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(00:00) Thu, 1 Jan 70
Adjustment with right people is always better than Argument with wrong people. A meaningful silence is always better than meaningless words.
(18:44) Tue, 23 May 17
After a large number of unexplained departures over the past century, this indicates that the Bermuda Triangle mystery has finally been solved.
According to a current finding, the killer’ clouds that are ‘ are those answerable for sinking a lot of and downing a lot of planes ships in this area that is infamous.
Hexagonal clouds, which prevail in the Bermuda Triangle, create fierce winds that reach 270 km/h, known as air bombs, as found by researchers. These air bombs are thought to be so powerful that they sink ships and can take airplanes down.
Images from a NASA satellite was used to ascertain the size of these clouds, a few of which are 20 to 55 miles across.
Most of that time period, clouds are random within their distribution.”
Using satellite radars to measure what’s going on under the clouds, scientists found that sea winds can reach speeds of almost 270 km/h, which equals the rate of Hurricane Katrina.
The discovery has eventually put an end to most of the theories concerning the Bermuda Triangle – one of the very mysterious areas on earth.
(15:44) Tue, 23 May 17
One guy make me laugh when he try to plug his phone on light,he met our security and now said
Guy: pls security I wanted to plug my phone.
Security: oh no place now all is occupy by other phone but I have one extention but do you have something like to hold the wire because the plug contact is cut off.
Guy:yes i have,take
Security:ok i plug it and it hold the extention now.just plug your phone now.
Guy but am fear to do that.
Security: why?
Guy:not that am fear for my life but am fear for the life of my phone
I now ask him are you crazy what of if your phone is spoil are you going to kill your self?
Everybody laugh i now say, I wonder o.
(12:48) Tue, 23 May 17
Those who are powerful can do what they wish unchallenged, even if their action is in fact unjustified.
‘he believed that might was right and woe betide anyone who stood in his way..
Unfortunately in 2wap also some members are dare ..they hv same attitute.
I dnt know why they r behaving like that.They r not staffs and the heighlight is they also doing same mistakes and blaiming others.Very sad one for newcomers.
And another one is our staffs r very nice nd cute in their work and they know very lovable language to guide a newcomer.
Some seniors are showing their attitute.i request them to stop all diz thing. Sorry if i hurt anyone.
(11:26) Tue, 23 May 17
1. Attempts to influence who is or isn't on the staff
2. Veiled or direct attacks on individual staff
3. Generalised insinuations on staff conduct
4. Witch-hunts, finger-pointing and grudges

Seriously? Any genuine complaint against staff can and will be twisted to fit into at least one of those four categories and deleted. Specific complaint against a particular staff will be deleted because it's an "attack" on individual staff. Complaint about the general conduct of staff with regards to deleting topics that shouldn't be deleted is a violation of fascist rule no 3. All complaints are technically "finger pointing". I see nothing wrong with people giving feedback on who should be in staff, or who don't deserve to be. Freedom of speech n all. Basically the only thing i read here is "just don't say anything negative about staff ever...or else".

Once upon a time on this site staffs weren't gods. I miss those days.
(02:50) Tue, 23 May 17
☆ The greatest advantage of speaking the truth is that you don't have to remember what you said ☆
(19:03) Mon, 22 May 17
♡I love food and sleep. If I give you a bit of food or text you all night, that means something ♡
(18:48) Mon, 22 May 17

Figure it out smiley
(18:43) Mon, 22 May 17
My silence doesn’t mean that I quit… It simply means that I don’t want to argue with people who just don’t want to understand!
(11:57) Mon, 22 May 17
The most painful goodbye’s are those which were never said and never explained.
(11:37) Mon, 22 May 17
When I miss you I re-read our old conversations and smile like an idiot.
(18:20) Sun, 21 May 17
What was your favorite or most memorable dream?
Plz share with us .

(18:05) Sun, 21 May 17
"If you judge people you have no time to love them."
(18:46) Sat, 20 May 17
According to traditional Chinese medicine, our
sleep cycle can reveal a lot about our physical
and emotional state, and it can even connect
us to messages from a higher power. The time
at which you go to sleep or wake up could be
sending you a warning message you shouldn’t
ignore, and here we show you what each one
(17:08) Sat, 20 May 17
have you ever found yourself situation to called fake or be not real person? i have face that sometimes at fb.
(16:33) Sat, 20 May 17