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ava Smarty: What's the name of the marshmallow man in Ghostbusters? (9 chars)
ava pricy: Morning 2 u all... Missing all my old 2wap buddies
ava pricy: Morning 2 u all... Missing all my old 2wap buddies
(01:00) Thu, 1 Jan 70
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(08:54) Fri, 25 Apr 14

Greet them. Shaking hands and saying a polite hello is a good start. referring to them as Mr (surname) and Mrs (surname) is often the best way to go.

Engage in a conversation. Everyone likes being talked to. Try starting off with a current event in the news. Remember to be very careful with touchy subjects such as politics and religion. Even a topic like history can make the conversation awkward if someone interprets particular events differently. Try to get a sense of their general beliefs before attempting potentially hazardous threads of chit-chat. Weather, sports, and hobbies are generally safe. Try to be broad at first, find something they connect well with, and focus on it. For instance, if you mention you enjoy athletics, name any number of athletics you may potentially be interested in. Chances are, they've enjoyed it themselves at one point or another. If it becomes apparent they hold some belief that is particularly offensive or distasteful, so long as it is not directly insulting to you personally, bite your tongue, be tolerant of their perspectives. You're just trying to keep on their good side, not be their best friends.


Always be polite. Remember your pleases and thank-yous. If you are invited to stay for dinner or a sleepover (NEVER invite yourself to anything), say thank you when offered and when you leave. After dinner, clear your plate. Ask if it should go in the sink or dishwasher. Once finished with that, Sit back down and maybe when your friend is done, politely ask to be excused.

When they ask how you are, answer with something along the lines of "I'm fine thank you, how are you?

". It's polite to ask how they are too.

Don't be TOO polite. Some parents find this awkward and like chatty but well-mannered people.

(08:19) Fri, 25 Apr 14
The problem with success

Youre probably here because you want to be a successful person. You want the material and emotional benefits that come with that.

Thats awesome and I want it to happen for you. But while theres nothing wrong with success, there are five important reasons why success for its own sake is the wrong focus:

1. Success is a moving target

Be honest, whats success for you?

Is it about launching a product and having people buy it?

Is it about having respect from your peers and mentors?

Is it about doing what you love so you can care for your family?

Too many people dont create their own definition of success. They chase an idea theyve patched together from what theyve read, observed, or think they

should be aiming for.

Do you know the feeling of not being wholly convinced that youre pursuing the

right success for you, but youve carried on regardless? Thats not how real success is achieved. Because even if youre outwardly successful, youll feel disconnected from it. Achieving the wrong kind of success will always feel hollow.

2. Success is the wrong motivator

Its too often based on extrinsic factors the things you believe success can deliver.

Whether its physical goods, the feeling that youve made it, or thinking youll be free of worry and stress, these are all externalized projections about what a successful lifestyle will bring you.

When you make decisions based on an external motivator, its much easier to second-guess yourself. Motivation that comes from within is much more grounded and more powerful.

3. Success isnt here, now

If youre working hard to make something happen, its easy to dream about the moment you become successful. We all tend to fantastize about that big pay-off for all our hard work.

That kind of success is always elusively around the next bend. Just a few more weeks or months away. Just a bit more work, and youll finally be successful.

But what about now? Whats stopping you from feeling like a success right now, this very moment? Waiting for success in the future takes you out of the game in the present.

4. Success does not eliminate worry or fear

Being successful does not change how your brain works.

Success often increases worry and fear, as you question how you can repeat it or worry about losing it.

What eliminates worry and fear is shifting the patterns of thinking that result in self-doubt and second-guessing.

5. Success is limited by confidence

Perhaps most important, any success you might experience is

limited by your self-confidence.

If success is achieved by taking repeated, meaningful action, then what happens if youre not confident enough to take the actions that scare the crap out of you?

What will you do when things go wrong? Without confidence, youll be more inclined to retreat, beat yourself up, and reinforce a negative self-image. Nasty.

Placing your efforts on being a successful person is putting energy into the wrong place. Its allowing in the complications Ive listed above (and there are more that I havent listed) and ignoring how youre thinking about what youre doing and how youre doing it

right now.

Instead, what Im suggesting is that you place your focus squarely on becoming a

confident person, rather than a successful one


To borrow from Daves article:

Success is not a person. Its an event.

