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Abchanchu – Bolivia. This vampire takes the form of an elderly man who is lost and looking for directions or a place to stay. They sometimes will just show up on a stormy night asking for a place to sleep for the night.

Once in the home the they wait for the family to fall and sleep and then drink their blood. If the victim happens to make it through the night they will wake up with a fatal disease.

Abere – Melanesian. A wild woman of beauty with young female servants.

She lives in the marshes and draws people to her with her beauty, entrapping them by making reeds surround them. Once trapped she devours her victims.

Adze – Africa. Adze fly around in the form of a firefly but if caught changes into human form.

The Adze is a vampire spirit who preys on children and is drawn especial to handsome ones. It drinks blood coconut, water and palm oil.

Algul – Arabian. This vampire is woman and she inhabits graveyards and feasts on dead babies. Algul translated means blood sucking jinn or horse leech.This vampire sucks blood like mainstream vampires but is different as it is jinn or demon and was never human to begin with.
The Algul can be destroyed my fire and sometimes magic.

Alp – Germany. Vampire spirit associated with the incubus and the boogey man.Alp is usually male and can appear as a cat, pig, bird or other animal. Was thought to be the demon dog in Cologne.

His physical manifestations can be dangerous. He is connected with nightmares and is said to be involved in the terrors of the mind and sleep and is virtually impossible to kill.

The Alp drinks blood from the nipples of children or men but prefers the milk of women.

Aluku – Israel. Leech traditional Hebrew term used for Vampire. Also in some text is one of the 7 compartments of Gehenna. (Shoel/Hell)
Each compartment is said to hold an angel and each newly deceased soul is judge by them.The Jewish traditions only mention female Vampires. The Jewish encyclopedia of myth magic and mysticism.

Amalanhig – Philippines. Appearance very similar to humans with longer Canine teeth.

They are Aswangs who failed to transfer their monstrosity so they rise from the grave to kill humans by biting their necks.It is said because they can only run straight lines if you run a zigzag you could escape them or climb out of reach of them or go into lakes as they have a fear of deep water.

Andilaveris – Kythnos. Not a traditional blood sucking vampire but none the less this apparition was considered one and feared by all.

He would wander the town going into homes breaking dishes and devouring food and wine and howl like a mad werewolf. He would climb to top of the church and urinate on passer byres and drench them.
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Ekimmu Vampires
The first myth on vampires predates back to roughly 4000 B.C.E. from the ancient Sumer civilization. The ancient Sumerians existed in Mesopotamia and facts prove that by 3100 B.C.E., their culture brought the earliest archeologically proven dynasty; the first cities were built along with establishing the city and state religions were set up and practiced. The Sumerians is the first civilization to receive our attention as the first and oldest myth of a vampire-like being that is the Ekimmu.

The Ekimmu, like many vampires of folklore, was believed to have been created when someone died a violent death or was not buried properly. Although not referred to out right as a vampire, the way they are described as helps us to draw the conclusion that these creatures were real intentional psychic vampires. They were described as demonic in nature, severely rotting corpses, phantom-like entities that roamed the earth, unable to rest, in search of victims. In reference to The Devils and Evil Spirits of Babylonia, by R. Campbell Thompson, the creatures preferred the attack pattern of finding a helpless individual, then tormenting this victim until a priest or priestess could come and perform a ritual or exorcism to force the vampire off.

Uruku a.k.a. Utukku
Another creature from the Mesopotamian that fits this role as vampire-like creatures is that of the Uruku or Utukku. The Uruku is actually referred to as a "vampyre which attacks man" in a cuneiform inscription. There is very little known about the Uruku, but, the mere fact that it has been referred to as a "vampire" deems it worthy to mention here.

The Seven Demons
Another "race" of vampires is also mentioned as a vampiric entity which was much feared: "The Seven Demons". These beings have been mentioned in many Mesopotamian religious texts and incantations, like the following excerpt taken from a Sumerian banishment (taken from The Devils and Evil Spirits of Babylonia, by R. Campbell Thompson):
Demons that have no shame,
Seven are they!
Knowing no care...
Knowing no mercy,
They rage against mankind:
They spill their blood like rain,
Devouring their flesh [and] sucking their veins.

Where the images of the gods are they quake...

They are demons full of violence
Ceaselessly devouring blood.
Invoke the ban against them,
That they no more return to this neighborhood...

