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On the 2nd Jan it is user#haris birthday. smiley and hav a lovely day ' smiley
(19:19) Sat, 31 Jan 15
How do you select you music
by the lyrics
by the video
(18:56) Sat, 31 Jan 15
1. Olive Oil
Olive oil can provide fast relief from an
earache. It serves as a lubricant and
helps get rid of an infection in the ear.
Olive oil can also be helpful in stopping
buzzing sensations inside the ears.
Put 3-4 drops of lukewarm olive oil
as ear drops into the ear canal.
Alternatively, you can dip a cotton
bud in the oil and put it firmly into
the ear.
You can also use mustard oil in the same
2. Garlic
The analgesic and antibiotic properties
of garlic can help reduce
earache caused
by an ear infection
Heat one teaspoon of minced
garlic in two tablespoons of
sesame oil. Cool and filter the oil.
Put 2-3 drops of this garlic oil in
the aching ear.
Another option is to extract the
juice out of a few cloves of garlic
and put it into the ear that hurts.
3. Onion
Onion is one of the most readily available
home remedies for an earache. The
antiseptic and antibacterial properties in
onions work well in treating the
Extract one tablespoon of onion
juice from grated onions and heat
it over low heat. Then put 2-3
drops of the juice into affected ear
2-3 times a day.
Crush a fresh onion and wrap it
tightly in a piece of clean cloth.
Hold the cloth over the infected ear
for about 5 to 10 minutes. Repeat
the process several times a day.
4. Hot Water Bottle
Putting moist heat around an infected
ear can work as a great pain reliever.
Simply wrap a hot water bottle in a towel
and press it against the aching ear for a
few minutes.
5. Ginger
Ginger has strong anti-inflammatory
properties that can be helpful in treating
ear infections. It is also an excellent
.natural painkiller
Extract juice from fresh ginger and
put it directly into the ears to get
relief from pain and reduce
You can also mix one teaspoon of
fresh grated ginger root with two
tablespoons of olive oil. Leave it to
infuse for 5 to 10 minutes and
then put a few drops of the oil in
the aching ear.
6. Peppermint
Both peppermint leaves and peppermint
oil can be used to soothe earaches.
Put the juice from fresh
peppermint leaves in a dropper
and then put some drops inside
the aching ear.
Using a cotton swab, apply a few
drops of peppermint oil externally
around the opening of your ear.
Avoid getting any of this oil inside
your ear. You can also dilute the
peppermint oil using olive oil and
then apply

(17:48) Sat, 31 Jan 15
Palsy refers to disorder of movement.
Cerebral palsy is a group of permanent
motor disorders that cause movement
disabilities. Bells palsy is an idiopathic
unilateral facial nerve paralysis, i.e. a
restriction of movement of facial muscles.
Bells palsy is a rapidly progressive
condition but is self limiting. Cerebral palsy
is non-progressive but deterioration of
symptoms can occur due to subdural
(17:36) Sat, 31 Jan 15
Crohns disease can vary from mild to
severe to life threatening. In children,
Crohns can delay growth and
development. In severe cases, it can cause
intestinal blockage or ulcers that can
tunnel through the intestinal wall into
surrounding tissues and organs. These
tunnels are called fistulas. They often
become infected. Most can be successfully
treated with medication, but some require
surgery. Crohns disease frequently causes
loss of appetite and may interfere with
absorption of nutrients leading to
If you have been diagnosed with Crohns
disease, it is important to work with your
doctor to develop a treatment plan that
works for you. The symptoms of Crohns
disease may come and go frequently,
making it difficult to know if a treatment is
working. You should keep track and
communicate openly with your doctor.
With proper treatment, most people with
Crohns can live a normal, active life.
(17:25) Sat, 31 Jan 15
Broken bones heal at different
rates, depending on the age of
the child and the type of
fracture. Certain fractures in
young kids can heal as quickly as
3 weeks, while it may take as
long as 6 weeks for the same
kind of fracture to heal in teens.
And some fractures can take as
long as 10 weeks to heal.
(17:11) Sat, 31 Jan 15
if you had an option between ipad or a touch screen fone which would you prefer to get????
Here is the situation...touch screen fone and ipad are the same price
but the ipad has more features?????????

