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ava Smarty: Oh yeah, we were talking about my dress smarty.
(01:00) Thu, 1 Jan 70
Hi everybody on the 31st of march my brother user#nish is celebrating his birthday let all help him celebrate his special daysmiley

nish bhai from were you were in life to where you are now im very proud of you, it took all your self esteem and pride to get you were you are today ,im very proud of you,on this day of your birthday i wish you a tons of love joy and happiness,may god brighten you day like the colours of the rainbow,HAPPY BIRTHDAY

(17:07) Mon, 30 Mar 15
A real relationship,
Has fights.
Has trust.
Has faith.
Has tears.
Has hurt.
Has sweet smiles.
Has genuine laughter.
Has snorts because of the laughter.
Has weird, stupid, unnecessary arguments.
Has patience.
Has communication.
Has secrets.
Has jealousy.
Nd most importantly it has Love
(08:06) Mon, 30 Mar 15
It doesn't matter which part if the world you comming from the fact us that the money of your country seems to buy less and less goods each year. I want us to discuss this topic. Why is money loosing it's value and can we do anything to change that?
(07:50) Mon, 30 Mar 15
nowdays everything a child does wrong THE PARENT is to blame people say....

But we teach our childrens that,you can be troublesome self in the house,but when we leave this door you will behave accordingly,

when parents are talking,go to you room and dont sit and listen to adults conversations.if you want something say excuse mom can i have some juice please,
its the simplest of things.
We teach our children before they start walking,please,thank you etc,so they learn,
for and example if you tell a child.We are going shopping you are only allowed to have one thing that you really want,

we have to be stern and enforce every rules,beatings equal a stubborn child,if they dnt respect your wishes, punish them,
1,take away their favourite toys
2,dnt allow them to watch tv
3.when going out,leave them at home with an adult that is not going out

its easy to get your child in control,by teaching them neccessary stuff
2.thank you
3 excuse me
4.when visitors come home they must be at best behavouir and not sit and listen to adult conversation
5.,when going shopping remind them that they can only have one thing at a certain amount and not over that
(20:56) Sun, 29 Mar 15
You see gorgeous girl in party, you go to her & say I am rich marry me That's Direct Marketing.You attend party & your friend goes to a girl & pointing at you tells her.He' is very rich, marry him.That's Advertising.Girl walks to you & says you are rich,can you marry me?..."That's Brand Recognition"You say I m very rich marry me & she slaps you."That's Customer Feedback"You say I m very rich marry me & she introduces you to her husband."That's Demand & Supply Gap"Before you say I m rich, marry me,your wife arrives.That's Restriction from Entering NewMarket
(17:55) Sun, 29 Mar 15
Shame on Indian Media &
Archbishop : All accused in Nun
gang-rape are Bangladeshi
nationals: CID
The CID in West Bengal which is
probing the case says that all the
accused were Bangladeshi
nationals. Some had slipped in
for this operation while others
had infiltrated long back.
Investigations being conducted
into the nun rape case show that
the entire operation was planned
by a person called Milan Bhai a
Bangladeshi national along with
one person in India. They hired
six persons for the job including
the two arrested accused, Salim
Mohammad and Sarkar.
Sarkar had slipped into West
Bengal’s 24 North Paraganas in
the year 2002. He changed his
name to Sarkar on entering
India. He used to undertake
contractual works relating to
painting jobs and in this incident
he was the one who had
provided shelter to all the
accused both when they had
come in and also just before they
left the country.
Salim on the other hand is a
wanted criminal in Bangladesh.
He has to his name several
crimes ranging from murder to
dacoity. He was hired by Milan in
Bangladesh for this operation CID
officials informed.
During the course of the
investigation the CID has found
that they had two motives. One
person in India whose name is
not being revealed as the CID is
on the verge of nabbing him had
got in touch with Milan Bhai for
this operation.
The idea was to ensure that
there is no trail in India and they
expected that if Bangladeshis are
hired then the chances of them
being nabbed and the modus
operandi cracked was very less.
The accused said that they had
no intention of carrying out the
robbery. They had only
intimidated the nun and wanted
to pressurize the convent. The
CID says that the real intention
was two fold-one to embarrass
the government in the wake of
several allegations that the ghar
wapsi programme was dividing
society and the other was to
ensure that the convent sold the
land at a throw away price.
There is a portion of land near
the convent which would ideally
fetch up to at least Rs 5 crore.
However these persons wanted
to buy it out for Rs 1 crore and
the convent was not willing to
part with it. This incident was
also an attempt to threaten them,
the CID has also found.
The CID says that the two
arrested persons are giving out a
lot of information which may
lead them up to the rest of the
accused persons. We need to nab
five more who were part of the
crime, the officer said.
(16:20) Sun, 29 Mar 15
(05:16) Sun, 29 Mar 15
Who are we to judge or critises others mistakes? are we god? are we judge and exuctioner? no we are just the same andhave not these rights only god can forgive! only god can judge and have that honor. so we need to sometimes put ourselves in that persons shoes and walk their walk be able to understand. we are human put here fora little while. We should not judge for then for then we are judged.
(01:32) Sun, 29 Mar 15
How well do you know your parents or parent,did you or didn't you take the time to get to know them,what life was like for them when they were kids,or their likes or dislike
2,the type of music they like
3,the clothes they like to wear
4,what is their motto in life
sometimes we forget our parents are human to

