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Ur in a deep sleep but u feel like ur smwhre else 4 eg playn futbl o ridn ur bike. Then u feel as doh uv faln on ur back unto ur bed wit gr8 impact.dis u awoke only 2 rliz uv bin on ur bed d entire tym.
Am i insane? Do i need help? Gv me ur views
(10:27) Thu, 10 Sep 09
I have heard a lot of people ask about this actually, I used to think it was only me. This is a very common hypnagogic reaction and I've heard it is related to the body discharging excess electrical charge into the nervous system before it can relax into sleep...
(11:42) Sun, 9 Jun 19
It was just a dream
(08:47) Mon, 4 May 15
on mind over matter some thing on your mind that you may b thinking of or trying to block out that interacts with something in your memory when you at rest cuz you to have a dream playing it self out as a single event. note the person having the dream it always in control of it, and falling is a fright that makes you jump and we call it wake up. for more info pm me
(02:53) Tue, 25 Jan 11
Look at your hands when U dream. Even if U ride a bicycle, let go of it and look at your hands.
(11:10) Wed, 19 Jan 11
Quote: Laketempest: This is very interesting. It have occured to me on various occasions.
I myself wanna know about this subject.
its jus a drm lake.
(23:54) Fri, 14 Jan 11
i dnt tink its got anyting to do wit insanity. jus a dream.
(23:51) Fri, 14 Jan 11
no not mad just a dream that u related to pm me and ill tell u how a dream occurs
(02:53) Sat, 8 Jan 11
I read a book called echoes of the soul by echo bodine, and she says when we go sleep our soul leaves our body n travels to somebody or to a place and wen it comes back into our body it makes it feel a jolt or like were falling back into our body
(05:12) Mon, 13 Dec 10
Its n0rmal sis, i also dream like urs s0metimes when im so tired in a day works.
(03:38) Sun, 12 Dec 10
Same have happened to me several times, but I think those are just tics, muscle twitches in the sleep,this happens to me only when I'm too much tired.
(22:27) Sat, 11 Dec 10
As long as these occurances are only when you sleep or lie in bed resting, they might simply be vivid dreams and are normal , nothing to worry about.

However if you notice that you started to have similar experiences when you are not sleeping and it is getting in the way of your life... please seek immediate medical assistance explaining your experiences.
(00:58) Sat, 11 Dec 10
-oceanlake- -oceanlake- interesting! -shield2-
(10:30) Fri, 10 Dec 10
Dreams ar 90% unreal
(08:10) Sat, 22 May 10
its just ur body going into relax mode.. Dnt worry its normal.
(18:57) Sat, 12 Sep 09
You are dreaming sis. Its not your mind playin games with you. Maybe you are so tired when you fell asleep or thinking about what you dreamed of before you slept.
(04:05) Fri, 11 Sep 09