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It was September 26, 1975, nearly dawn on the moonlit crags of Everest. Mountaineer Nick Estcourt, of the Boningtoo expedition, struggled up the ropes that linked Camps 4 and 5. As he reached 300 metres about camp 4, he saw a figure climbing after him. He could just make out the dark limbs against the bright snow. It looked as though another climber had set out earlier than planned. When he telephoned from camp 5, Estcourt was told that no one had left camp 4. Later that day, Mick Burke, a television cameraman with the team, died in a lone climb to the summit of Everest. When Chris Bonington, the leader of the expedition, returned to Britain, he was handed a strange letter. It had been written early in 1975 by a clairvoyant named Clement Williamson, and then locked in a bank vault for safe keeping. It contained a message Williamson had recieved from a climber named Andrew Irvine, who had disappeared on Mount Everest in 1924. The message proficted that no the Bonington expedition a ghost would appear and that someone would die.
(13:25) Sat, 3 Apr 10
smiley is it really tru ?
(23:15) Wed, 25 Nov 15
so who was the ghost??
(08:24) Sun, 11 Mar 12
(07:00) Tue, 6 Mar 12
now mountainers wil hesitate to climb mt.everest if read this!
(12:36) Mon, 27 Feb 12
Thanx fir sharing this with us bro...
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that wasnt me HA HA HA
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Odd story.
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interestin story bro..
(06:11) Sat, 8 Jan 11
Lots and lots died and still do climbing up their so strange occurances wouldnt surprize me...nice infos btw brosmiley
(03:09) Sat, 8 Jan 11
Quote: OceanGoddes: Scarysmiley but what actually was the cause, it remained a mystery? smiley
ghosts in itself are a kind of mystery i guess smiley
(23:46) Wed, 5 Jan 11
scary story
(04:12) Wed, 5 Jan 11
ooooh... spooky
(08:46) Fri, 23 Apr 10
Very scary and nice story
(18:22) Wed, 21 Apr 10
Good history.
(15:59) Sun, 18 Apr 10