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Like most 'discovered' countries, Australia had already been discovered by its original inhabitants - the Aborigines. Small nomadic tribes with many languages and ideas roamed the vast plains.

Much of Oz mythology is to do with Dreaming and the DREAMTIME, a wonderful Golden Age in the remote past when Gods were real Gods and anything was possible.

Relying on memory and scratched images, Australian mythology is seemingly fragile, but in many instances in this very dry atmosphere it's amazingly durable. Many of the dreams were trampled on by European invasion, but fortunately there has always been a strong oral tradition, and the legends of the Outback may be making a Comeback.
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DREAMTIME-SNAKE: Not to be confused with the RAINBOW-SNAKE, this is the official title of Mother Goddess EINGANA.

(02:54) Thu, 11 Nov 10
Also known as WALAGANDA

WALLUNGUNDER: The enterprising Big Chief of the WANDJINA Gods Consortium.

He is now employed full-time as Executive Director of the Milky Way Galaxy, Inc.

(02:53) Thu, 11 Nov 10
BIRRAHGNOOLOO: Goddess of Fertility and Floods. Also mother of DARAMULUM by BAIAME.

If you ever need a flood, just ask BIRRAHGNOOLOO. She may even give you a new loo. With enhanced flush flood facility.

(02:52) Thu, 11 Nov 10

DARAMULUM: A general purpose All-Father Sky God.

If in doubt, All-Father's about. He looks after the weather, protects shamans and lives in the moon.

Pictures of him are only to be looked at during initiation rites. For some reason, one of his legs appears to be missing. If found, please return to the Lunar Lost Leggage department.

His father is BAIAME but we are still none the wiser.

(02:51) Thu, 11 Nov 10
LUNGKATA: Dirty cheating Lizard Man of Ayer's Rock. He had a blue tongue and a sneaky stealing temperament.

Together with fellow lizard creature MITA, he used to lie in wait for hunters and steal their prey, being too much of a lazy lizard to go hunting himself.

One day, the BELL-BIRD-BROTHERS were chasing an emu (which was something of a national sport at the time) and the two blue-tongued lizards diverted it into their lair. When the hunters turned up, out of breath and starving, LUNGKATA and MITA had scoffed the lot and could only offer emu left-overs.

The BELL-BIRD-BROTHERS were outraged at this thievery and set fire to the lair. The lizards, not being used to exercise, were unable to escape and turned into burnt boulders which stand there to this day. Which just goes to show that you shouldn't trust anyone with a blue
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Also known as BIAME

BAIAME: A good all-round Creator Sky God.

He believes in controlling things and in the beginning taught humans how everything works.

His weather forecasting, hunting and fishing classes were very popular, particularly with the shamans. And the stone fish trap he invented came in very useful.

He was also the father of DARAMULUM with his wife BIRRAHGNOOLOO.

(02:50) Thu, 11 Nov 10
Also known as EINGANU

EINGANA: Snake Goddess of primordial DREAMTIME, and the mother of humanity and all water animals.

Initially she had a lot of trouble giving birth, not having the relevant aperture. This was rectified by another deity, who obliged with a spear in the appropriate place.

Since then, creatures and humanity both great and small have issued forth. But EINGANA keeps hold of the mystical umbilical cord, attached to every living thing. If she cuts the cord, the creature dies.

And if she herself should die, everything would cease to exist. This worries us. Who's holding her umbilical cord then?

(02:50) Thu, 11 Nov 10
ALCHERA: Not a God, but the primordial timeless dream that existed before the world.

This is very important to Australian Mythology. See DREAMTIME.

(02:49) Thu, 11 Nov 10
DREAMTIME: The original Aboriginal DREAMTIME, overseen by the God ALTJIRA.

This was when the ancient spirits of all tribes walked the Earth in a state of profound dreaminess.

Now they all sleep underground, but shamans and other interested parties can still communicate with the Dreamtime past if they enhale the right substances.

(02:49) Thu, 11 Nov 10
ALTJIRA: God of the DREAMTIME. Depicted as having emu's feet, for no reason we can fathom.

ALTJIRA created the Earth and supplied all the gear humans need, then retired without leaving instructions.

(02:48) Thu, 11 Nov 10
ULURU: Aborigine name for Ayers Rock, one of the world's largest, reddest, and most beautiful monoliths β€” and the ancestral site of primeval DREAMTIME.

Legions of legends and multitudes of myths emanate from here. Unfortunately, most of these are top secret and can only be divulged to members of the appropriate tribe. More information will be supplied on a need-to-know basis only.

However, we can reveal that ULURU is 318 metres high, 8 kilometres in circumference, and is host to a surprising amount of lizards. See ADNOARTINA, LUNGKATA,TATJI.

(02:48) Thu, 11 Nov 10
ADNOARTINA: The Lizard of ULURU, otherwise known as Ayer's Rock.

To be honest, we're not sure which particular lizard he is. There seems to be quite a few of them. See ULURU.

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