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Death- Is inevitable & strongly believe no religion, belief or culture never get worried about death, causes and damage to our pets, plant and fellow being?
Death comes in various forms which include diseases contaminated that destory our immune system until it eats us up;
Accident in various forms physically that's detriment to our body and harmful to our health;
Psycological power, vodoo or mythical power from evil genius;
Chemical transfusion from an objects or directly from fellow being etc... These and many others results to our untime death which we're capable to avert through science and medicince only at a bearest degree "IF" we're not injurious...
Human being are supernatural being yet we die & our loved ones shed tears missing us!
Is there any natural cause behind why we must die?
Can't we continue to live till oldest age?
Have u experince death of a relatives? How emotional remorseful are you?
Let share our thought?
(13:33) Fri, 1 Sep 17
death is an inevitable part of our lives. All of us will someday be gone from this earth. That's the reality
(15:01) Tue, 8 May 18
We come to this world to waiting for our time to be die. Even though we r ready either not.
We don't even know when is the time or till what age we can still a life.
So just get ready and try to do for all the best to our life's and others life's. To make easy to go at that time.
(13:30) Thu, 3 May 18