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(01:00) Thu, 1 Jan 70
Guy just 4 fun..Please fill in the blanks as u wish,whatever u want...

I like my.............,,,but I Love my...........
(12:54) Sun, 3 May 15
Vajpayee, Kalam and Modi have proved that if there is no disturbance from wife in life, even a poet, scientist or a tea boy can lead a nation !

(09:00) Sun, 3 May 15
Husband takes the wife to a disco. There's a guy on the dance floor giving it large - break dancing, moonwalking, back flips, the works. The wife turns to her husband and says : "see that guy? 25 years ago he proposed to me and I turned him down." Husband says : "Looks like he's still celebrating....smiley
(08:58) Sun, 3 May 15
Which Love song on your mind ever
(05:59) Sun, 3 May 15
A man returns home and find his wife with his best friend. He takes out the gun and shoots his friend to death. His wife: "Listen, if you stay in such character, you will lose all your friends."smiley
(04:22) Sun, 3 May 15
Maya, Mamta, Uma bharathy & Jayalalitha have proved that if there is no husband to disturb, a woman can disturb a nation !
(03:46) Sun, 3 May 15
i dnt need daimonds
gold or pearls
with your love
you spin my world
your personality different
simple but kind
your heart i yearn
everyday of my life
your love so pure
has the ocean deep
threw my skin
your goodness seep.
All you do
in worrds you never say
your understanding self
you never praise
your emotional side
you keep at bay
a sense of mystery
your good reputation
speaks for itself
for a loving you
my heart melts


friendss this is just part of my work i add here for you too see the rest is all in my books for you to enjoy reading,karma and comments will be appreciated if you like this poem,lots of love to you all
(12:46) Sat, 2 May 15
Friends! As we all know there are many sites. But 2wap is different from others. I feel 2wap is the best site I have ever been I'm glad to be a part of it. Friends what you think about 2wap what is the importance of this site in your heart please give your sweet opinions.....
(12:21) Sat, 2 May 15
According to tradition, a red string is wound around the stone maker over Rachel's grave seven times, while reciting various Hebrew Prayers, Including psalm33, The mystical Prayer Ana B' koach and Asher Yatzar,The string is then cut into bracelet size lengths and is worn on the left hand as a symbolic request for spiritual and physical protection and blessings. No one actually knows how or exactly when the custom of wearing a red string began. But we do know that every detail contains deep significance.....
(09:12) Sat, 2 May 15
Today i almost fell into a scam when i was at the Atm to withdraw money,out of the blue a guy appeared,he was sweet talking the women standing infront of the queue,so she let him go to use machine first,then he put in his card,(while he was doing this we both ladies were watching him) he entered so many different numbers into the machine,and when he pulled out his so called atm card it was a blank fake card,meanwhile the magnetic strip was already placed in and if anyone else placed their cards all money would have been removed into that guys accpunt,just be weary when using atm,rather be safe and use thos atm, at the bank be safe
(17:49) Fri, 1 May 15
How many topics do you have right now?
(17:15) Fri, 1 May 15
It's Funny When People
Discuss Love Marriage Vs Arranged.
It's Like Asking Someone,
If Suicide Is Better
Or Being Murdered.
(14:26) Fri, 1 May 15
Which Is The Most
Dangerous Alphabet?
Bcoz All Worries Start
With 'W'. Who, Why, What,
When, Which, Whom, Where,
War, Wine, Whisky, Women
And Finally Above All, Wife!
(14:19) Fri, 1 May 15
Breaking news Nepal earthquake woman rescued alive after more then 130 hour she defeated death....
(09:57) Fri, 1 May 15
Lets make a new team for 2wap consisting on One beautiful Admin and five handsome mods. Post your applications here.
Just for fun.
No abuse, no insult in person, nation or community. If found will be deleted.
(04:25) Fri, 1 May 15