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ava Smarty: Do you prefer books or TV?
ava jacki: Smarty
(01:00) Thu, 1 Jan 70
I wonder why
You call for battle!
Whilst you don't have battery!
I have to get you bottle!

Sorry i hate battle, because i hate offensive words!

I am king so doff you hat before you greet!

Hahaha karma!
(19:06) Fri, 19 Sep 14
When a boy call you cute ,he like your face ..............When he call you hot , he like your body .....................But when he call you beautiful ,he likes your heart ,...Try to find some one who call you beautiful ..nt anything else
(08:01) Fri, 19 Sep 14
1Ladka Pepsi Samne Rakh K Udas Baita Tha

Dost aaya Pepsi Pi liya aur pucha Yaar tu Udaas Q He?

Dost bola Yaar Aaj ka Din hi Bura he.
Subah GF Se Jhagda Ho gaya, Raste Me Car Kharab Ho gayi.
0ffice Late Pahuncha To Boss ne Naukri Se Nikal Diya.
Ab Suicide K Liye Pepsi Me ZAHER Milaya Wo Bhi tu Pi Gya.
(22:32) Thu, 18 Sep 14
Wafa ki ummeed kab tumse thii..
Yeh aur baat hai..
Wafa par hum bhi khare nahi utrey..
Haan magar..
Bewafa hum nahi nikley..
Tumse wadey bhi nibahey..
Pyar bhi had se zyada kiya..
Bahtey ansoo bhi pochey..
Khud pe hansney ka moka bhi diya..
Magar tum ne kya kiya..
Ek choti sii chiz ki khatir..
Tum ne mu mod liya..
Yeh daolat hi toh na thi mere pas..
Jiski khatir tum..
Haan tum..
Tum ne Bewafaii ki..!!!
(20:16) Thu, 18 Sep 14
God Is An Unvisible Parents
& Parents R The Visible God
So If U Make The Visible God Happy
Automatically The Invisible God Become Happy ....
I Belive this... smiley
(18:08) Thu, 18 Sep 14
Hello my dear 2wappers! Tomorrow, Sept. 19 is -dreamprince- bday.Let us make his bday special by greeting and wishing him all the best in the world.Flood his gb with wishes that he would treasure it in his lifetime
For you my bestfriend,here's what i want to say;" Bestfriends are the best gifts from God, and i am so grateful that i have one like you.So on your bday tomorrow, let me wish you a very happy bday.Dont count your age best, but count your blessings instead for our happiness doesnt lies in our age.Stay young
forever,it is your choice smiley
smiley best!
(17:53) Thu, 18 Sep 14
Two Best Secrets To Keep
Relationships Strong...
Whenever U R Wrong- Always
Admit It..........!!!
And Whenever U R Right.....just
Keep Quiet.....!!
(16:48) Thu, 18 Sep 14
A divorce man and women married to each both of them are having two kids each before married.

After some years they born three kids additional to theirs. One morning the kids of each side before marriage are beating the kids after marriage....
(13:20) Thu, 18 Sep 14
Stop Hating me for no reason...hate or not I am still me because of God...Liars hate me more! Yous knoW yOurself... I Wonder why liars hate me Bcoz I'm me Whilst they're PretenDing To be LIke Others!
I Feel pity Shxt!
(11:43) Thu, 18 Sep 14
I am rap king!
I hate petting, i want your praises!
I am deleting all 2wap old version!
I am now current rap king!
With a lastest version!
I new need to sit but my is Crown bigger than my head!
I want to dethrone but i forget my throne!
(10:32) Thu, 18 Sep 14
A Man Was Granted 2
Wishes By God,
He Asked For The Best
Drink And The Best Woman Ever.
Next Moment, He Got Mineral
Water And Mother Teresa.
Moral: Be Specific!!!
(08:51) Thu, 18 Sep 14
I am so sorry to anyone i have hurt!
Thinking about you day and night was an affect!
Drinking of love is my choice but i don't why i got you hurt!
I'm funny so understand my points!
Forgiving a friend is a best way in life So forgive me....
(22:36) Wed, 17 Sep 14
Don't save me in your phone!

I am already store because am default!

Same me my dear friend!

I want a secret place to hid myself so keep me in your heart!

I can't stop loving you!
(21:45) Wed, 17 Sep 14
I hate 2wap car but i need their karma!

I'm funny but not honey so dare to call me P5 because my name is times five!

You wonder how i rap because am introvet,you're my friend

I am rap king but i kept my secret hidden!

I'm shocking you thats a surprise!
(21:23) Wed, 17 Sep 14
I'm cool like iced water! through my abbrev. (ppppp) Powerful Preparation Prevent Poor Performance. hahaha you're bored sorry that was a joke!
i don't want to be mocked! thus why i chose these ppppp so i had prepare already to let you snap your fingers.
(20:50) Wed, 17 Sep 14