ava Smarty: what is the specific name for blood sucking bats? (12 chars)
ava izac: Fauntleroy
ava Smarty: Well done, 5 pluses to izac for the correct answer.
(00:00) Thu, 1 Jan 70
Read ths story carefully
Dev wealthy business man who was heartless and a cruel.his personal assistant Anitha a vlbrant and charming girl.she had to put up with dev's tantrums.he often made fun of her being middle class.but she never let him put her down.but what she did not know was that Dev was actually in love with her but just could not express his feelings.he thought lf he could insult her and show of his money and power she would fall in love with him.one day Anitha walks in to the office after the weekend.Dev asked "wht do you have to be so excited about"she replied "well ive just got engaged"Dev replied"oh congartz but did you check his bank balance for l know middle class parents look for rich guys for their daughter".with a heavy heart she walked out.later that day she goes lnto the Dev"s office."MR DEV LIFE lS NOT ABOUT MONEY.TRUE LOVE DOES NOT COST A CENT.ONE CNT PLACE A PRICE TAGS ON TRUE LOVE.LOVE lS FELT BETWEEN TWO HEART.AND MONEY CNT BUY EVERYTHING EXCEPT TRUE LOVE"

after she left only then Dev realized wht he had lost due to his actions.

Friends money cn buy the basic but never true love.
(16:52) Thu, 23 Feb 17
Why does one feel so empty inside if you succeed in achieving your goal? For example to succeed in let someone unfriend herself from your budlist. Was it because it was wrong in the first place to strive for that??? I know for example that if I can possibly undone what I did I will gladly do it
(21:27) Wed, 22 Feb 17
How can we hack 2wapworld's admin tools?
(04:48) Wed, 22 Feb 17
I know all of you are lazy nerds but just to confirm.. do you play it?
(04:45) Wed, 22 Feb 17
i have been watching and learning very closely how this site is going and for far too long ive shut up,for sake of abuse
(11:55) Tue, 21 Feb 17
Trieng! Trieng!
"...'ello...Jacob speaking".
"This is Donald Trump from
the USA..."
"What's this nonsense about
nationalizing mines and
grabbing white land?"
"...ehhh boss..."
"Why are you allowing the
Chinese and Indians into
your country?"
"...eish...is only three million
and seventy four one and
"Jacob, Sol Kerzner and
Ernie Els told me everything
about BEE and affirmative
action. I've got a letter from
Front National.."
"What's happening in your
"....ehhh....wrong number.. smiley
(10:53) Tue, 21 Feb 17
Yes your alllllllll sooooo great But who Actuallly does it for the Site AND MEMBERS!??

Yes Congrats Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

all you other limited staffs(some minor exceptions) need watch and learn how its done smiley
From YOU!
I think even ragnorak needs updating he's still oldschool and you know New School TEACH your STAFFS how its done HandsomeDon
thanks for using your Brain before 2wap tool use smiley
(18:29) Mon, 20 Feb 17
smiley user#outlaw May it be a fabulous day 4u smiley
(05:41) Mon, 20 Feb 17
Do you think pedophilia should be legal?
According to Islamic holy book quran, Muhammad had sex witha 6 year old girl ayesha and as you know that Muslims believe it to be justified and Islam is the fastest growing religion and Muslims sum up a large population of the world so their belief should be considered legal otherwise it would be inequality and injustice towards them and a bad thing for secular world. What do you think
(05:00) Mon, 20 Feb 17
If you have any one of them mention it here and do comment on your experience.
(01:24) Mon, 20 Feb 17
Yes today its my good frenz Enzo Ferrari's BIRTHDAY yay yippee happy birthday Enzo everyone chant sing and even Beep Beep your hornz
(21:03) Sat, 18 Feb 17
hello friends my friend who takes me has a daughter celebrates her birthday,she is a kind hearted,caring and loving
(20:23) Sat, 18 Feb 17
When the sun was rising I was sleeping,
But I woke up when it started declining,
I looked down, no shadow of mine!
Exept a blind black huge dark spot.
Omg! I lost my day.
I lost myself and its a bigger loss.
(11:40) Sat, 18 Feb 17
Chalo ek bar fir se
Ajnabi ban jayen hum dono
Jese hum mile na they kabhi..

Na koi vada kiya tha
Na koi vada toda kabhi..

Koi aur manzil pe hum khade they
Shayed ke hum rasta hi bhul baithe they..
Han isi bahane
Koi aur rah nikal aaye

Chalo ek baar fir se
Ajnabi ban jayen hum dono..

(19:14) Fri, 17 Feb 17
If we have the ability to see the past, but not change it and we have the ability to change the future, but not see it, then how might the human experience be different if this was reversed?

What would a normal day be like?
(15:25) Fri, 17 Feb 17