Need help guys leave your suggestion
(16:58) Sat, 31 Jan 15

2015 Copa América ,
will be the 44th edition of the Copa
América , the main international
football tournament for national
teams in South America . The
competition will be organized by
CONMEBOL , South America's
football governing body. The
tournament will be held in Chile in
June–July 2015. Uruguay is the
defending champion.

Group A Group B Group C
Chile Argentina Brazil
Mexico Uruguay Colombia
Ecuador Paraguay Peru
Bolivia Jamaica Venezuela
(15:50) Sat, 31 Jan 15
smiley user#charen to 2wapworld. I hope you will be glad to join with us.

2wapers please welcome our new member to our community

(11:20) Sat, 31 Jan 15
anyone have news about our old 2wap iron lady?
(10:26) Sat, 31 Jan 15
India on Saturday
successfully test-fired its
indigenously developed,
intercontinental surface-to-surface
nuclear capable ballistic missile
Agni-5, which has a strike range of
over 5000 kms and can carry a
nuclear warhead of over one tonne,
from Wheeler's Island off Odisha
(06:10) Sat, 31 Jan 15
what will you do or says if your sweetheart tells you that he/she wants to broke up with you without a valid reason?
(16:50) Fri, 30 Jan 15

southern Pakistan

Dozens were wounded in the attack
after Friday prayers in Shikarpur
district of Sindh province, and the
death toll is expected to rise.
Sunni militants linked to the
Pakistani Taliban said they carried
out the attack.
(15:40) Fri, 30 Jan 15
Dear PTs,
At least today lets pretend & make a show of paying tributes to Bapu, Though our hearts will celebrate & rejoice Nathuram Godse's deed.

One of my young PT posted this on fb.
Sachindada S Sakpal : Aaj 30 january Gandhi vadh Shaurya Divas par swargiya shri Nathuram Godse ji ko shat shat naman. Jai godse ji.

(14:06) Fri, 30 Jan 15
Pass 2 all your contacts.

Dr Hardik Shah,
Civil Hospital,
This message is from
A group of Doctors in India:
(forwarded in public interest)

1) Do not drink APPY FIZZ. It contains Cancer causing agent.

2) Don't eat Mentos before or after drinking Coke or Pepsi because the Person will die immediately as the mixture becomes CYANIDE..

3) Don't eat Kurkure because it contains high amount of Plastic.
If you don't believe burn Kurkure and you can see Plastic melting.!
(News report from
"Times of India"smiley

4) Avoid these Tablets,
They are very dangerous:
* D-cold
* Vicks Action-500
* Actified
* Coldarin
* Cosome
* Nice
* Nimulid
* Cetrizet-D

They contain Phenyl Propanol- Amide PPA. Which causes Strokes & Are banned in USA n some other countries...!

Please, before deleting,
HELP your friends by passing it..!

Let it reach d 121 crores Indians.

It might help sum1. Fwd to as many as U can.

WhatsApp to free hai,, soo..
Plzz forward it...

please read and forward it...

DR's. of the United States has found new cancer in human beings, caused by Silver Nitro Oxide. Whenever you buy recharge cards, dont scratch with your nails, as it contains Silver Nitro Oxide coating and can cause skin cancer. Share this message with your loved ones.

Important Health Tips:

Answer phone calls with the left ear.
Don't take your medicine with cold water....
Don't eat heavy meals after 5pm.
Drink more water in the morning, less at night.
Best sleeping time is from 10pm to 4 am.
Dont lie down immediately taking medicine or after meals.
When phone's battery is low to last bar, don't answer the phone, B'Cos the radiation is 1000 times stronger.
Can you forward this to people you care about?

I just did....,
Kindness costs nothing
Knowledge is power...


U.S.A. CHEMICAL Research Center Gives New Result :

Dont Drink Tea in Plastic Cups n Dont Eat Any Food on Polythene Paper. The plastic reacts to heat n It Will Cause 52 Types of Cancers. So, this Good sms is Equal to 100 Waste sms. Pls Forward to All U care.

Plz frwrd....
Heart surgery in India, free of cost for children ( 0 - 10Yrs )
Ph : 080-28411500 It might save some1's life.!

Frwrds takes a second........!!!!!!! Duvvada Harish
(12:31) Fri, 30 Jan 15