The creatures described above clearly have attributes similar to immortal blood-drinking vampires. The blood drinking and vein sucking make it clear to assume that they are vampires of some sort indeed. The eighth line in the excerpt indicates that the creatures are afraid of the images of the Sumer gods, or of the temples in which most god images are kept.
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With centuries of experience behind them, they are the most cunning, intelligent, and elusive of all adversaries - testing the most skillful and practiced of monster and vampire hunters alike. These creatures are known to establish intricate and widespread networks comprised of numerous vampire minions and human thralls alike; making them nearly impossible to track down and destroy.

Vampire Regents can control the will of humans possessing lesser mental strength than theirs through a form of hypnotic control. This hypnotic control can be conveyed either verbally or telepathically from great distances. Vampire Regents need only to catch the gaze of their intended victim for a few seconds, for their mesmerism to take effect. Victims bitten by a Vampire Regent would fall under its immediate control; a helpless servant. Such thralls can either be willing or unwilling (hypnotized) servitors charged with the safekeeping of the vampire and its lair during daylight hours. Thralls may be used to procure or otherwise lure victims for their vampire-masters as well. Willing thralls are usually recruited by the promise of immortality in exchange for their unholy service.

Vampire Regents are master shape-changers, able to assume the form of a bat, rat, wolf, or mist while retaining their own intelligence. Many Vampire Regents are able to transform into a bat of human proportions as well. It is also a simple task for them to summon and control hordes of bats, rats, and wolves within a 10-mile radius.

Some Vampire Regents (such as Dracula) are able to summon fog and thunderstorms of substantial furor. Although the mystical concentration is fatiguing, Vampire Regents are normally able to summon such phenomena within a mile radius.

Although common vampires must rest during the daylight hours, Vampire Regents do not require such rest. They only need to avoid direct sunlight.

Over the centuries, Vampire Regents have developed a modicum of resistance from the effects of religious objects. The efficacy of such objects is contingent upon the strength of the wielder's belief. Only a great deal of belief can make religious objects cogent against Vampire Regents. Insufficient belief on the part of the wielder can turn the power of the object against the object itself (typically resulting in the spontaneous combustion or melting of that object).

Perhaps the most popular vampire in history was Count Dracula (Vlad "Tepesch" Dracul), the former 15th Century prince of Transylvania and Wallachia. Regardless of his actual origins, Dracula was certainly the most powerful of all vampires on record. The Count was reputedly destroyed by vampire hunters Abraham Van Helsing, Jonathan Harker, and others in the early 1890s; although his remains have yet to be discovered. In 1931, an expedition excavated his tomb and final resting-place, revealing it to be empty.
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Upir – Russian. This is said to be the most vicious vampire who can carry out its savage attacks in the day as well as night.

Upir are believed to be unbaptized baby or others outside of the Christian faiths that were reanimated after death. They look like normal people and walk among us. This making then hard to detect.

They would feed on children and their parents.

The first count of the word Upir was found in 1047 written to a Russian prince Vladimir Yaroslavovich which said “Upir Likhyi” Meaning Wicked Vampire.

Upierczi. – Poland. They became vampires after suicide or violent death or practiced witchcraft during their lifetime. Also know as a Wampir or Vieszcy.

They appear as normal humans but have a stinger under their tongue instead of fangs.

Can be destroyed by burning and it is said that during the burning of the body the body would burst releasing hundreds of small disgusting animals like rats maggots etc. If any of these animals escaped the spirit of the Upierczi would escape too and return to seek revenge.

Yara-ma-yha-who – Aboriginal Cultures Vampire like being described as a four foot little red man with a big head and mouth and had not teeth. His most distinguishing features were its feet and hands. The tips of his fingers and toes were like the suckers of an octopus.

They lived in the tops of the fig trees and would wait for unsuspecting victims to seek shelter under it. He would jump down and hold them with his hands and feet and drain there blood.

The Yara-ma-yha-who would leave his victims weak and helpless and go back later to devout their remains, after which he would drink water and nap.

It is said that if the Yara-ma-yha-who regurgitated parts of his victim they were still alive and for this the tribe taught children it was better to let them swallow them.

If you were captured several times and survived it is said you grow shorter until they were the same size as the Yara-ma-yha-who first getting smooth skin into one of the furry mythological creatures of the forest.
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Strigoi – Romanian. They can be troubles souls who rise from the grave or sometimes living people with certain magic traits. They are close relatives to the werewolves known a pricolici or varcolaci.

