ava Milisha: smiley to you thapasya
ava Thapasya: Good morning Mili..
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Count the Squares 10000+s
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(14:33) Wed, 16 Aug 17
Happy birthday to my dear friend Lily, although it's been long logging in here but hope you're feeling great there.
(19:23) Tue, 15 Aug 17
As per As per hindu tradition we have mythological theories about worshiping of god and about prayer (aarti) , so here few benefits of attending temple aarti of morning and evening time .
- chants of aarti is arranged by great masters or very known rishis , so creates a harmony which is good source of positive energy.
- the bell , during arti the sound of bell fills the environment from positive energy which makes us feeling more fresh and calm. - the pious flame , pure ghee (butter) is used as fuel which produce more oxygen when it burns -jewellery made out of noble metal like silver ,gold , or diamond which are good source of positive energy .
- the sound of shell (shankh) makes our heart beat , blood pressure soothing and provides more positive vibes .
-peoples gathering and humming during arti produce large number of high frequency which kills bacteria which are responsible for many type disease
(17:29) Tue, 15 Aug 17

Just a game
(18:13) Mon, 14 Aug 17
Happy birthday to Lord krishna
(14:31) Sun, 13 Aug 17

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(19:03) Fri, 11 Aug 17
Rahul: Why is your eye swollen...?

Amit: It was my wife's birthday yesterday and I bought her a cake.

Rahul: But how did your eye get swollen?

Amit: Her name is Tapasya... but that Cake shop idiot wrote
"Happy Birthday Samasya"

(10:09) Fri, 11 Aug 17
At the cross roads of NEGATIVE...
stand proud and smile...
No matter how many times you FALL....
Never give in....
NO NO NO....
Not without a fight.......
Without taking risks....
Theres NO ADVENTURE in life....
Be certain making decisions....
Upon which you have DOUBTS...
think things carefully......
Before turning around...
Be smart in thinking...
Stay one step ahead....
When there is no OPTIONS......
Follow not only your heart....
But use also you head....
Your minds full of Wisdom...
Tht will lead you INSTEAD....


(23:37) Thu, 10 Aug 17
Hello 2wapworld members.i have a story which i like to share.ive heard this story from my sister in law.ths story is about a young lady CHERYL AND JOHN.they both were in a relationship from school days.they both even went to same college and relocated from Durban to Johnessburg.and they got jobs at the same company.john was the assistant manager and Cheryl worked in the accounts department.few years down the line john proposed to Cheryl n she accepted.they planned to get married the following year in July.the wedding was to take place in Durban,so three weeks before the wedding they drove down to Durban.Cheryl was nervous has she had some good news to tell john after the wedding.days flew pass so fast tht the wedding day arrived.Cheryl got ready.her heart was full of happiness.when she gets to the church there were just a few guests from johns side.she thought perhaps John was delayed for a good reasons.two hours passed by.Cheryls father sent Cheryl elder brother to find out what was the delay.when Neville got to Johns house everything was silent.he thought this was odd has it was the wedding house.the should be preparing to welcome the new bride.he knocked on the door n johns father answered.without inviting neville inside he gave him a note and sent him off.Neville was curious so he opened the letter.it said ' DEAR CHERYL M SORRY I CAN NO LONGER LIE TO YOU OR MYSELF I LOVE SOMEBODY BUT ITS NOT YOU.M SORRY' reading ths broke nevilles heart. He summed up the courage n gave the note to his sister.she was heart broken.plus what was she to do has she was two months pregnant.he parents wanted to go see john n tell hlm this BUT SHE MADE THEM PROMISE THEY WILL NOT SAY ONE WORD.Cheryl left her job in johnessburg n found a better job has financial mangeress in Durban.she gave birth to a healthy baby boy.she lived for her child.10 years past until one day she bumped into john at the mall only to notice he was not the man she once knew.the exact same thing he did to Cheryl happened to him in different way ..john got married to the women he loved.2 weeks after his wife cleaned out his bank account,took away everything from the house leaving it empty.Cheryl jst couldn't help but laugh cos she loved him n her hurt her ln the worst possible ways.then she told him tht she suffered due to her lack of judgement.but she dnt regret giving birth to his child who he never met n never will meet.
She laughed cos she did not even have to curse him or plot revenge.he got punished by god when he tempted fate.when you do wrong to others you may think you 'CAN GET AWAYS WITH IT'until you realize you cnt cos GOD is watching you n you will GET PUNISHED.

THS STORY WS SENT TO MY SISTER IN LAW Via whatsapp so thought id share it here.
(22:31) Thu, 10 Aug 17
On 15th August is our India's Independance Day
Never Forget The Heroes
Who Sacrificed Their Lives
Bring Up This Glorious Day
To India..!
I Sallute them
Jai hind.
Jai Bharat.smiley
(18:15) Wed, 9 Aug 17
if a teenage boy gets your daughter pregnant,would you still ask him to leave his studying although his parents are supporting the baby for their son?.becos they know once study is over he would be able to stand on his own feet n support his child.with qualifications he would be able to get a better job to fulfil his obligations n responsibility has a dad.

What do you think of such a situation?should boy be put under such pressure.his parents say 'child is here,the only thing we can do has parents or grandparents is meet girls fmly half way n support the child until ur studies r over.we cnt kill you for mistakes happen in life.'

(23:08) Tue, 8 Aug 17
Hello friends it's 2wapworlds OLDEST MEMBERS birthday.let wish our lawyer sir a very happy birthday.may god shower his richest blessing upon you my friend n may you remain wonderful has you r....
Please flood his guestbook with your love n blessings
(21:10) Tue, 8 Aug 17
Wishing all women world wide a happy women's day.

(15:14) Tue, 8 Aug 17

what do you see
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What is meaning of baptism?
(14:31) Sat, 5 Aug 17