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ava Holwitch: Hello Everyone . What's Up?
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Good morning have a nice joyful day my sweetheart Trycera Paul n frndz smiley
A blonde passes by a pet shop,sees a board''monkey who can perform great sex''
she gets curious and buy the monkey. The shopkeeper gave her an instruction manual,which says ''give a good bath to monkey..than bathe urself. lie naked on bed & wait patiently for his performance. Repeat all steps for another turn.
Blode came home nd gave a good bath to monkey. thn she took bathe & lie naked on bed..monkey did nothing.
she repeated once more but again monkey did nothing.
...she once again startd reading instructions..''give monkey good bath thn u bathe nd lie naked on bed. wait patiently. repeat for next turn..........if no action thn call for technical support.''
....she called nd soon shopkeeper reached.
He adviced monkey ''see this is last warning. do as i do.''
(13:15) Wed, 24 Feb 16