ava Smarty: What is Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius' middle name? (5 chars)
ava Barbiecute: shades cnt tell .ask epic smiley
ava saahir: Epic barbie is grand pa @2wap smiley
(00:00) Thu, 1 Jan 70
MIUI 8 Global Stable ROM Download Links


(13:53) Thu, 25 Aug 16
Vibhuti - kya khaogi

Angoori - Maa k ghar ka pizza with pyari pyari sauce

Vibhuti - smiley BC wo margherita pizza with peri peri sauce hai

Angoori - SAhi Pakde hai smiley
(07:56) Thu, 25 Aug 16
OK Almost ALL 2Wapworld Staffs are Totally useless but This Topic is for When YOU YOURSELF Are feeling brave ,smiley
So use this topic to Name and shame any 2wapworld admins.
(Note: staffs if your megga paranoid and choose to not be lazy for once and delete this topic- i shall endeavour with resurgence
(18:20) Tue, 23 Aug 16
Get the news here.
(16:44) Tue, 23 Aug 16
Beware if they say these following things to you..

They say something but they mean something else smiley

I will ask u a question.   =   I have 28 other questions too.

I’ll look into it.     =     I’ve already forgotten about it.

I tried my best.     =     I did the bare minimum.

Happy to discuss further.  =  Don’t ask me about this again.

No worries.     =     You really messed up this time.

Take care.     =     This is the last you’ll ever hear from me.

Cheers!     =     I have no respect for you!

I respect your views = Go feck yourself.

(08:46) Tue, 23 Aug 16
Samsung said, it will start selling refurbished phones so that they could catch up with the Chinese market also expensive ones would be affordable to all.

(12:53) Mon, 22 Aug 16
(12:37) Mon, 22 Aug 16
Hi dear staff
Now call/send alert admins or moderators for help/support via our Wap GCM feature app....
This app only for staff use , please don't share ...soon we launch public app after successfully testing and server side support for the same admin Liam working on ....
Working : 1. download and install ... Before use ensure you have working play services
2. App have three text field ,
1st field for message , write you message
2nd field for user Wap gcm id that share with us and copy paste here
3rd for your own Wap gcm id that you share here ...
I can config automatically post here but I am not config such , leave on your consent
3. New Message will replace old one so you must post same at inbox ....so user don't miss any important message ....
I am soon fix for remain all new and old .
Wap Gcm install
(15:32) Sun, 21 Aug 16
Can you identify?
(08:13) Sun, 21 Aug 16
China opens it highest and longest Glass Bridge , in Hunan Province....
sorry I can't type lol, get the news here.
(22:23) Sat, 20 Aug 16
China is tightening internet rules for foreigner companies working in the country, The Rule is, Foreigners or outsider company should store data in the country not theirs. This means that, any company which is not in the country cannot store or keep web or online activities in their company server but rather store it within the country storage system. example, is if 2wapworld wanna work or extend their service in China all, the online activities including files, log histories, passwords and everything about the Chinese citizens should be stored on China server not the company server. they believe this will prevent cyber attack from outsiders.

Read it here.
(15:18) Sat, 20 Aug 16
I heard in the news that China had successful laughed a Quantum satellite, named after a accident philosopher Micius.
The Satellite can decrypt any encrypted messages or information online making it accessible for their security expert to know what flows in and out also can detect anyone that try to sniff or snoop into the system , that means it won't be accessible for hackers and any hacker who try to do so, it code will be redirected to elsewhere.

Sam, can't type more than 200 words lol do you read it yourself here.

(14:51) Sat, 20 Aug 16
I heard it in the news that Apple is now gonna have their apple store name changed to Apple only without the store.

(23:12) Fri, 19 Aug 16
Non Exists otherwise at the very least the members just like you and would get to vote who is admin etc.
And ovcourse the potential 2wap staffs are allowed just same 1 vote , and no voting for themselves on their innumerable accounts!
Lets get 2 wap Democratic!
Sure its gotta be hard as Big boss will NEVER accept Democracy as he will probably be going aswell!
So we'd need a compromise of some sorts ?
(18:14) Fri, 19 Aug 16
Asus Zenfone 3 is giving hard times to Sony and even Samsung in smartphone battle this month.....


It was Sony who first introduced the quick focus concept in its Flagship model Xperia Z5 along with big onboard memory and RAM but quickly Samsung's Galaxy S7 clinched the no. 1 spot but now its facing a tough challenge with the Zenfone 3 deluxe..... but finally Galaxy Note 7 released and showing a craze among smartphone lovers.
(17:58) Fri, 19 Aug 16