They are said to have red hair, blue eyes and two hearts. The can take on the appearance of most animals and invisibility. The drain the vitality of there victims from sucking there blood.

The Strigoi come back in stages first usually as an invisible presence tormenting family members moving objects or stealing food. Then as a spirit looking just as they did in life still tormenting family and cattle begging for food and bringing disease. They fed off of family members and anyone who they came across. They would suck the blood directly from the victim’s heart.

Strigoi will return to have sex with their spouse and attach family members. To get rid of them bury a bottle of wine near the grave and six weeks later dig up and consume the wine with family. Piercing the body with pin will prevent it from leaving the grave.

It is believe that a person who is filled with a pain and regret with turn into a cat or dog after death and come back as a Strigoi. Or corpses walked over by cat can become strigoi’s.

Interesting fact is that it is said that a Strigoi if it goes undetected for 7 years, it can travel to another country or place of different language and become human again. It can even marry and have children but they will become a vampire again at the time of death.

Succubus - Europe. A lesser known race of vampire of European history. Succubus being female and the male being an incubus.

They can take on the appearance of people.

They feed by having sexual relations with their victims, feeding on the energy release during intercourse.

They will often visit the same victim more that once the victim perceives the visit as a dream.
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Loogaroo – Haiti and Islands of the Indies including Grenada. Loogaroos were usually old woman but not always who mad a pact with the devil and would get in return magical powers. For this they agreed to bring the devil warm blood.

The Loogaroo would shed their skin and hide them in the jumbie tree, or silk cotton tree. They took the form of a fiery ball of light and scoured the land looking for book.

In their spirit form they could enter homes to drain blood from their victims. The victims would awake tired and fatigued.

Like a lot of vampire type creatures placing rice or sand at the door would slow his entry as he would stop to count it before continuing.

Penanggalan – Malaysia. Was a woman who was in the mist of performing a penance ceremony called the dudok bertapa.

In the mist of her ceremony a man found her asking what she was doing. Being startled leaving with such force her head separated for her body with her torso trailing behind flying off to tree. The dangling head and trailing torso became an evil spirit. Her organs twinkle like fire flies.

She perches on roof tops of woman baring children and gives a high pitch sound while trying to get the baby to suck its blood.

Rakshasa – Indian a powerful magician and vampire.

They are usually human for with animal features such as claws slitted eyes, fangs etc. the reverse is also true they can be animal with human features like hands and feet. Most often a tiger with human features.

They drink their victim’s blood but also eat the flesh.

Can be destroyed by exorcism or sunlight

Sampiro – Albanian. They are said to rise from the grave shortly after its internment . It rises in its death shroud wearing high heels, and can be male or female.

They have bright glowing eyes sometimes very huge. They can not run fast but if they catch their victim they are most certainly dead.

It is said that if they look in your window and you see their large glowing eyes you will be ill or could possible die. They can make an entire household ill. Or you could become ill if they just walked pass you to their grave.

They believed anyone with Turkish blood would become a Sampiro it is said that they would make decapitation a special burial right from this fate and ensure their passage to heaven.

Sanguinarian – They have a physical thirst for blood in a more significant quantity than other blood sucking creatures.

They can look like you or I and they have a strong sexual desire. They are considered living vampires.
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Nukekubi – Japan. By day the Nukekubi appear as normal human beings. By night their heads and neck separate smoothly from the body.

At night the head fly’s around by itself looking for its prey. They attack by screaming causing the victim to frighten them so they could close in and bite.

One of the weaknesses of the Nukekubi is that while its head goes in search of its victims its body inanimate and if it cannot locate its body when it returns by sunrise it would die.

By day they try to blend into society and sometimes live in groups impersonating human families. You could tell a Nukekubi by the line of red symbols around the base of the neck where the head detaches usually hidden under clothing or jewelry.

Mullo – Gypsy. Believe to do malicious thing and suck blood from a person who caused their death usually a relative or they did not properly observe burial ceremonies or kept The deceased possessions instead of destroying them as they should have been.

Gypsy believes even plants dogs, cats or farm animals could become vampires.

To destroy them they would hire a dhampire (the son of a vampire and his widow) he would detect the vampire and the gypsy’s would drive steel or iron needles into the corpse’s heart and place piece of steel in it mouth, over the eyes ears and between the fingers when they buried the vampire. They placed hawthorn in the socks of the corpse and drove stake of it through the legs.

