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First, let me briefly tell you the Adam & Eve FAIRY tale :
Once upon a time, Adam and Eve were created by God. God asked them very nicely to please refrain from eating the fruit from THAT tree (believed to have been an apple) and they were like, "Sure, God, no prob!"

They lived naked and all that . They were cute and innocent like babies, except they were never babies because they were created adults. No, they did NOT have belly buttons.

One day, one of the snakes from the movie Snakes on a Plane came to Eve and was like, "Yo', Eve, have you seen that tree? Yea, girl! those fruits in that tree totally taste like Disney strawberry funnel cakes" and Eve was like, "NO WAY, DUDE! I gotta have some of that" ...and Eve went ahead and had some of that.

Then Adam came and was like, "WTF? you weren't supposed to eat that, woman!" and Eve said, "But the snake from the movie told me to do it! I have no regrets. This thing tastes like heaven, even better than a strawberry funnel cake from Disney World. Want some?"

Seeing the look of enjoyment on Eve's face, Adam decided to give it a try and then he was like, "Dude, you were right. This fruit is delicious. Let's finish it."

The evil snake watched as Adam and Eve ate the fruit while laughing saying to himself, "Wow, they're so screwed. ROTFLOLMAO."

After eating the fruit, Adam was like, "What is THAT? OMG! We're naked!!!!!!!!" and Eve said, "Naked? What is that?" to which Adam replied, "You silly, it means you have no clothes on. Here, wear those leaves on your upper and lower body. Good thing I only need one." Eve blushed and said "Fine."

After they sinned, they thought they needed clothing because they were now seeing that God's creation wasn't made perfectly and wanted to 'correct it'. They both lost their perfection and became imperfect and started, for the first time, to die. They passed sin and death on to us, their offspring.
(02:10) Sat, 16 Mar 13
This is the true story of Adam & Eve. But the real fact is that the TRUE STORY is NOT TRUE. This nonsensical childish story is found in the Holy book about creation of human beings. So., the question arising here is "Should we believe the story ?."

There are too many logical fallacies in the story. Like...

If Adam and Eve were fallen beings, then how can people trust the bible since man wrote it?
If Adam and Eve were the first and only humans, then why did Cain [(in the Bible) The eldest son of Adam and Eve and murderer of his brother Abel] go to the city of Nod to get a wife?
If God is perfect, then how can Adam and Eve sin in the first place?
If Satan is god's creation then how would he be a threat to an all powerful god?
If god is all knowing, why did he ask where Adam and eve were in the garden? Things like that.

It is simple matter of logic, the rapid and insane INBREEDING that would need to happen in order to get from Adam and Eve to a world with close to 7 billion people in just the 6,000 or so years that the bible gives us to that with. Also because of the way genes work. Without going in to molecular detail (Forget Chimpanzees), We are 75% the same as PUMPKINS on a genetic level.

There is no evidence to support the story (outside of the Bible and Quran) and talking snakes. Oh SHIT!, you still believe that God can create talking snakes. FINE, so let me ask you a question; do you think the fictional characters Mowgli & Kaa (talking snake) of Rudyard Kiplin's The Jungle Book stories are real ? NO BECAUSE, THEY DON'T EXIST !
(02:10) Sat, 16 Mar 13