ava Smarty: What organisation is also known as "La Cosa Nostra"? (5 chars)
ava Pancake: Le roi de 2wapworld est mort
ava Smarty: Le roi de la savane.
(01:00) Thu, 1 Jan 70
is it RAINING!

or Foggy!

Or Low cloud!

Or Misty?

(19:55) Mon, 8 Feb 16
A lady:-es suit ka rang to nhi nikalega na?
Shopkeepr(totla tha. huklate hue bola):-madam choot(suit)fat jayega pr lun (rang)nhi niklega..
(19:06) Mon, 8 Feb 16
We all like walking on the beach
Would you walk this fairy?smiley
Calm Down and Laugh Your Ass Off!!!
(19:02) Mon, 8 Feb 16
What will you do... Play with them or get angry? smiley
(18:42) Mon, 8 Feb 16
Be honest here! smiley
(18:36) Mon, 8 Feb 16
Anyone out there to solve this question with a brief explanation or details?

The question is, Living and the dead who were many than the other?

2. Is there any difference between scientists and atheism belief?

3. Will you marry a celebrity? If yes, why? I'll ask you some questions here after you've answered it.

4. Does the love in the Bible tell us to love anyone we feel like to and why? Is homosexuality love or culture? this question is addition to question 4.

5.Your mum and dad which of them do you love most and why?

This is a debate so I'll ask questions, please answer only one question out of the 5, you can choose any number of your choice. Wishing you best of luck.
(12:19) Mon, 8 Feb 16
Friends! If user#Ragnorak makes you for one day Ragnorak and gives you all the site power what will you do first...?
JUST FOR FUN..smiley
(11:15) Mon, 8 Feb 16
a bud mentioning a user at another site brought a memory back , of when they shared this short BBC short tribute of film "whistle and i'll come for you"

Wonderfull short movie with
great acting from John Hurt based on an
old ghost story. 9m 35 secs

Quite Weird indeed!

Theres no speech i this but some powerful soundtrack
so use your powerful minds and place yourself in John's place.

i placed myself on that beach at beginning and id beat usain bolt any day smiley

thanks Ogdens @prodigts i remember you even frightening yourself that night
(05:27) Mon, 8 Feb 16
i love this coldplay music video with the band as chimps having dance and playing instruments smiley
(04:33) Mon, 8 Feb 16
Some people (outlaw) always love to call other women (me) "dude"
I used to be so upset about it but thanks to Saahir's eye opening post I understood that some people (outlaw) actually call others (me) by how they see themselves in the mirror, their words are nothing but a reflection of their own image and they're probably jealous because they're dudes and not women.
(18:41) Sun, 7 Feb 16
Do you like dancing?
What kinda dance, rock n roll
Ballroom, Close dance with your
Lover, or just jumping around?smiley
Please tell us ur favourate dance moves?
I'm sure all of us like to dance.
I know Eeprom like pole dance and belly dancers smiley

(18:32) Sun, 7 Feb 16
Once in the night three places got on fire!
1- Temple
2- School
3- Hospital
There is only one ambulance available,
Now answer where should the ambulance go first?
(15:57) Sun, 7 Feb 16
Okay 2wappers, how many of you want to be Admins here on 2wapworld and why?
What makes you a good candidate in becoming one and what will you do as admin once you become one?


If you don't see yourself as an admin on 2wapworld,who do you want to become an admin and why?

Note : dear Liam, f possible, don't delete the replies no matter what is written

Have a lovely day and share your views

(14:36) Sun, 7 Feb 16
After last month's nuclear test,North Korea launched yesterday a ballistic rocket containing an satallite which is already on Earth's orbit.
The Unha-3 rocket has a range of 10.000 km.
The action was condemned by South Korea,Japan,China and U.S.A.
The U.N. Security Council has sheduled an urgent meeting today regarding this matter.
May God have mercy on our souls!
(13:46) Sun, 7 Feb 16
Leicester City are now 5 points clear at the top of the table with 13 to play, having won convincingly what was expected to be their toughest match of the season by beating Manchester City 1-3 away.

I think it's clear from this result they really believe in themselves and have what it takes to hold on to the top spot, how about you? Watch the highlights of their above match here.
(13:26) Sun, 7 Feb 16