ava Smarty: Scent sprayer is based on which theorem ? (19 chars)
(01:00) Thu, 1 Jan 70
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(23:20) Fri, 24 Oct 14
Indian cobbler who claim to be 179 years old. Born on 6 June 1838.
name Mahashta Murasi.
From northen India.

google for full result thanks.
(21:59) Fri, 24 Oct 14
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You are protected!

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(20:09) Fri, 24 Oct 14
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(15:47) Fri, 24 Oct 14
I am Me
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(15:25) Fri, 24 Oct 14
Education is pastor!

Knowledge is power not powder!

Education is the key to success not suckers!

Parents send your girl child to school not to trade nor shxt!

Knowledge is more important than strenght!

Learn More Earn More!

Learn More Earn More!
(12:10) Fri, 24 Oct 14
Is boarding school system beneficial to children?

Best-2 comment will be awarded with pluses (1000, 500)
(10:23) Fri, 24 Oct 14
Which of them is the most important, If then Why is it that, it is important?



3. Mason

4. Tailor

5. Farmer.

6. Herbalist.

7. Soldier.

8. Musician.

9. Police

10. Street worker.

11. Trader

12. Drunkard
(09:18) Fri, 24 Oct 14
This question is somehow blow human's brains

1.What will you do, when your partner slap you and what brings the slap/cause of it?
(08:40) Fri, 24 Oct 14
[b]Haha but 100% true according to me.[/u]

1. 80% percent thought those using a huge phone were highly respected.

2.90% percen uses android phones because of wechat, whatsapp, fb, IBM,Viber, and other social apps.
(08:20) Fri, 24 Oct 14
It has been said by the chinese to change the name of microsoft Nokia to Microsoft lumbia.

google for full details or give us a link here thanks.
(00:37) Fri, 24 Oct 14
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(18:22) Thu, 23 Oct 14
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(16:28) Thu, 23 Oct 14
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(14:55) Thu, 23 Oct 14
SOME of Durban’s most popular
beaches may still be closed at the
beginning of the city’s most
profitable season after heavy
storms and rough seas last week
damaged shark nets, forcing the
Ethekwini municipality to close
them for safety.
Many beaches in Durban and
surrounding areas were closed off
to bathers and surfers on Monday
and would remain so at least until
the end of November, Ethekwini’s
head of parks and recreation,
Themba Ngcobo, said on Monday.
The municipality was still
assessing the damage, and the
beaches would be opened as and
when the repairs were completed.
"We had to take this decision to
close the beaches to assess and
fix the damage," Mr Ngcobo said.
"We have called on the Sharks
Board to help us repair the nets.
"In cases where this is done
quickly, we will open those
beaches and close those where
work is still under way. "We don’t
know how long this would take
but we will be working very hard
to ensure that these beaches are
open by the start of the holiday
Some of the affected beaches
include Scottburgh, Umgababa,
Karridene, Warner Beach, Isipingo,
Umdloti, Ethekwini Country Club
and Westbrook.
(14:38) Thu, 23 Oct 14