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ava Smarty: Well done, 5 pluses to ABHIRAJ for the correct answer.
ava ABHIRAJ: District
ava Smarty: Which line on the London Underground stops at more stations than any of the other lines? (8 chars)
(01:00) Thu, 1 Jan 70

Good Behavior Can Cover the Lack Of
Beauty Can Never Cover the Lack Of Good
(08:04) Wed, 16 Apr 14
Always listen to your heart although it's on your left site it's always right
(06:56) Wed, 16 Apr 14
A guy walks into the hospital emergency room,he has all his vitals done and he was told to wait in the waiting rooma female doctor walks in,and just as a male doctor calls him he declines and insists to see the female doctor,but was only seeing the most seriously cases,the guy goes away and come back the next day bleeding.,ut still wasnt seen by her,the next day he came back with a bone leg,and still wasnt seen by her,then the nexr day the guy had alot to drink got into his car drove in a speed and crashed,he died and still didnt see her,

lesson do not do things to impress others,live live instead of ending it
(20:55) Tue, 15 Apr 14
When You fall in Love with someone,
Dont think just start enjoying it.
Because after some time.
You will not be in position to enjoy anything.
(20:53) Tue, 15 Apr 14
"I be hear in' the shxt that you say through the grapevine, but jealousy is just love and hate at the same time."
(20:44) Tue, 15 Apr 14
Use kehna ke palko pe na taane khwaab ki chaadar
samundar ke kinare ghar bana ke kuch nahi milta
mujhe aksar sitaron se yahi awaaz aati hai
kisi ke ishq mein neendein ganwa kar kuch nahi milta
Jigar ho jayega chalni ye aankhe khoon royengi
yahaan be faiz logon se nibha ke kuch nahi milta
(20:35) Tue, 15 Apr 14
bahut door se dekh rahe the hum iss dunia ko
isliye hame har koi apne se zyada aziz lagta tha
aur jab hum iske paas aaye tho apna aziz bhi hame ajnabi sa lagta hai
ab hum apne dil ko kaise samjhaaye iss matlabi dunia ka aalam
vo to bas door se dekhne ko kehta hai
(20:25) Tue, 15 Apr 14
No one among u attains true faith , until he likes for his brother what he likes for himself.
(18:31) Tue, 15 Apr 14
Do not belittle even the smallest act of kindness , even if it were no more than meeting your brother with a smiling and cheerful face.
(18:22) Tue, 15 Apr 14
One word with "H".
(18:14) Tue, 15 Apr 14
Listen carefully , there is a lump of flesh in the body , if it is set right and made good , the entire body becomes good and healthy; but if it becomes diseased , the entire body becomes diseased. Remember well ; it is the Heart.
(18:08) Tue, 15 Apr 14
If believers knew the severity of God'r punishment , no one would hope to enter His Paradise ; and if disbelievers knew the vastness of His mercy , no one would despair of entering His Paradise.
(17:54) Tue, 15 Apr 14
A journalist on his visit to a Mental Hospital, asks the Doctor: How deu determine, whether
a metal case is normal or abnormal..?

Dr: "Well to test such case we bring the patients to a bath tub filled with water, then we give them a spoon, a glass & a bucket then we ask to them to empty it."

Joirnalist: "Obviously a normal person would use the bucket coz its bigger."

Dr: "No, a normal person will pull the drain plug..!"

"Please go to Bed No.39, we will start further investigations on you..!"

You also thought of the bucket, Didn't you..???

Please go to Bed No.40..!!!
(16:50) Tue, 15 Apr 14
hi friends lets play a Game......
GUESS THE SINGER AND SONG TITLE. need to register freeposting
3.most of all no fighting
the person who the highest numbers of correct wins first prize.
1st prize 600 plusses
2nd prize 500 plusses
3rd prize 400 plusses
and for effort you get 50plusses

lets begin

(15:46) Tue, 15 Apr 14
A True And Caring Relation
Doesnt Have To Speak Loud
A Soft Smile Is Just Enough..
Its Not The Mouth That Speaks
Its The Heart That Feels..!
(15:12) Tue, 15 Apr 14