ava haris: Taka
ava Smarty: Well done, 5 pluses to haris for the correct answer.
ava Smarty: What is the currency of Bangladesh ? (4 chars)
(00:00) Thu, 1 Jan 70
Dear 2wap wapperz today is a great and greet day for our two members, because they both togeter are born TODAY. smiley
smiley to user#Milisha and user#Sarcastic

Greet both of them with your well wishes and blessings.
Flood their Guest Books with flowers of your greetings.
(19:46) Mon, 23 Oct 17
I wish you a very happy Birthday to you my dear Milisha. Many many happy returns of the day. Many more birthday to come. Enjoy your day and have blast of celebration. God bless you always. I have so much wishes for you LoL can't write down everything here for you.
(19:30) Mon, 23 Oct 17
let's play
(10:50) Mon, 23 Oct 17
ഏതേലും മലയാളികൾ ഉണ്ടേൽ പോസ്റ്റ്‌ ചെയ്
(11:34) Thu, 19 Oct 17
This is the first look of the upcoming Football Manager 2018,

Watch Here - url#www.youtube.com/watch?v=rH8xduz3RQY&t=25s
(08:26) Thu, 19 Oct 17
As we wait for the new Football Manager Mobile 2018, take a look at my wishlist for the game.

Watch here - url#www.youtube.com/watch?v=6dRcCCZTXss
(08:16) Thu, 19 Oct 17
May The Divine Light Of Diwali
Spread Happiness, Peace &
Prosperity To You And Your
Family! May The Lights Of This
Auspicious Festival Fill..
Your Life With The Eternal Glow.
Happy deepawali to all..emo1542#
(09:36) Tue, 17 Oct 17

whahaha! smiley
(19:41) Sun, 15 Oct 17
sorrow prepares you for Joy
It violently sweeps everything
Out of your house so that new
Joy can find space to enter.
It shakes yellow leaves
From bottom of your heart
So that fresh green leaves
Can grow in their place.
It pulls up the rotten roots,
So that new roots hidden beneath
Have room to grow.
Whatever sorrow shakes 4rm ur heart,
Few better things will take their place.
(10:24) Sun, 15 Oct 17
BSNL in India will be providing 10Mbps 7 8Mbps Broadband service soon. It is a good news to all as it suits high speed download in a very less amount of time!
(16:08) Sat, 14 Oct 17
One day an old man wrongly accused his neighbor for being a thief.they young man was arrested and later cleared on all chargers.the young man then sued the old man for wrongfully accusing him.on the day of the trail the old man told the judge he was sorry for what he had done.the judge told the old man what he has done is extremely wrong.because of his tell tales a young mans reputation ruined a no matter how much he can try to justify what and why he did what he did.he apologise but little to late.

Moral of story
never make up stories of a person without knowing the facts,a little tale or rumour can ruin the next persons reputation.and the persons respect would be tarnished forever.
(22:35) Fri, 13 Oct 17
user#_LeGoLaS_ / user#_SaMuRaI_ has a birthday on Friday 13th October! Happy birthday to you!!!!
(18:29) Fri, 13 Oct 17
One day a young man decided to take his father out for dinner.they both sat down at table for 2.son made his father laugh.whilst having dinner food fell on the old mans shirt and pants.everybody around looked and laugh and felt disgusted by the way the old man ate.but nothing effected the son.once dinner was done.the young man got up.wiped his fathers mouth and picked up the food that had fallen.then he helped his father up and took him to the toilet.the son cleaned his fathers shirt and pants.brushed his fathers hair.the son and father then made their way out of the restaurant when the son was stopped by another old man.he told the young man do you know you left an important lesson at your table.the boy asked what was that.the old man replied 'RESPECT FOR PARENTS'

respect our parents when they reach their old age.
When they helpless make their feel comfortable and safe.
When parents are old and unable to care for them the same way they cared for you when you were growing up. Feed them.bath them if u hv to.
Respect them and always give them time.never ignore them.
(14:14) Fri, 13 Oct 17
When Lindokuhle Kweyama found the
lunch she had packed for her 19-month-
old daughter in the ruins of the informal
créche where she had left her earlier that
day, she knew her baby was gone.
Her daughter Okuhle - who had come to
live with her mother in Umlazi township,
near Durban, just last month - was swept
away when a river broke its banks on
Tuesday morning after a massive storm
hit the area.
(23:47) Thu, 12 Oct 17
Success Is Sure To Come When You Do What
You Love To, As Loving What You Do Makes
Your Work, Your Passion, Being Passionate
About Something Makes You See Only Solutions
And No Problem Really Looks Like A Problem.
(17:20) Thu, 12 Oct 17