23 Mar 17
(05:20) Thu, 23 Mar 17