ava krack: Let me Create a Topic on this smiley
ava krack: smiley No idea Why people hide behind Fake IDz without any Reason??hahahah
(00:00) Thu, 1 Jan 70
smiley I hv seen many times few FAKE IDZ roaming On the site !!! They neither chat nor msg or shout . So i just wana Know ur views smiley what can be the reason that they have to hide their Real ID smiley ??
(15:40) Sat, 21 Apr 18
A Daughter Asked Her Dad "Dad There Is Something That My Boyfriend Said To Me, That I Didn't Understand. He Said That I Have A Beautiful Chassis, 2 Lovely Airbags And A Fantastic Bumper."

Dad Says "You Tell Your Boyfriend That If He Opens Your Bonnet And Pulls Out His Dipstick To Check The Oil, I Will Give Him Such A Service That His Motor Will Cease And His Exhaust Will Fall Off"smiley
(07:16) Fri, 20 Apr 18

Happy birthday to you user#latrine may all your dreams come true smiley
Hope you have a stunning day
(23:28) Wed, 18 Apr 18
The friends I have never met  

Its strange,to have a friend,that you have never 
Shook their hand 
Look in their eyes! 
But you have been touched 
By their soul... 
Seen the good in their hearts... 
And felt the warmth 
Of their Being! 
The friends 
I have never met.. 

Are not my friends 
For I have felt them with me... 
When I needed them! 
I have confided in them.. 
And they are some of the 
I have ever known 
My friends 
Never forget 
Just how 
You are to Me...: 

(00:44) Thu, 12 Apr 18
To all the players all the cheaters all the one that think it’s cool think it fun to play someone feelings. I got a message for you, u know if someone isn’t fall in love very often it take a special person to make your heart skip a beat , it take a special person to put a smile on your face sometimes that special person can be u for that someone but instead u crush that person feelings u destroy them because u love to play,because u wanna cheat, because u think it’s cool u think it’s funny to hurt someone let me tell u this it not. You know love doesn’t come very often some day u will fall in love ,some day u gonna give your life for the one person that one special person and if that person do broke your heart u gonna be sorry,u gonna be sad,u gonna hurt then u will understand. I beg of u whoever out there know to them self that they playing with someone feelings if u could stop it right now do it. Be true. If someone tell u that they love u and u know u not ready as yet if u know u don’t want a relationship, u know u don’t want anything to do with that person tell them that u not ready don’t say yes. Don’t tell them yes have them fall in love with u and then broke they heart in our heart it very tender thing very soft without our heart we can’t live it have the more infectious and the most feelings especially when someone in love the first thing that eats them is they heart. Stop playing be true,stop cheating. If you know u don’t love someone then don’t go for them go for the person u love,go for the person that put a smile on your face it might not be the person that love u.you might loving someone else but go for what u love and let the other move on.
(19:27) Sun, 8 Apr 18
I don't know how exactly it works on 2wap, and i haven't made this topic to complain against people, but i feel like there's a lot of corruption involved in earning of plusses on this site. My own plusses were a "gift" from a friendly admin. So i've made this topic just to say that all my unearned plusses may please be removed and restored back to the number of my plusses i had actually earned. I think the number was something like 5000 but i don't remember any more. I'm fine with it being restored back to 5000. I don't think admins should give themselves or their friends such gifts. That's cheating. I'm sorry i didn't bring it up sooner. I should have.
(02:44) Fri, 6 Apr 18
Happy birthday to you Marlou
Wishing you a happy birthday to you
Have a boom boom day
(03:08) Tue, 3 Apr 18
Please wish Shiroz our friend who is having her birthday today on 3rd April
May you have a wonder birthday friend wish her on her birthday
(03:01) Tue, 3 Apr 18
i know you will close the topic siting the same lie. But this is literally the first topic i have made about the closing of the topic Feedback. So why do you site lies to close topics jackie? reason overloading to close the topic feedback was the first lie. Reason over and over complaining to close my topic is the second lie. Why are you such a liar when you can't answer simple questions?
(19:40) Sat, 31 Mar 18
Do you guys no longer need feedback? Is the site perfect now?
(19:17) Sat, 31 Mar 18

Happy birthday to you.
May all your dreams come true
(08:58) Thu, 29 Mar 18
Since last few years Observation, I have found only few staff members are active and visit 2wap. Top most in them is user#HandsomeDon, who visits the site 5-6 times or more. He is most attentive and responding to user's complains, on other hand most others are little more busy in their personal life. They also sign their attendance to be seen that they are still alive. In them our webmaster is above all. He always celebrates his holidays. Gumslone the owner you click on list, reply comes "user not found". Anyway 2wapworld is alive and still breathing.

Here I want users should express their views to make it more interesting and a good social site.

(04:07) Wed, 28 Mar 18
*A New Metal is added to Chemistry:*

Name: WIFE
Symbol: BV
Atomic Weight: Light when first found... tends to get heavier over the years with time.

*Physical Properties :*
- Boils at any time
- Can freeze at any time
- Melts if treated with love
- Very Bitter if Mishandled

*Chemical Properties :*
- Very Reactive
- Highly Unstable
- Possess Strong Affinity towards Gold, Silver, Diamond, Platinum, Credit cards, Debit cards & Cheque books
- Money Reducing Agent

*Occurrence :*
Mostly found in front of the Mirror.

It's highly flammable when mixed with in-laws.

Pls share with all scientists, because a NEW METAL is added to our old CHEMISTRY.
(19:15) Tue, 27 Mar 18
Son :- Why is 1st April celebrated as Fools Day ?
Father :- Because after paying all the taxes up to 31st March, we start working for another new Mallya/Lalit/Nirav again from 1st April .....😃😜
(19:06) Tue, 27 Mar 18
If your life were a book, which book would it be?
(18:59) Tue, 27 Mar 18