my dad was my best friend,i knew everything he like and disliked, he ws always willing to share stories of his child hood,monday to Friday he was a man of suit and tie,and on weekends jeans and vest or 3/4 cargo short with with print vest
when you take time to listen to parents then only you appreciate them more
(21:25) Sat, 28 Mar 15
I thought ,i was blessed; when my son was born;"a piece of heaven!"but god was'nt through: cause i was blessed when god sent down two pieces of heaven ;at one time;there i had my twins;another son and a daughter.i'as re blessed; when god sent down two pieces of heaven;at one time; there i had my twins;another son and a daughter.i've had four such blessing and one piece of heaven sent . iguess god needed him more.five pieces of heaven in my grandchildren;that he has gave me. now i'm about to recieve another;"piece of heaven soon; with birth of another grandchild. now ,i know i've been truly blessed! thank u ;god for the many pieces of heaven that u have given me.
(14:03) Sat, 28 Mar 15
Plz give us ur opinion about members and staff that using swearwords in thr topics.
(13:16) Sat, 28 Mar 15
There was a friend of mine;who everytime things were going great would say see i told u heaven can wait. when things went wrong he'd say heaven can wait. that was his was answer for anything and everything ;heaven can wait!then one day he was found drowned in the reservior; and he was no more. i thought he was wrong "heaven can't wait!"
(12:25) Sat, 28 Mar 15
To me I can't say smoking weed is bad, smoking weed is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I can reason well, bring up ideas that sell out and I can face anyone without fear. I don't commit crime cus that's not the best way to channel it too. Trust me.
(05:48) Sat, 28 Mar 15
In this world people are so narrow minded,that when they see
1,a extremely fat person,they laugh
2,they see a dark skin person they laugh
3,they see and extremely unweight person they shout HEY THAT PERSON HAS HIV;AIDS ,
why laugh at somebody else misery ?have you ever thought hey im laughing at that person
what is that person thinking about me,
so the next time you want to laugh go take a look at yourself in the mirror before commenting on the next
(00:35) Sat, 28 Mar 15
its now been confirmed that the german airbus passenger plane that tragically crashed into french alps mountain on tuesday 24th march 2015.

smiley was a deliberate act by the Co-pilot who locked the pilot out of the cockpit when he had taken a toilet break then put the plane into a dive from 38000ft which lasted 8 minutes and resulted in complete destruction of the aircraft & its passengers & Crew smiley
(23:00) Fri, 27 Mar 15