Shift your thinking from being a successful person to a confident one, and youll experience more success events

and more failure events, both of which have abundant rewards. Heres how to do it, right now.
(07:26) Fri, 25 Apr 14
Smarty is a web template system written in PHP. Smarty is primarily promoted as a tool for separation of concerns. Smarty is intended to simplify compartmentalization, allowing the front-end of a web page to change separately from its back-end. Ideally, this lowers costs and minimizes the efforts associated with software maintenance.
Smarty generates web content through the placement of special Smarty tags within a document. These tags are processed and substituted with other code. Tags are directives for Smarty that are enclosed by template delimiters. These directives can be variables, denoted by a dollar sign (*), functions, logical or loop statements. Smarty allows PHP programmers to define custom functions that can be accessed using Smarty tags.
Smarty example
Since Smarty separates PHP from HTML, there are two files one contains the presentation code: an HTML template, including Smarty variables and tags - {*title_text|escape} {*body_html} - which might look like this:


{* This is a little comment that won't be visible in the HTML source *}


The business logic to use the Smarty template above could be as follows:
define('SMARTY_DIR', 'smarty-2.6.22/' );
require_once(SMARTY_DIR . 'Smarty.class.php');

*smarty = new Smarty();
*smarty->template_dir = './templates/';
*smarty->compile_dir = './templates/compile/';

*smarty->assign('title_text', 'TITLE: This is the Smarty basic example ...');
*smarty->assign('body_html', 'BODY: This is the message set using assign()');


(06:57) Fri, 25 Apr 14

MICRO SD Memory Card Password Recovery / removing 4 method. 

Solution 1:

For Symbian Mobiles:

1. Download and Install  FExplorer

2. Insert your card into your phone, without accessing it through the phone

3. Run FExplorer and Open the path C:system

4. Find the file called mmcstore, and rename it mmcstore.txt

5. Copy that file (mmcstore.txt) to your PC and open it in Notepad

6. Your password will be located within that file.

Solution 2:

For Symbian Mobiles:

1. Download and Instal X-Plore

2. Now open the X-Plore and press Zero(0) then check you have marked the

    "Show the System Files".

3. After you done the above step now go to the file:


4. If you found the above path then press the option "3" to set the Hex-Viewer.

5.  Now look the third column you can see the code like ! TMSD02G (c ??”? x???3?3?3?3?3) 

Now see the characters between '?' because it is your password 33333.

6. You mayn't able to access the path file:


    if you don't set the password for the memory card. 


Solution 3:

For Micro SD:

Put the card in any E series mobile or N95 etc and format it.

It will not ask for a password.

Solution 4:

1. Go to file manager on your mobile 

2. In Settings choose system folders, 

3. In the System folder, find a file called mmcstore 

4. Send the file to your PC using IR/Bluetooth 

5. Open the file in Notepad 

6. The password you need for your memory card is located within that file
(06:49) Fri, 25 Apr 14
Life is too short to is too short to cry for people whom dnt appreciate you is too short to worry about gossipers who only poke their nose in others affairs instead of them focusing on their lives
3,life is to short too worry about those whom dnt give a damn about you
4,life is too short to say i cnt do it,knowing that when you put your mind into something you can do it
5,life is too short too worry about those whom judge you bad and make you sad

life is short make the most of every second we have in this world
(22:35) Thu, 24 Apr 14
Hi frnds ...I am very sad because i dnt control to my anger ... So my sister very upset and she cry today for my behavior .......Me love very much to my sister .......Pleasure suggest me what i do for my sister and her happiness ...........What me go to leave this site for her happiness,..,, tell me frnds ..........,.......................I hate my life in this condition nd me also cry smiley...............
(19:32) Thu, 24 Apr 14
Hello Friends,
Now after a succesful Sport Betting, 2Wap is going to organise " Daily Toss Predition ".

We are pre predicting the match results . Which team having a strong Batting line-up and which team having a strong Fielding line-up .. 90 % toss decide which team win match ...
Now starts predicting Who win Toss
1. You must predict in this topic by comments
2. Only one prediction per user per Toss.
3. No 'EDITED' comment will be considered.
(17:43) Thu, 24 Apr 14
Abraham Lincoln:

If friendship is your weakest point, then you
the strongest person in the world..


Laughing faces do not mean that there is ababsence sorrow..!
But it means that they have the ability to deal with it..

William Arthur:

Opportunities are like the sun rise, if you wait too long, you will miss them..


When you are in light..
Every one follows you..
But when you enter into dark, even your own shadow leaves you alone..


Coin always makes sound..
But the currency notes are always silent..
So when your value increases, keep quite..!!!
(16:00) Thu, 24 Apr 14
The famous tanglish song
(15:58) Thu, 24 Apr 14
Learn how to train your mind at times when you're feeling down and negative.
This will help with the depth of the feeling, telling yourself that it's not as bad as its seems will ease the impact on your daily life.

Don't compare yourself to others. In human nature we naturally compare ourselves to others in looks, life style and general attitude. The key is not to compare and accept who you are accept your personality and accept your looks this will give you the power to control your own thoughts and life.

Do your best not to 'be like others'. If we try to be like others and want what they have you will never be happy thus having a bad attitude towards life, believe in what you have and make the best of your situation by staying positive and remembering that there is always one person out there that has got it a little worse then You.

Remember times in your life where you were most happy and what it was that made you happy and try to relate that to your current situation and make the most of the here and now.

Looking at the past remembering you were happy once means that it can happen.

Focus on one thing rather than many, if we try to complete two goals the chances are one goal will never be achieved and will become a chore rather than a life goal, by excepting your limit and how much you can juggle but still be excited about doing, the more likely you will achieve the goal.

