ava ABHIRAJ: How beautiful is a morning spent with you my sweetheart,Let’s make the most of it.Good morning have a beautiful day my love Trycera Paul 🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏
ava Davisville: Evenings are
always so special and beautiful
that I love it. Have a good
evening my friend, Jenneth
ava ABHIRAJ: Evenings are always so special and beautiful that I love it. Have a good evening my sweetheart Trycera πŸ‰πŸ‰πŸ‰πŸ‰πŸ‰
Pleas post here your dream Country(s) and tell us why you love that Country so much.
(14:03) Thu, 4 Nov 10
some day i wanna move to russia
(01:05) Tue, 4 Sep 12
i love touring around and given chance wanna go to spain.india.bangladesh.canada but still luv my country PHILIPPINES!!
(11:48) Sat, 1 Sep 12
i love my smiley bt i want to work in canada/us for better future
(05:25) Thu, 9 Aug 12
Spain and dubai
(03:15) Thu, 9 Aug 12
My dream countries are india and saudi arabia and i'd like goin on tourism to australia
(00:47) Sun, 5 Aug 12
united kingdom
(11:56) Thu, 2 Aug 12
RepΓΊblica do Brasil
(10:49) Sun, 29 Jul 12
(12:38) Sat, 28 Jul 12
U.S.A, England nd Germany
(09:08) Sun, 15 Jul 12
I love Saudi Arabia, b'coz of it's city Mecca. The God has chosen this city for Holy Kaaba. A house which he declared, a centre for All the worlds.
(08:47) Fri, 13 Jul 12
it is my dream to live in us united state of america
(01:56) Fri, 6 Jul 12
My dream country is india because of its beauty unity in diversity and diversity in unity
(13:47) Mon, 18 Jun 12
I hav visited both my dream countrs, bt wuld like 2 travel to south america n take a trip down the amazon or spend sum more time visiting us. 1st dream country was australia luved, luved, luvd spent a month there. 2nd was egypt quite disapointed wen i actually got to c the pyraminds. looked so
much better in pictures.
(10:44) Wed, 6 Jun 12
My dream country is united state of America. I love there because i want to make friends with whites.
(00:19) Thu, 3 May 12
Quote: OliverTwist: smiley I would say is God special created nation with different tribes and ethnic group and diversities. . . Though still developing but I wonder how Nigeria itself could be if our leaders are exchange with notable world changers that have single handedly with the support of their government transform their country to paradise. . . Someday soon Nigeria will get there, extraordinary genius People, Great Nation
my brother you have said it all, i love a country call Nigeria.
(14:18) Wed, 18 Apr 12