ava Smarty: What is the name of the famous German Shepherd? (11 chars)
ava THE_SPEAR_KING: priam
ava Smarty: Well done, 5 pluses to THE_SPEAR_KING for the correct answer.
(00:00) Thu, 1 Jan 70
please post nice Santa Related pics.
Thanks fishy fks
(01:24) Thu, 8 Dec 16
ok when did you last do this and was the giant a consensual adult!
thanks fuuuckers!
(01:20) Thu, 8 Dec 16
Landed in London last thursday , myself and RagnoCrack Abducted for 2 days and bummed senseless and forced to eat alien suchi smiley

Is this unique to UK or are you dickheads in other countries also getting abducted and perhaps probed aswell!

Thanks man
(01:17) Thu, 8 Dec 16
OK knobheads
which of you have eaten any of your pets be it cats , dogs , mice ,cows ,rabbits, birds etc etc etc.
Last thursday we were very cold and it was to deep in arctic snow to leave the house so me and RagnoCrack butcherd JUCKI's pet cow and had a feast!
It was certainly very nice food infact we even fooled jucki into eating some daisy burgers.
So what's the pets names youve eaten recently say in past 5years
(01:13) Thu, 8 Dec 16
hi everyone smiley
hope your all a.o.k smiley
title says it all!

So whom @2crapworld is a fF.ucking bastards!

I myself nominated 2wap admin JUCKI she really vez crazy bitch !

But how about you !
Whom you nominated as 2wapworld F.ucking bastard!
(23:48) Wed, 7 Dec 16
A very merry christmas to everyone here at 2wapworld, godbless , 2000 miles it's very far image smiley
(19:21) Wed, 7 Dec 16
Chennai: December seems to be a fateful month for the
southern state Tamil Nadu as it witnessed another
major loss in the form of death of AIADMK supremo J
In the past, many iconic leaders of Tamil Nadu have
passed away in this last month of the year.
AIADMK founder and charismatic actor-turned
politician Marudur Gopalan Ramachandran (MGR) died
on December 24, 1987.
C Rajagopalachari, the last Governor General of India,
passed away on December 25, 1972.
Rationalist leader "Periyar" EV Ramasamy passed
away on December 24, 1972.
Not only this, the devastating 2004 Tsunami hit the
southern state on December 26.
The giant wave left a trail of destruction along the
coastal areas in the state, wiping out lives, lifetime
savings and properties, and leaving several hundred
children orphans.
About 6,100 people from Nagapattinam alone lost
their lives in the 2004 tsunami whereas at least 8,000
people altogether were killed in Tamil Nadu by the
(02:09) Wed, 7 Dec 16
(01:04) Tue, 6 Dec 16
re open or i send ragnorack my fresh used underwear each month.

That's 12 pants ragnorack smiley yay!

Ignore and i send the UNfresh ones aswell you F-kr .
Use your imagination to distinguish between fresh and UNfresh states F.KR!
Oh there's 28
other states aswell if your want some Extra! For Dishcloths etc.
(23:33) Mon, 5 Dec 16
ok does your countries airlines allow you to fly Naked internationally or you restricted to flying naked in your own country.
Apparently our naked admin Ragnorak got arrested un Dubai for arriving in just his bright Red thong!
Im now very afraid as im not want to be looking fowarward to getting castrated like ragnorack is facing .

Poor liam:--(
(23:24) Mon, 5 Dec 16
Hello you fecking bastards! Hope everyone is ok you Greasy-k/Ntz!
What is your favourite Hot Drink?
Mine is HOT Cum straight from the Cock
It ised to be hot chocolate but 2wap JUCKI told me to drink hot spunk instead and i will becomes 2wapworld Administration member.
Unfortunately my feet are too large so ragnorack said i cannot become 2wapworld administration member, but he said i should consider continue to drink hot sperm because its what he drinks every day.
So what's your favourite Hot Drink?
do you drink hot sperm just like ragnorack aswell or perhaps cool cola or something else that ls refreshing !
(23:05) Mon, 5 Dec 16
lets say albhabets in order ! juz fun
(07:33) Sun, 4 Dec 16
Does this phenomenon occurring often in your Backwards countries !

Here in uk ,mainly southern we occasionally getting people's falling from the sky
(02:03) Sat, 3 Dec 16

when did you last eat cat! Meooooooowe!

Ch ch ch ch! .
Myself, I haven't eaten cat for a while ibtgink it was in 2009 @haris's DISCO-party,

i can say 2wapworld admin JUCKI told me earlier shes been eating PUSSY all afternoon smiley
(01:57) Sat, 3 Dec 16
I ll play in dis tournament too. It's from 26 to 30 dec. 2016.
(17:37) Fri, 2 Dec 16