Don't be so hard on yourself, you're only human! Remember, life is for living not worrying, think yourself positive tell the truth its easier to prove.

Be truthful. Lying can make a very negative impact on our lives. With it can come great regret and self loathing. Try telling the truth and you will see the weight lifted off your shoulders. You might need to deal with the consequences (which will not last forever), so why live with a burden? Just clear your mind and move forward to enjoy the rest of your life.
(15:46) Thu, 24 Apr 14
Throw away the "weaknesses" that are really just strengths in disguise.
Potential employers are not stupid, and can see right through this. They interview sometimes hundreds of people for a position, and everyone's first instinct is to use a strength and spin it as a weakness.

"Strengths" that are commonly spun as "weaknesses" include:

"I'm a perfectionist and I can't stand to get things wrong."

"I'm stubborn and I don't let things go."

"I struggle to maintain a good work/life balance because I work so hard."


Instead, identify a real weakness. Weaknesses are human. There wouldn't be any point in asking the question if all you gave the interviewer was some canned response about how awesome you are. The interviewer isn't looking for that. They're looking for a real discussion of things you can work on, a signpost of insight about yourself. Real weaknesses might include:

Being overly critical

Being suspicious (of authority, of peers)

Being too demanding


Being too talkative

Being too sensitive

Exhibiting a lack of assertiveness

Exhibiting a lack of social tact

Acknowledge the bad parts of your weakness, and how they could affect your performance.

It can be quite impressive to talk about how your weakness has affected or could potentially affect your work performance. It shows insight and truthfulness, although you still need to be tactful about what you say.

Example: "Right now I am a procrastinator. I realize that this affects the amount of work that I could get done, as well as potentially the work that my colleagues could get done. In college, I got away with it because I knew the system, found a way to game it, and still got my work done. I realize that this won't work in the professional world, both because it's wrong and it's lazy."

Show the interviewer how you strive to overcome your weakness. Again, being practical here is better than being idealistic, because the idealistic response could seem


Example: "I'm taking serious steps to curb my habit of procrastination. I'm setting artificial deadlines for myself and offering personal incentives to meet those deadlines. I'm also seeing a career coach

(be truthful here, no lies) who is helping me unpackage the potential root causes of my procrastination, which we think could be arrogance."

Talk about your strengths confidently, without being cocky. Try to be confident while still staying humble about your achievements and skills. Of course, try to truthfully pick strengths that could be in line with the individual, business, or organization to which you are applying. Real strengths fall into three main categories:

Knowledge-Based Skills: computer skills, languages, technical know-how, etc.

Transferable Skills: communication and people management skills, problem solving, etc.

Personal Traits: sociability, confidence, punctuality, etc.

Provide examples when talking about a strength. It's all well and good to say that you have amazing people skills, but it's another thing to

show it. Illustrate what your strengths look like in real life by providing examples:

"I am an excellent communicator. I care about the words that I use, and about avoiding ambiguity when I communicate. I'm not afraid to follow up with someone who's senior to me when I don't understand them. I take the time to imagine how different people might interpret questions or statements differently."
(15:26) Thu, 24 Apr 14
But Jesus often withdrew to
the wilderness for prayer.
— Luke 5:16 NLT


People were flocking to
hear Jesus preach and to
have their diseases
healed, but Jesus made
sure he often withdrew to
quiet, solitary places to


Many things clamor for our
attention, and we often run
ourselves ragged attending
to them. Like Jesus,
however, we should take
time to withdraw to a quiet
and deserted place to pray.
Strength comes from God,
and we can only be
strengthened by spending
time with him.
(14:52) Thu, 24 Apr 14
Tell me frnds
(14:40) Thu, 24 Apr 14
Five Characteristics of a Close (True) Friend

A close friend rejoices in your joys and sorrows over your pains. A true friend is not just sympathetic, they are empathetic. They share your feelings, weeping with you when you weep and rejoicing with you when you rejoice.

A close friend wont defriend you if you disagree. Friendships are tested when there is a disagreement. But true friends dont cut you off because of it. They may tell you what they think you need to hear and vice versa. But they will do it in such a way where you can receive it. The reason is because you know they love you unconditionally more than they love their views.

A close friend stays in regular contact with you. I have friends who contact me from time to time and vice versa (once or twice a year). We regard each other as good friends. But a close friend this doth not make. Close friends communicate fairly regularly.

A close friend is someone whom you trust implicitly.They have earned your trust. Consequently, you dont doubt that they have your back. And you dont fear that they will stab you in the back. You trust them enough to confide in them about highly private and confidential matters. Close friendship brings with it disclosure (John 15:15).

A close friend will stand by you, defend you, even take a bullet for you when youre under attack. To my mind, this is perhaps the highest measure of friendship or one of the rock-bottom tests. The posture of a true friend is, If you hurt my friend, youve hurt me. It is never, Well, that person never did anything to hurt me, so its not my issue. This attitude is what separates goats from black sheep.

True friends stand with and stand up for each other. As Martin Luther King, Jr. once put it,

In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.
(14:33) Thu, 24 Apr 14