ava Smarty: Well done, 5 pluses to Robinhood for the correct answer.
ava Robinhood: West Indies
ava Smarty: Which team won the T20 world cup 2012 ? (11 chars)
(01:00) Thu, 1 Jan 70
Many People Have Their Own Ideas On How The Universe Was Created...Well After I Watched A Documentary Called The Big Bang Theory, I Would Like To Share To You What Iv Learnt In A Scientific Way Of The Creation Of The Universe...
(00:39) Sat, 28 Nov 15
Have you ever looked inside the inner kingdom of your mind where your thoughts, feelings and emotions are your ministers? Is it a kingdom of law or anarchy (lawlessness)? Do you ever wonder Ah, I wish there would be more order and less chaos in my kingdom...
(21:50) Fri, 27 Nov 15
I have always wondered why clocks, watches, timepieces etc. always say (roughly) 10:10 before you set the correct time? If you go in a store selling any kind of time telling device, that is the default factory setting. Why is that?...

Ok Let's Get To The Bottom Of This Question...smiley
(21:33) Fri, 27 Nov 15
Well If you have ever caught yourself behaving in a way that makes you cringe then it’s likely your ego is to be at blame...

The ego can be tricky to manage,if we’re not careful it will sneak right up behind us when we least expect it, and before we know it we’re acting in ways that we know deep down are not for our best benefit...

I Just Read This Article And It Was Awesome, So I Decided To Share It On Here...
(20:46) Fri, 27 Nov 15
i think we can av a prediction tips ere whr we predict football matches. any1 whr tips dats r atlst sure can drop it ere for benefits of sport betterz lol.
(17:29) Fri, 27 Nov 15
रात के समय एक दुकानदार अपनी दुकान बन्द ही
कर रहा था कि एक कुत्ता दुकान में आया ।

उसके मुॅंह में एक थैली थी। जिसमें सामान की लिस्ट
और पैसे थे। दुकानदार ने पैसे लेकर सामान उस थैली
में भर दिया। कुत्ते ने थैली मुॅंह मे उठा ली और चला गया।

दुकानदार आश्चर्यचकित होके कुत्ते के पीछे पीछे
गया ये देखने की इतने समझदार कुत्ते का मालिक
कौन है।

कुत्ता बस स्टाॅप पर खडा रहा। थोडी देर बाद एक बस आई जिसमें चढ गया। कंडक्टर के पास आते
ही अपनी गर्दन आगे कर दी। उस के गले के बेल्ट में
पैसे और उसका पता भी था। कंडक्टर ने पैसे लेकर
टिकट कुत्ते के गले के बेल्ट मे रख दिया।

अपना स्टॉप आते ही कुत्ता आगे के दरवाजे पे चला गया और पूॅंछ हिलाकर कंडक्टर को इशारा कर दिया।

बस के रुकतेही उतरकर चल दिया।
दुकानदार भी पीछे पीछे चल रहा था।

कुत्ते ने घर का दरवाजा अपने पैरोंसे २-३ बार खटखटाया।

अन्दरसे उसका मालिक आया और लाठीसे उसकी पीटाई कर दी।

दुकानदार ने मालिक से इसका कारण पूछा ।

मालिक बोला "साले ने मेरी नीन्द खराब कर
दी। चाबी साथ लेके नहीं जा सकता था गधा।"

जीवन की भी यही सच्चाई है। लोगों की
अपेक्षाओं का कोई अन्त नहीं है।
(13:16) Fri, 27 Nov 15
Does staff get paid for working here ?
(23:52) Thu, 26 Nov 15
I Grew Up Loving This Song When I Was A Kid,Its Sad To Hear That Ricardo Has Passed Away...R.I.P..smiley

Cape Town - Legendary Cape singer Ricardo Groenewald passed away on Wednesday night at the age of 43...
His death, after a long battle with cancer, comes just days after a special benefit concert held for him by friends in the music industry.
The former child star was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit at Tygerberg Hospital on Tuesday.
The "I Love You Daddy" hitmaker had been in hospital for the past two months, receiving treatment.
On Wednesday night close friend, singer John Koopman, told the Daily Voice that Ricardos wife Helen had confirmed his passing.
Born in Humansdorp, Ricardo began singing at the age of five.
At the tender age of eight, he released "I Love You Daddy" which made him a household name. In 1989, he performed alongside Stevie Wonder on the Children Of The World Tour.
He made his last public appearance on Sunday, at a packed hall at the His Grace Performing Arts Centre in Parow, in a wheelchair.
Cape musicians like Jonathan Rubain, Ameen Rappin Donkey Levy and Zoe Zana performed.
Ricardo smiled broadly when his 11-year-old son, Rick-lynn, performed "I Love You Daddy".
Former Springbok coach Peter de Villiers also thanked Ricardo for bringing the coloured community together.
Ricardo is survived by his wife Helen and their three children....
(20:08) Thu, 26 Nov 15
Hello friend's [user]Alebi[/user] is going to celebrate her bithday on novomber 27 please wish her Happy birthday and Flood her Guestbook with your wishes and make her birthday memorablesmiley
(18:54) Thu, 26 Nov 15
Black Friday 2015 Starts Tonightsmiley

What Deals Are You Going For?...
(18:43) Thu, 26 Nov 15
As i went through th forum list, an read the topics tht members did. My question is '' why dont the staff reply in that topics ? Only a few staff will write a few words, it is as if they ar not really intressted 2 read the topics, then they will write GOOD TOPIC or put a smilie thr. Exspecially the admin staff. They never reply in topics. And dnt tell me tht they are 2 busy. When thr are 12 ppl online. 5 are staff. So its nO excuse 2 say tht they are busy. The only admin tht do posting in topics is user#saahir and user#Sky2K And another thing, why dnt most of th staff send a member a pm just 2 say hallo and ask hw ar u doing ? No, again they will say. IM 2 BUSY !!! Isnt it the staffs work 2 keep th members here ? ? the only thing is that Smarty welcomes th new members here in the shoutbox. Thn a staff member will cut the shout with th word SMARTY just 2 play quiz. Thats how buzy th staff is. No wonder thr ar alot of members tht left. Becauze of th NON INVOLVEMENT from th staff side. The new members need help whn they register. And they dont get it. Some staff will welcome th new members with a few words in thr GB ' And all staff must get involved more with th members. Or 2wap will get empty very soon. plz take this topic seriously #userRagnorak Dnt wait until its 2 late. Remember ppl talk.
(17:09) Thu, 26 Nov 15
[color=red]Gionee Marathon M5[/color]

(16:54) Thu, 26 Nov 15
I just wanna ask you guys all the fellow staff at 2 wap.. Do you all allowed islamophobia here ??? Its not fair seeing a member like Eeprom bring bad words to our God. What if i say Jesus is homo ?? Anyone hurted ??? What if i say all hindu gods is crap ?? Anyone hurted ?? What happened in Paris is not our fault nor our religion fault. Thats the person. Islam teach peace just like any other realigion in this world. So why you guys bear this kind of discrimination ??? Its not fair..
(14:14) Thu, 26 Nov 15
emo432# user#realrockstar smiley Enjoy ur day smiley smiley
(01:38) Thu, 26 Nov 15
Plz wish user#BOBEY A happy birthday 2day. Flood his GB smiley BOBEY. Hav a fabulous day smiley smiley
(01:31) Thu, 26 Nov 15