ava Smarty: What was the first James Bond book ? (12 chars)
ava shahidcool: koi hamse naraj hai usko kaise manau
ava shahidcool: अगर गलती से तुम्हे ‪#‎Koi‬ Or पसन्द आये तो बता देना। . . . . हम दिल पर पत्थर रख कर तुम्हें गोली मार देगे।।
(00:00) Thu, 1 Jan 70
Hi 2wap wapperz!
Let's play a game here. Write one sentence in broken language.
For example: Tomorrow I am gone to saw a movie.

Three best sentences will be rewarded as follows.
1st: 1500 +es
2nd: 1200 "
3rd: 1000 "

One partcipant only one sentence.
Wait for further details.
(16:03) Sun, 24 Jul 16
What is the best way to die without killing your self?
(15:52) Sat, 23 Jul 16
Well, the world no1 smartphone finally came to my hand a few days ago and its exciting specially with the Gear VR. So I thought, I have to open a thread with some great features of this pair !!!


Lets first talk about its world no1 camera which is a surprise of having 12 M.P. Sony Sensor but it has "dual pixel" which is not found in any other smartphone camera and only found in DSLR camera !


Its dual PDAF sensor made id no 1 in focusing speed and 1.7 aperture gave it the world no 1 low light performer !

Many dont know that it has the capability of a front flash for selfie aswell in the form of screen-flash.... and I found it works well.

(12:21) Sat, 23 Jul 16
*.8 eggs
*.1 cup chopped onions
*.1/2 cup chopped tomatoes
*.1/4 cup chopped red bell pepper
*.1 cup grated cheese
*.2 tsp pepper powder
*.3 to 4 chopped green chillies
*.1 tbsp butter
*.A handful of chopped coriander leaves
*.Salt as per taste
*.3 tbsp water
*.A muffin tray (with approx eight cavities)
*.Grease the muffin tray with butter.
*.Preheat the oven at 180 degree Celsius for 10 minutes.
*.In a mixing bowl, add the eggs. Whisk well.
*.Add chopped onions, tomatoes and bell pepper.
*.Add salt and pepper powder. Whisk it further.
*.Add chopped chillies and coriander leaves. You may add three tablespoons of water.
*.Add cheese.
*.Take a spoonful of this mixture and fill the muffin cavities one by one.
*.Bake at 180 degree Celsius for 10 to 12 minutes.
*.Remove from the oven and serve hot.
(11:47) Sat, 23 Jul 16
1)which one is third letter in english alfabet?
2)which leter luks like zero
3)first leter in word 'NOVEL'
4)fouth letr in english alfabet
5) missing ?
now arrange all five first letrs to make a sensible word..haha
(09:26) Sat, 23 Jul 16
And Quite Rightly So!

Just Watch the News !

All this killing , Raping , and Injuring innocents ,Lately is done in the Name of "Islam" !!!!!!

When things were more stable these "Muslim" peaceful people's weren't too much interested in removing "non believers" Heads on youtube like now!smiley
Islam i Dont Trust Nor Will Ever Trust!
(18:02) Fri, 22 Jul 16
i am going to start an unique entertainment related to each participents hobby. so each intrested users pls mention thier hobbies before 25th july 2016.
(18:00) Fri, 22 Jul 16
who invent telephon?
(11:37) Fri, 22 Jul 16
what's defination of life?
(11:35) Fri, 22 Jul 16
I'm from Philippines, in my country government kill atlest 10 people involves in drugs a day after new president duterte.
(16:31) Thu, 21 Jul 16
Pamela's brother Felix has more brother than he has sisters.
How many more brothers than sisters does Pamela have?
(08:22) Thu, 21 Jul 16
These two 2wap crazy members are situated in uk and uk is Being Roasted in 33'c and also being subjected to Billion Amp lightning strikes , please pray for us especially if you are young attractive and have ample breasts .
Me and ragnorak will perhaps endure this destruction with such kind Gestures ( as ever our inboxes are open to comforting images)
(17:28) Wed, 20 Jul 16
click to save lives, earn and register
(16:31) Wed, 20 Jul 16
There are 8 people in a room.
Each person shakes hands with each of the other people once and only once.
How many handshakes take place?
(13:36) Wed, 20 Jul 16
*.1 cup oats
*.2 cup water
*.1 cup milk
*.1 cup chopped fresh fruits of your choice (preferably apple or banana)
*.1 tsp cinnamon powder
*.2 tbsp honey
*.2 tbsp chopped nuts
*.Take two cups of water in a pan and boil it.
*.When the water starts boiling, add oats. Keep stirring.
*.Let it cook for about five minutes.
*.When all the water is absorbed, switch off the gas.
*.Add milk and stir well.
*.Add fruits and cinnamon. Stir further.
*.Top it up with honey and nuts. Serve
(11:57) Wed, 20 Jul 16