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ava ABHIRAJ: Evenings are always so special and beautiful that I love it. Have a good evening my sweetheart Trycera πŸ‰πŸ‰πŸ‰πŸ‰πŸ‰
Does third eye is true? ,
(13:21) Mon, 28 Apr 08
I can tell you about it. Just inbox me
(05:29) Thu, 27 Dec 12
Nyc bro
(15:27) Thu, 31 May 12
Quote: _samurai_: (hindu) har har mahadev
smiley har har mahadev
(05:29) Sun, 29 Apr 12
never..i think..
(05:26) Sun, 29 Apr 12
Quote: SpArKo: Not in real, but in Hindu mythology yes. There's one of our almighty God, Lord Shiva (Shankar ji) , who's believed to have a third eye. It always stays closed, and if He opens it its gonna destroy/burn the entire world. Only extreme anger can make Him open the third eye!
(hindu) har har mahadev
(11:47) Mon, 16 Apr 12
Quote: Mir_Aamir: Cant comment here.
why......bcoz u r a muslim,smiley
(17:06) Wed, 11 Apr 12
the pic. Of lord shiva with their son and wife. In Attachment
(17:03) Wed, 11 Apr 12
Cant comment here.
(16:02) Wed, 11 Apr 12
Yap,its the sungods eye in egyptian mythology used by illuminati&freemasons.
(08:32) Tue, 10 Apr 12
Yes I believe in Third Eye. It is the seat of intuition and not many people have a strong 6th sense because their third eye isn't clear simply because they aren't as emotionally intouch with their soul as they could be. Also, those who don't have a strong intuition are the ones who are not religious or spiritual and do not partake in any prayer or meditation that helps the third eye to function. Third eye is not a myth, for those who are familar with "Chakras" and Chakra healing they would second this comment.
(15:40) Sat, 7 Apr 12
Yes,bcoz i believe in god who has ultimate power.
(14:13) Sat, 7 Apr 12
Pineal gland is sumtyms referred to as third eye.. It is said that by some deep meditation and chants it can be opened and with it one can c aura around one person,one can concentrate more,have stronger will. Memory increases
(13:46) Thu, 5 Apr 12
(18:21) Sun, 6 Feb 11
May be nt sure
(14:15) Sun, 23 May 10
Thats only imagination
(13:53) Fri, 18 Sep 09