Additional measures taken were Drove stakes into the grave pouring boiling water on it. Sometimes they would cut the head off or burned the body.

Obayifo – Ashanti Africa. The spirit of a male of female witch that is able to leave their bodies at night and fly around feeding off of young children.

Know to be very common a family member could be one and like the Asiman it is said to have shifty eyes and craves food especially meat.

It has the same characteristics and the Asiman they emit a phosphorescent light from the arm pits and anus.

In Ashanti the Okomfo is a white wizard who combats the Obayifo. The Okomfo had all the force of the Ashanti religion and public sentiment for support

Pontianak – Malaysia. Directly linked to the Langsuyar, it was the creatures still born child. It took on the form of a night owl.

To prevent the baby from becoming one they did the same as the mother Langsuyar the family placed a glass bead in her mouth to stop the banshee like screams. To prevent her from flying off they eggs were placed under her arms and a needle in the palm of each hand.

Specific words were said when laying the baby to rest.
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She took the form as Sara or the black goddess to survive among the gypsy.

Gypsy believes the three Mary’s from the New Testament went to France to baptize a gypsy named Sara. Ceremony is held May 24th in the village where it occurred.

Lamastu – Mesopotamians (Iraq) Ancient vampiric figure of Assyrian legend. Daughter of the sky God Anu.

She would steal babies at night and kill them. She also would suck blood from adults and young men bringing disease nightmares and sterility.

She is said to have wings and talons that resemble those of large birds and the head of a lion.

Lamia - Ancient Rome –Greece Lamias are always woman who appeared as half woman and half animal most commonly a snake on the bottom half.

They ate the flesh of their victims as well as drinking their blood.

They could be killed by normal weapons.

Langsuyar - Malaysia. A woman of extreme beauty who had a stillborn baby. When told of the Childs condition she was said to clap her hands and fly away to a tree.

She was seen from time to time identified by her long finger nails, ankle black hair and green robe. Said to be a banshee like flying demon.

The hair conceals the opening in her neck with which she sucked the blood of children. Later they became know as flesh eaters with a fondness for fish.

If a woman in her 40 died in childbirth they believed her to be unclean and she would become a Langsuyar to prevent her from turning the family placed a glass bead in her mouth to stop the banshee like screams. To prevent her from flying off they eggs were placed under her arms and a needle in the palm of each hand.

They say it was possible to tame it if you catch them cut off its hair and nails and stuffing them into the hole in its neck which then were domesticated and live in society.

Their new life ended when they danced at parties. They are said to revert to their spirit like form flying off leaving their family.
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Danag – Philippines Very ancient species. Responsible for planting the taro on the islands.

It was said to be very much like the western vampire except for it did not have sharp fangs instead had multiple long tongues.

It is said they worked along side humans until a woman cut her finger on day and one had sucked her finger enjoying it so much that he drained her body of all blood.

Dachnavar – Armenia. This is a mountain spirit

Dearg-due – Irish. Dates back to pre Celtic times. She appears as a beautiful woman and rises from the grave on the anniversary of her death or full moon. She preys on any man that she comes across.

It is said if you place large pile of carin stones on her grave it will keep her in.

Doppelsauger – Germany. This vampire is a known as a double sucker who is obsessed with breast.

He is said to be a revenant of a child who still suck from his mother’s breast after he was put on solid food. It is said that if a child like this dies, they would consume the flesh from their breast in their graves and would come back and prey on family members drain the life from them and eat their breast.

To prevent the child from coming back from the grave they would place a coin between the teeth or a semi-circle board under the chin making sure the burial garments are far away from the lips as possible.

Ekiminu – Assyrian. It is believer that an improper burial causes this malignant spirit who is half ghost half vampire.

They are naturally invisible and can possess humans.

They can be destroyed by wooden weapons or exorcism.

Impundulu – South Africa. Impundulu meaning lighting bird it is a black and white bird the size of a human with lightening wings and talons.

It is a vampiric creature a servant or familiar of a witch used to against her enemies and has the ability to take the form of a beautiful man to seduce woman.

The impundulu has an insatiable hunger for blood. (Also know as Ishologu)

Jiangshi – Chinese. Know as the hoping corpse. Some appear as mortals while others show them selves as hideous green phosphorescent glow with serrated teeth and long talons.

