ava Trycera_Paul: Goodevenin to u to my love abhiraj
ava ABHIRAJ: Good Evening Trycera Paul my sweetheart my lovesmiley
ava ABHIRAJ: Good morning my love my sweetheart Trycera Paul 🫂
Pleas post here your dream Country(s) and tell us why you love that Country so much.
(14:03) Thu, 4 Nov 10
For recreational purpose I would love to spend time to breakfast India, to take lunch in south American countries and have dinner in Saudi Arabiasmiley
(17:53) Thu, 4 Nov 10
smiley I would say is God special created nation with different tribes and ethnic group and diversities. . . Though still developing but I wonder how Nigeria itself could be if our leaders are exchange with notable world changers that have single handedly with the support of their government transform their country to paradise. . . Someday soon Nigeria will get there, extraordinary genius People, Great Nation
(17:46) Thu, 4 Nov 10
smiley always the twin island of republic Trinidad and Tobago and other caribbean nations, im fortunate to be living there in the west though.
(15:22) Thu, 4 Nov 10
Always smiley i love india because of culture, heritage and unity.
(14:35) Thu, 4 Nov 10
I have two dream countries....
Saudi Arabia is my spiritual home
and Italy... I cannot explain the love and bond i have for Italy but i guess its through their history and heritage
(14:16) Thu, 4 Nov 10