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Good morning Trycera my love n frndz
I am REZA,35Male from Bangladesh (South Asia). I,ve been determined to tour whole world as possible as i can.but i,m very stupid about passport,visa,immigration more over about the process.

so,ma request to all ma expert friendz what is the system to achive ma goal?

write down ur comments here please!
(08:21) Sun, 16 Oct 11
by bicycle?

Ok i have an idea!
You know those bags that they bring on the plane? You can sneak in over there. Just make sure you don't get caught.

I'm serious. Many people have done this. Though I myself haven't tried it, if I ever need to go for world tour, I would do this. smiley
(16:39) Mon, 17 Oct 11
(15:40) Sun, 16 Oct 11
Quote: GrUnGePrInCe: World tour by bicycle? smiley
He will surely completely his voyage in the afterlife smiley
(12:05) Sun, 16 Oct 11
World tour by bicycle? smiley
(09:44) Sun, 16 Oct 11
Ask Smarty smiley
(08:35) Sun, 16 Oct 11