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Yes sure u can visit India, that too free of cost.

There is a program frequently conducted by Indian government, named as ITEC, where international participants can come to India for learning purpose. My institute, EDI is at the top among the 42 centers facilitating this program. Here the candidates come attend classes (in entrepreneurship, mass communication, NGO Management, Cluster Development etc.) for 6-8 weeks and they are also taken out on a national trip for 12 days in between. Almost every 2nd day they'll be taken out for shopping, industrial visits and sight seeing in the city and nearby areas. Lodging and boarding everything is provided by the institute, of high standards.

The current batch (for August 22 - October 14, 2011) that is here is all Afrikaans, few Europeans, Vietnamese and South Asians also. You can come too, in next batch maybe.

It is free of cost, because our government pays for it, almost (Rs. 300 thousand per candidate) and u also get cash money every time you are taken out for shopping, sight-seeing etc.

Search for it on Google: ITEC course in Ahmedabad, India.
(08:16) Sun, 4 Sep 11
i wish to go
(12:27) Tue, 31 Jan 12
Pls...wel come to india.
(17:21) Sat, 7 Jan 12
Hey that sounds over nice, thanx for the info
(21:55) Thu, 5 Jan 12
Thanks for sharing this information
(12:30) Thu, 5 Jan 12
Wow that will be nice ,to come there in india and whch countries are welcum there in your country ? 4rm me jane in Namibia.
(17:29) Wed, 30 Nov 11
India roks
(08:09) Tue, 1 Nov 11
Wow!! Fantastic Info,
(12:33) Mon, 17 Oct 11
at first thanx to Indian government for conducted such programme. And 2ndly thanx to SpArKo for shared this valuable news. Really its a great opportunity to visit a country like INDIA. Everybody should grab this chance as possible as they can.
(07:58) Sun, 16 Oct 11
Thanks for the info Spark. smiley Great topic in terms of its usefulness.
(08:55) Sat, 15 Oct 11
Quote: InsAnus_AmoR: heartly thanks for this bro smiley
That's interesting,
(14:06) Thu, 22 Sep 11
That's interesting,
thanks for sharing
Sparko. Thanks for the invitation
(14:02) Thu, 22 Sep 11
nice one sparko.....a reality opportunity event on 2wapworld....smiley
(16:56) Wed, 14 Sep 11
Quote: SpArKo: Did that especially for u, since i had a conversation with AfaQue regarding that few days back smiley
heartly thanks for this bro smiley
(16:49) Wed, 14 Sep 11
Anybody still interested?
(16:43) Wed, 14 Sep 11
mai to spne ar kitabo se hi india visit krta hu!
(06:46) Tue, 6 Sep 11