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What is a haunted house?
(12:35) Mon, 3 Jan 11
I've had or heard of many such examples, that if I list them all, people would think I certainly have an overactive imagination.
(15:41) Wed, 12 Jun 19
Spooky info
(08:49) Mon, 4 May 15
ghost dwelling place
(23:06) Wed, 12 Jan 11
I know some haunted dwellings..
(01:39) Wed, 12 Jan 11
There are a few very old country houses nearby also that were empty or derelict also and exploring them youd get similar NOT wanted go away experience ..i guess bad things occoured at such places in the past and things are lingering around
(03:22) Sat, 8 Jan 11
God knows what would av happen if we had managed to break into the buildings .seemed something was not want us their and try scare us away ..the place is demolished Now and houses are built their i was unsurprised to hear strange occurances do often occur in some the houses that built theirsmiley .just thinking of that old mill place 25 ish years later gives me goosebumps ...
(03:20) Sat, 8 Jan 11
There use be a haunted cotton mill nearby it was very old and you could get a really horrible your not wanted feeling when near their as teenager we use explore such places and that was 1 BAD Place we use find bird nests their ALL baby birds were DEAD if we had a dog with us it would bark and refuse to go their .things such as bricks and rubbish would be thrown around asif to warn you away and this was outside the place
(03:15) Sat, 8 Jan 11
Quote: EloraM23: So does anyone know of any houses that are haunted?
there are a few in my country and all over the caribbean in various islands, stories relating to them are rich in number.
(23:36) Wed, 5 Jan 11
So does anyone know of any houses that are haunted?
(23:24) Wed, 5 Jan 11
Maybe I've long been dead, and keep annoying the people who live where I think I live. smiley
(06:08) Tue, 4 Jan 11
Spooky info smiley
(00:13) Tue, 4 Jan 11
I dont know but haunted house perhaps an old and dark house,, usually on top of the hill and it is full of ghosts.smiley
(15:46) Mon, 3 Jan 11
as i know it is the place were no one lives and is kept lone for years...
(13:55) Mon, 3 Jan 11
Before 1991 people where never told if the house they were about to buy or rent had a history that was less than nice.

Do you know of any haunted houses?

Do you know of any haunted house stories?
(12:41) Mon, 3 Jan 11
A haunted house is a house or other building often perceived as being inhabited by disembodied spirits of the deceased who may have been former residents or were familiar with the property. Supernatural activity inside homes is said to be mainly associated with violent or tragic events in the building's past such as murder, accidental death, or suicide.
(12:36) Mon, 3 Jan 11