ava Kimber: If you don't give your man what he wants, another lady will do it for you. They may be lusters but very loyal.
ava Templemow: Can you prove it
ava Kimber: Not all men.....
Ur in a deep sleep but u feel like ur smwhre else 4 eg playn futbl o ridn ur bike. Then u feel as doh uv faln on ur back unto ur bed wit gr8 impact.dis u awoke only 2 rliz uv bin on ur bed d entire tym.
Am i insane? Do i need help? Gv me ur views
(10:27) Thu, 10 Sep 09
u living wot u wld like to do thru the sub consience of ur dreams ur feeling ur soul come back into u as it wakes u thats y it feels like a heavy thump mayb ur trying to tell urself u need to relax and enjoy things a little more have a bit mre fun
(02:48) Fri, 11 Sep 09
It was just a dream smiley
(10:57) Thu, 10 Sep 09
It feels so real
(10:48) Thu, 10 Sep 09
This is very interesting. It has occured to me on various occasions.
I myself wanna know about this subject.
(10:37) Thu, 10 Sep 09
No. In dreams that's very normal. Sometimes your mind convinces your body of something your not really doing.
(10:35) Thu, 10 Sep 09