ava Smarty: In which country did South Africa play Australia at cricket in 1912? (7 chars)
ava -LILY-: kcl
ava Smarty: Well done, 5 pluses to -LILY- for the correct answer.
(01:00) Thu, 1 Jan 70
Muslim (sardar) se - kya tm muslim ? ...............Sardar - nahi .......Phr thodi der bad muslim - kya tum muslim ho ?..Sardar ne phr se kaha - nahi............Muslim ne phr thodi der bad pucha - kya tum muslim ho ? ..........Sardar gussa hote huye - ha ha main muslim hu tum ko kya karna h ...................Muslim haaste huye .....lagte to tum Sardar ho . smiley
(09:12) Fri, 31 Oct 14
Every person has three faces ,........The first face , they show to the world , The second one , they show to their close friend nd family , The third face , they never show
(07:40) Fri, 31 Oct 14
I dont understand one thing in this world,why is it when something goes wrong in and alcoholics life they must alwayts blame it on the alcohol

i hit the car in front of me because i was drunk,
2,i raped that baby becaue i thought she was my girlfriend,and i was so drunk i didnt realise it was a baby

manyu people do this every wrong they do they blame the alcohol.i know people that must have alcohol every night due to the sort of crime scene investigations they do,they know their limit.and once they had over that they know its time for bed,some people look for excuse to get outt of uch situation
(07:08) Fri, 31 Oct 14
your husband has a younger sister,and everything your husband buys for you she kicks up a fuss to have the exact same thing.you have a new dress she wants the exact same how do you go about living in such a situatiom
(19:01) Thu, 30 Oct 14
You are you.
You are amazing,
You are unique and you are
Dont let anyones opinion of you
put you down, demoralize you or
shape who you are as a person.
Be Unstoppable. Be YOU!
(12:23) Thu, 30 Oct 14
When U fully trust a person without any
doubt, U finally get one of the two
results : "A
person for life" Or "A lesson for life"
(12:12) Thu, 30 Oct 14
who would you say is the worst person to shop with????
A girl
a guy

be honest
(20:29) Wed, 29 Oct 14
Ek Ladke Ko Ladki Se Pyar Ho Gya Lekin
Ladki Ne Use Thukra Dia
Ladke Ne Kaha Tum 10 Din K Andar
Mujhse Mohbbat Ka Iqrar Karogi
Or Ladka Din Rat Barish Me Dhoop Me
UsKe Ghar Ke Samne Khada Raha
9 Din K Bad Ladki Ko Sach Me Ladke Ki
Mohbbat Ka Ahsas Ho Gya Us Ne Socha
Subah Pyar Ka Iqrar Krungi Lekin Jab
Wo Ladke Ko Milne Gayi To Ladka Use
Wahan Na Mila Aur 1 Kagaz Mila Jis Par
Likha Tha
Tere Chakkr Main Teri Bahen Set Ho
Gayi Hai
Sorry Saali Sahiba..-bye bye
(15:58) Wed, 29 Oct 14
A man once told the Buddha,
"I want happiness."
The Buddha replied,
"First remove 'I' that's ego.
Then remove 'want', that's desire.
And now all you're left with is Happiness."
(13:01) Wed, 29 Oct 14
Son : Daddy, I fell in love & want to date this
awesome girl.
Father : That's great son. Who is she?
Son : It's Sandra, the neighbour's daughter.
Father : Ohhh I wish u hadn't said that. I have to
tell u something son,
but u must promise not to tell ur mother.
Sandra is actually ur sister.
The boy is naturally bummed out;
but a couple of months later :
Son : Daddy, I fell in love again n she is even
Father : That's great son. Who is she?
Son : It's Angela, the other neighbour's daughter.
Father : Ohhhh I wish u hadn't said that.
Angela is also ur sister.
This went on couple of times nd son was so
he went straight to his mother crying.
Son : Mum I am so mad at dad!
I fell in love with six girls but I can't date any of
them because dad is their father!
The mother hugs him affectionately and says :
My love, u can date whoever u want.
He isn't your Father..!!
(07:08) Wed, 29 Oct 14
God must have known there would be times we'd need a word of cheer, Someone to praise a triumph or brush away a tear. He must have known we'd need to share the joy of little things in order to appreciate the happiness life brings. I think he knew our troubled hearts wood sometimes throb with pain, At trials and misfortunes, or goals we can't attain. He knew we'd need the comfort of an understanding heart to give us strength and courage to make a fresh, new start. He knew we'd need companionship, unselfish.... lasting... true, and so God answered the heart's great need with cherished friends......like you!
(12:58) Tue, 28 Oct 14
80% here hate me because of my choices in terms of online social sites

Real me just obey


Dont ever comment or quote anything about me, if you against my right.
(18:08) Mon, 27 Oct 14
A famous inspirational speaker said: " Best years of ma life were spent in d arms of a woman who was't ma mife" Audience was in shock and silence. He added " She is ma mother" A big round of applause & laugter! A very daring husband tried to crack dis @om after a dinner, he said loudly to his wife in d kitchen! " Best years of ma life were spent in d arms of a woman, who was't ma wife" standing for a moment, trying to recall d second line of d speaker by d time he gained his his senses, he was on d hospital bed, recovering frm burns of boilling water! Moral : Don't copy if you can't paste.
(14:38) Mon, 27 Oct 14
In this world everyone is born with a
gem of a heart, inn this world nobody
is perfect, but the perfection forms
wen two souls love each other ,wen
love dies ,perfection dies, thats wen
the right person thought comes in .ur
right partner can only see you
perfect ,thats the only place, where
you will find peace and rest
(12:41) Mon, 27 Oct 14
A lot peoples says I am antisocial because......

click link ??

tbh No one on earth can change my mind and choice of living.

Whether I am antisocial or antenna

Try to know more about me instead OF talking hmmmmmm
(12:17) Mon, 27 Oct 14