They are particularly vicious and rip off heads or limbs of their victims. They have a strong sexual drive and would attack and rape woman.

As they grow stronger they can fly and grow white hair and change into wolves.

If you hold your breath when in their presence you can evade them as they are drawn to living creatures when they detect their breathe

They can be driven back to their resting spot with loud noises.
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Bruxsa – Portugal. Female Vampires normally transformed into vampiric form by witchcraft. .

They are beautiful maidens by day and live a normal human life. Bruxsa bear children who become regular food for them. They appear in bird form at night and prey on lost travelers.

She is said to be impossible to kill.

Callicantzaros (Kallikantzaros) - Modern and Medieval Greece. They appear as half-human half-animal. Christian Greeks believe that a child born during the Christmas the 25th and Epiphany January 6th will become Callicantzaros.

During this period is when the Callicantzaros is active. They sleep in caves during the day and enter they roam the country sides and villages at night.

At the end of Epiphany they travel down the caverns or tunnels to Hades. It is said that often the male of this species kidnaps mortal woman to bring to the underworld as his bride and to bear his children who will be Callicantzaros.

Ch’ing Shih – Chinese. The initial appearance is that of a glowing sphere which materializes as livid human with breath that poisons the victim before it drains their blood.

It is said that if you place a pile of rice at the door the Ch’ing Shih must count every grain before it can enter this is done to keep them out until daylight which would kill them.

Chordewa – India. A witch who is able to turn her soul into the form of a vampire cat.

If the Chordewa licks a mortals lip it is said they would die soon after.

Churel – Aztec. A vengeful ghostlike vampire. A woman that died when pregnant during the Dewali Festival.

Churel vampires are said to be vile in appearance with pendant breast, black tongue, thick ugly lips and disheveled hair.

She hates life and her greatest spite is kept for her relatives

Cihuateteo – Aztec. Woman who died in childbirth and their babies also.

They have white faces with extremely chalky arms and hands. They wore the clothes of Tlazolteotl the goddess of sorcery, lust and evil

Civateteo – Mexican. These are Vampire-witches said to be the servant of various moon deities and was a noblewoman who died in child birth returned to stalk travelers and haunt temples.

They appear with white faces and their hands and arms are covered in ticit a type of chalk. They shriveled and pale and where dresses tattered decorated with crossbones.

Civateteo attend Sabbaths at crrossroads and attack young children and mate with mortal men so children are born as vampires.
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Baobhan Sith – Scottish. These vampires are considered evil fairies their appearance is that on a beautiful woman wearing a green dress. It is said that they have deer hooves for feet hidden under their dress.

They dance with their prey until they are exhausted and then feed on them. They do not use their fangs to draw blood but use their rather sharp fingernails.

The Baobhan vampire cannot tolerate daylight and are said to come from the graves once a year to feed, if you build a cairn over the grave this stops them from waking.

Bebarlangs – Philippines. This is an ancient tribe in the Philippines that practices psychic vampirism. They would send out their astral body and feed on their victim’s life forces and vitality.

Berwick Vampire – England. The William of Newburgh Chronicles which was complete in 1196A.D. tells the case to the Berwick Vampire. He was a wealthy man who lived in the town of Berwick near the Scottish border.

After his death the town’s folk report seeing his body roaming the streets at night making the dogs howl. In fear that plague would spread they decided to dismember his body and burn it.

Even though they had done this disease did plague the town and many deaths occurred this was attributed to after-affects of the vampire’s presence.

Bhuta – India. Created from a violent death of a human. They are found in dark desolate places and cemeteries.

They appear as flickering lights or mist that hover above without casting a shadow.

They eat intestines and excrement which would result in sickness or death and are also blamed for insanity ruining crops and plagues. Burning turmeric can ward them off.

Bluatsauger – Germany. This Vampire came about when a person died and centuries ago they would pin the name of the deceased on their clothed. If the name was not removed they would become a vampire.

He is a hairy vampire with no skeleton and large eyes. He can turn into a rat or wolf mostly seen as wolf. He hid dirt from his grave behind his back making his victims eat it to make them vampires.

Placing Hawthorn flowers from the home to the tomb of a Blautsauger slowed him down.

Brahmaparush – India. They have pale skin, hollow white eyes and sharp yellow teeth and usually emaciated and hunched over.

They enjoy blood and flesh and especially fresh brains which drive them to kill at random. They dwell in dark alleys, sewers and tombs.
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